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Gianfranco Continenza

Gianfranco Continenza - The Past Inside the Present - 2008 - ESC Records

“On his debut release "The Past Inside The Present" italian guitarist Gianfranco Continenza has chosen fine sidemen who perform his original music with finesse and ease. The music on this recording is a complex fusion of progressive and funky elements. Gianfranco has composed and put together 10 pieces that serve as a launching pad for, at times breathtaking work from Bill Evans, Maurizio Rolli, Scott Kinsey, Dante Melena, and Angelo Trabucco. The abilities Gianfranco brings to this date are formidable. Like many a Musicians Institute alumnus, he has chops of such hyper proficiency a listener can do little but stand amazed - but Gianfranco is more than a capable player: Gianfranco has chosen a difficult complex path for himself but he´s obviously having a gas following it. There´s a light, warm, familiar feeling to Gianfranco´s music. The compositions are well crafted and are harmonically, rhythmically and melodically superb, Gianfranco´s guitar playing was full of energy, exploration and sheer chops. Gianfranco seems to be able to move seamlessly from soulful gut wrenching playing to soaring technically astounding passages.” © Ulrich Vormehr - ESC Records © http://www.gianfrancocontinenza.com/usa/discography.html

This is the first CD from Italian guitarist and educator Gianfranco Continenza, who has been playing guitar for a quarter century but only now thought he had something to say and wanted it documented. To declare he had something to say is an understatement. This album is full of powerful and fresh fusion played, for the most part, by some very savvy Italian musicians. On various pieces Continenza is joined by fusion stalwarts Bill Evans (sax) and keyboardist Scott Kinsey. "Outside That Door" opens with an echoing short vocal declamation. Those are the last words you will hear. Continenza introduces a guitar riff directly from the Al Di Meola School of Guitar Riffs. Very quickly he is joined in unison by Bill Evans (sax) for a staccato-laden section that leads into a predictably excellent blowing session from Evans (sax). Continenza's solo turn comes. He uses some sort of external device to alter the sound of his guitar and just goes for it. Lessons learned from Al Di Meola are left in the locker. Continenza has his own distinct voice. This guy can play really good! All of these musicians can. This is top-notch fusion music that I would be happy to go outside, or inside, any door to hear more of. RATING: 90/100 - Reviewed by & © Walter Kolosky © http://www.jazz.com/dozens/tunes-take-places

A powerful and satisfying mainly instrumental jazz/fusion album from the brilliant Italian jazz guitarist, Gianfranco Continenza. The album covers progressive jazz fusion, funk, and ballads. The music is captivating both melodically and rhythmically. At times Gianfranco plays in a lightweight style reminiscent of the late Joe Pass and then shifts to a more rhythmically complex Zappaesque style with odd time signatures. The music is full of great grooves and like all good jazz or fusion music, it’s brilliantly played and always accessible. Gianfranco is backed by artists that include Tribal Tech’s keyboardist Scott Kinsey, and the amazing William D. "Bill" Evans on sax. A great album. A “must have” for jazz and fusion fans, and HR by A.O.O.F.C. Listen to Gianfranco’s great “Dusting The Time” album and also the “Mahavishnu Re-Defined II” album featuring Gianfranco on guitar and also the great bassist, Michael Manring [All tracks @ 320 Kbps: File size = 138 Mb]

N.B: A big thank you to my friend, Francisco who knows all about great music. I would be unaware of many great albums and artists without your constant help and support


1 Outside That Door 5:25
2 Happy New Funky 6:09
3 Fragments Of Soul 5:01
4 Shadows And Lights 6:36
5 The Dominant Wave 3:14
6 One Note Waltz 5:30
7 Parallel Life 6:42
8 Soul Friend 7:55
9 The Past Inside The Present 6:12
10 Labyrinth Of Mirrors 3:45

All tracks composed by Gianfranco Continenza


Gianfranco Continenza - Electric & Acoustic Guitar
Maurizio Rolli - Electric Bass
Scott Kinsey, Angelo Trabucco - Keyboards
Dante Melena - Drums
Bill Evans - Tenor & Soprano Saxophone


