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Faíska - Nevoeiro - 1990 - Aqualung

Brazilian guitarist José Eduardo Fernandes Borges is better known by his nickname, Faiska. He has been a professional guitarist since the 1970s and is noted for his rock, blues and jazz playing. He is also an in-demand session player. “Nevoeiro” is not a groundbreaking album. The material could be stronger, but the musicianship is superb and this album is full of merit and deserves more attention. This is very enjoyable progressive jazz rock fusion. Check out his “Stratosfera” album. Listen to a clip of the guy in action @ http://rollingstone.uol.com.br/galeria/os-30-maiores-icones-da-guitarra-e-do-violao/#imagem23 and read more about Faíska @ http://pt.wikipedia.org/wiki/Faiska and @ http://guitarplayer.uol.com.br/?area=materia&colid=6&matid=1343 [All tracks @ 320 Kbps: File size = 102 Mb]


1. Nevoeiro 5:56
2. Funk Blues 6:09
3. Rita 6:34
4. Dreg's 2:45
5. A.H 6:32
6. Arame Farpado 6:08
7. I.G.T. 5:56

All tracks composed by Faíska, except Track 7 composed by Mozart Mello


Faíska (José Eduardo Borges Fernandes) - Guitar
Celso Pixinga, Carmelo Fornelli - Bass
Jota Resende, Lis de Carvalho - Keyboards
Sandro Haick, Albino Infantozzi - Drums
Mane Silveira - Saxophone

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