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Bill Psarras

Bill Psarras - Feeding My Desire - 2009 - Self-Released

Bill Psarras [greek: Βασίλης Ψαρράς] is a Greek artist and musician. His music can be characterized as a mix of guitar instrumental, progressive rock, post-metal, art-rock, influenced by melodies and ambient music. He started playing the guitar at the age of 7 and through 11 years of classic guitar education, he started transferring this knowledge onto learning and playing electric guitar. After participating in several bands, he started writing his solo material. During 2009-2010 - and after a first demo cd back on 2006 - he recorded his debut guitar instrumental album entitled Feeding My Desire [Greece/US] and since then he has self-recorded and self-released another 4 guitar instrumental post-rock albums and EPs. His debut album Feeding My Desire and his latests albums Concrete Angel (2012) and Terminal Stories (2013) have been reviewed and presented from several webzines in Greece and web-radio shows (Rickter Scale Show - Delicious Agony Progressive Rock Radio [USA] top 100 releases for 2012 among well known bands (Marillion, Adrenaline Mob, The Cult, Mike Keneally and O.S.I.) internationally and he has been included in further web radio lists (Greece, Australia) and emerging guitarists lists (Spain, Argentina, Russia). © Music & Titles copyright 2006-2014, Bill Psarras. http://billpsarras.tumblr.com/music

Good debut instrumental progressive metal/rock album influenced by the hard rock, metal, progressive and melodic rock sounds of artists like Adrian Smith, Steve Vai, Mattias Jabs, and Joe Satriani. Check out Bill’s “Concrete Angel” album. [All tracks @ 320 Kbps: File size = 97.1 Mb]


1 Mer de Noms 5:13
2 My World's Stage 5:46
3 Steps Beyond 7:10
4 3 Minutes To The Ground 3:41
5 Feel The Same 7:39
6 Freak Inside 4:50
7 Roses To The Beggars 3:13
8 Counting The Distance.. 6:26

All tracks composed by Bill Psarras


Bill Psarras - Guitars, Acoustic Guitars, Bass
Hector Tsolakis - Drums

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