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Richie Kotzen

Richie Kotzen - Electric Joy - 1991 - Shrapnel

Richie Kotzen's third solo album finds the virtuoso guitarist taking a more subdued route, shedding the overt pop metal-isms (not to mention the vocals) of Fever Dream in favor of clean toned, fusioinistic instrumentals. Although lacking the humor of his first album and the rock swagger of his second, Electric Joy showcases Kotzen's growth as a musician. While it may be his most impressive record to date, it's not necessarily the most fun. © Andy Hinds © 2014 AllMusic, a division of All Media Network, LLC. | All Rights Reserved http://www.allmusic.com/album/electric-joy-mw0000271053

Great instrumental blues based guitar music with a sprinkling of jazz, rock, funk, fusion, country, and bluegrass. Richie Kotzen is a guitar virtuoso, a master of improvisation , and his playing here is sparkling without using any overindulgent guitar pyrotechnics. HR by A.O.O.F.C. Listen to Richie’s “Bi Polar Blues” album [All tracks @ 320 Kbps: File size = 100 Mb]


1.B Funk 4:18
2.Electric Toy 5:01
3.Shufina 5:02
4.Acid Lips 4:45
5.Slow Blues 4:21
6.High Wire 5:41
7.Dr. Glee 4:11
8.Hot Rails 3:34
9.The Deece Song 5:13

All tracks composed by Richie Kotzen


Richie Kotzen - Guitar, Bass, Tubular Bell
Atma Anur - Drums, Percussion

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