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Doris Brendel

Doris Brendel - The Last Adventure - 2010 - Sky-Rocket Records

''The Last Adventure'' sees a welcome return to Doris Brendel writing and recording with a full complement of musicians. Though keeping within a rock framework, ''The Last Adventure'' features many varied influences, which has become one of her trademarks. Once again some tracks feature the flageolet, so prominent in the ''Violet Hour'' and ''If'', lending a Celtic slant to the music, though by no means dominating it. Though eclectic, this marks one of the most cohesive albums since ''the Fire Sermon''. © http://www.dorisbrendel.com/#/shop/4561500111

Female singer/songwriter Doris Brendel on her Last Adventure? (music-wise). Nope, surely not, there's plenty of more great stories to come from this lovely, bluesy, U.K. powerhouse vocalist (ex-The Violet Hour). Using some of the musicians Doris has been working with extensively over the last few years, along with Dave Beeson, who also produced her last album DB Driving, the brand new "The Last Adventure" was recorded in the old-fashioned way — no sequencers or click tracks — giving the album a retro feel in today's digital age. Nevertheless, there are hints of more modern influences too, but more importantly, it's basically a perfect display of diversity as you can find everything from classic Prog-Rock to Classic Rock, Opera/Pomp, Beatle-esque pop, Art-Rock, Skunk Anansie, Funk, and mere hints of the old celtic too. Geez... it's a full platter in other words and the arrangements will constantly keep you up on your toes. Great schtuff! © Urban 'Wally' Wallstrom 15 August 2010, © 2010 RockUnited.Com

An eclectic album with folk, pop, progressive rock and a Celtic touch. The album has a retro feel but the songs are original, and very well written and sung by Doris and her great backing musicians. Doz is not a great fan of using samples or sequencers but this does not lessen the impact of this album in any way. “Doris has become known to satisfy music connoisseurs and individuals who don't like being dictated to by the music industry by providing a highly emotive, cross-genre collection of songs loosely described as progressive pop”. That has got to be a good thing in the “music” scene today. Doris has admitted to being influenced by artists like James Brown, Pink Floyd, the Beatles, Led Zeppelin, the early Free, Sam Brown, Skin, Alanis Morissette, Muse, and Radiohead. Very diverse stuff which is reflected in Doris’ musical mix. Buy Doris Brendel & Lee Dunham’s great “Not Utopia” album which has been described as “progressive pop and even Lady Gaga meets Alice In Wonderland”. A weird and cryptic description, but Doris Brendel’s music is definitely in a class of it’s own and “The Last Adventure” is HR by A.O.O.F.C. Watch Doris singing “Southern Man” @ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rD9fokL8Uiw and read an interview with the lady @ http://www.rockunited.com/dorisbrendel.htm [All tracks @ 320 Kbps: File size = 95.3 Mb]


1 What Are You Saying
2 The Last Adventure
3 I'm Not Old I'm Experienced
4 Latest Fantasy
5 What Have I Done
6 Work In Progress
7 Get A Life
8 You're Almost Perfect
9 Be My Guitar
10 Why Are You Still Here
11 My Town
12 Memory

All tracks composed by Doris Brendel except Track 10 by Doris Brendel, Andre Harewood, & Dave Beeson


Doris Brendel - Lead & Backing Vocals, Fiddle, Flageolet
Dave Beeson - Guitars, Backing Vocals
Andre Harewood - Bass, Backing Vocals
Mark Wesson - Keyboards
Steve Clark - Drums & Percussion
Aitch McRobbie, Julie Harrington, Julie Winchester, Lynne Butler, Jo Maloney, Mark Dalton - Backing Vocals


Doris Brendel, a singer of rare talent and pedigree, released her latest album, Not Utopia, in September 2012 on Sky-rocket Records recorded in conjunction with producer and multi-instrumentalist Lee Dunham. The daughter of famed classical pianist Alfred Brendel, her distinctive vocals were the driving force behind 1990s alt-rockers The Violet Hour, who were signed to Sony when they released their now revered, classic album ‘The Fire Sermon’ in 1991. After the highly acclaimed album 'The Last Adventure' which was released in 2010, Brendel has forged ahead with the next chapter, once again reflecting her multi-faceted personality with an eclectic collection of songs popularly described as 'Progressive Pop','Not Utopia' spans pop, rock, prog and acoustic styles, confronting happy and sad topics with a humorous, angst-ridden style, blending them into a cocktail of sound and meaning. Think Janis Joplin or Skunk Anansie getting down with the Beatles and Muse. ‘Not Utopia' marks Doris Brendel’s 7th album and 2013 has seen a series of acoustic concerts featuring guitars, piano,double-bass, cello… and bottles along with a few full band festival shows.Throughout her career she has toured with bands including Marillion, Nils Lofgren and John Farnham; has done countless session work including Sam Brown; and has even sung and fronted for dance records with deals with Virgin and London Records. With several thousands of gigs under her belt, Doris Brendel is one of the most accomplished live singers on the scene. She is currently working on album number 8! © 2014 Myspace LLC. All rights reserved. https://myspace.com/dbdriving/bio


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