Gianfranco Continenza (guitarist and composer) has justifiably gained acclaim as a Jazz/Fusion guitar wizard, racking up credits with the likes of Billy Cobham, Joe Diorio, Jimmy Bruno, Phil Upchurch, Vic Juris, Don Mock, Bob Mintzer, Bill Evans, Dean Brown, John Beasley, Mark Egan, John Stowell, Carl Verheyen, etc. He begun to play guitar at 8 years old thanks to his father (jazz guitarist) Nino. At the beginning he studied classical guitar for 5 years after that he concentrated his studies towards modern and Jazz guitar. In 1991 he moved to California to attend Musicians Institute of Hollywood where he graduated (with 100% score) at G.I.T. (Guitar Institute of Technology) in september 1992, studying with great masters like Joe Diorio, Don Mock, Scott Henderson, Ron Eschéte, Howard Roberts, Peter Sprague, Gary Willis, Jennifer Batten, Steve Trovato, Jeff Berlin, Tommy Tedesco, Mike Miller and many others. He performed and recorded with many world famous artists like Bill Evans, Joe Diorio, Mark Egan, Don Mock, Bob Mintzer, John Beasley, Michael Manring, Tetsuo Sakurai, Jeff Richman, Scott Kinsey, Jamie Findlay, Barrett Tagliarino, Richard Smith, John Stowell, Marco Minnemann, Walter Martino, Alessandro Centofanti, Ray Riendeau, Dino D’Autorio, Pippo Matino, Ernesttico, ect. Gianfranco was the first professor of “Jazz Guitar” at the Conservatory of Pescara (Italy) where he also taught Music Theory. He also founded (in 1994) the C.M.A. (Contemporary Music Academy) of Pescara, one of the most advanced european modern school where he teaches Jazz/Fusion guitar. He produced two solo Albums: “The Past Inside The Present” (ESC Records 2008) feat. Bill Evans (Miles Davis, John McLaughlin) e Scott Kinsey (Tribal Tech, Joe Zawinul) che (nel 2008) was the n°1 on the list of the best 100 Jazz Guitar Album for Tower Records USA and it was the 2nd bestseller Album for ESC Records. With his executive producer Beppe Aleo he produced his new Album for VIDEORADIO: “Dusting The Time” feat. Don Mock, Bob Mintzer (Yellowjackets), John Beasley (Steely Dan, John Patitucci), Mark Egan (Elements, Pat Metheny Group), Michael Manring, Tetsuo Sakurai (Casiopea), Walter Martino, Alessandro Centofanti, Dino D’Autorio and many others. Also for ESC Records he appeared as a leader on two Albums tribute to Mahavishnu Orchestra: “Mahavishnu Re-Defined vol.1 & vol.2” and the CD tribute to Jeff Beck “The Loner vol. 2” with All-Star musicians like Mark Egan, Michael Manring, John Patitucci, Billy Cobham, Dennis Chambers, Gary Husband, Vinnie Colaiuta, Mitchel Forman, Steve Vai and many others. He performed as a leader at the “Bratislava Jazz Days 2008”, one of the most important International Jazz Festival in Europe. Since 2010 he’s writing lessons on the famous American magazine Just Jazz Guitar where he has been interviewed on the may 2009 issue. It’s also has a Jazz column on Chitarre, one of the main italian guitar magazine. Continenza is endorsing DV MARK Amps with the MULTIAMP, the combo DV40 212, the head Little 40 L34 e la cabinet C 412 Standard, Eventide with the Stompboxes TimeFactor and e Space, APS Guitars with his “GC Signature”, JACOLAND Guitars with his “Heaven Jazz GC Signature”, GS CUSTOM Guitars with his “GC Acoustic Signature”, D’Orazio Strings, HIPSHOT Products, MAMA Pickups and the hand made Wegen Picks with the model Bigcity Picks. There’s a whole chapter of Gianfranco on the American book "Originality is everything - a life and a near-death tale of an independent record label" - Written by & © John McGlasson. © http://www.gianfrancocontinenza.com/usa/biography.html


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