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Fabrizio Leo

Fabrizio Leo - Cutaway - 2006 - Tone Center

Fabrizio “Bicio” (pronounced “bee-chow”) Leo, was born in Abbiategrasso, about 20km south of Milan, Italy on 7/28/1971. He began as a self-taught guitarist at age sixteen, focusing his passion and practicing time perfecting an intense rock/fusion style. He was inspired by instructional videos and recordings from virtuoso guitarists from the Shrapnel label group, such as Greg Howe, Brett Garsed and Frank Gambale to name just to name a few. Today, Bicio is one of the greatest guitarists on the Shrapnel roster. After several successful collaborations as a sideman/touring guitarist with highly respected Italian pop/rock artists, in the year 2006, Bicio became the first Italian guitarist to be signed to Shrapnel Records. The CD, titled “Cutaway” garnered critical acclaim from specialized International music magazines and from the Italian press who recognized his extraordinary guitar playing ability © 2014 Shrapnel Records Group. All Rights Reserved. http://shrapnelrecords.com/artist/fabrizio-leo

Fabrizio "Bicio" Leo is absolutely a world-class musician. He is as deadly-accurate with his fingering as guys like Vinnie Moore and with his picking as guys like Steve Morse. Greg Howe will definitely come to mind when you listen to Fabrizio but this guy has a way with sweeping in which he leaves his mark. Definitely unique note choice and this guy isn't some run-of-the-mill hack like Francesco Ferreri who sloppily plays as fast as they can. In the current world of guitar where your heroes are guys like Guthrie Govan, Mattias "IA" Eklundh, Bumblefoot, etc., you need a little something special to stand out in the crowd and this guy absolutely does. You can hear his influences but he definitely has his own voice on the instrument. Great production, great composition and absolutely amazing guitar playing! Be sure to check out Citriniti, too. Fabrizio just finished doing all the guitars for their latest album and did as such for their last one. Finally, be sure to search YouTube for Fabrizio Leo and you will see that this guy is definitely the real deal by pulling off some of his monster licks with unhumanly-clean accuracy. This review I'm writing is absolutely biased but being a VERY avid listener of instrumental guitarists for years, trust me when I say that if you enjoy guys like Vinnie Moore, Richie Kotzen, Greg Howe, Frank Gambale, etc... you will definitely enjoy this guy. A must-have CD! – by & © Stephen VINE VOICE from ***** Ridiculously Amazing Musicianship April 21, 2008 © © 1996-2014, Amazon.com, Inc. or its affiliates http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B000F1HG6A/sr=8-1/qid=1145919181/ref=pd_bbs_1/104-2890950-3288718?_encoding=UTF8

Influenced by the incredible guitarists that have come before him, Fabrizio Leo is a new breed of guitar hero that has forged his own style and is poised to take his place among the great innovators of our time. Leo's incredible technique is second only to his strong sense of melody and intelligent grooves. Fabrizzio Leo has created a debut album that is destined to shake up the guitar community and propel him to great heights within the genre. - Editorial Reviews © 1996-2014, Amazon.com, Inc. or its affiliates http://www.amazon.com/Cutaway-Fabrizio-Leo/dp/B000F1HG6A

If there is a market for guitar instrumental albums then Mascot Records are carrying the flag, somewhat alone, for a genre that is seriously lacking in cool and most probably record sales. However you’ve got to hand it to Mascot for putting money into a long dead proposition. The financial rewards can’t be huge and the criticism too much to take but they keep on releasing signature guitar only albums as if ‘’Surfing With The Alien’’ were only last year. Italian maestro Fabrizio Leo started playing at the tender age of sixteen. Most of us were certainly playing an instrument at that age but not the six string type! So there’s little doubt about his proficiency, dexterity and talent it’s just the simple case of you like this type of album or you don’t. To be honest Leo does remarkably well on this his debut offering and remarkably doesn’t sound like Joe Satriani for a change. (His idol being Vinnie Moore) Although I’d guess it’s harder to differentiate one new axe hero from another LEO is a damn fine player. He bends stretches, soars and rocks for the most part covering Metal/ Rock/ Funk and Blues with equal aplomb. Surely you don’t record an album such as this without a pot full of brimming confidence? Natch. Instrumental albums reek of self indulgence and over confidence if with the best intentions in mind. By their very nature they turn off all but the truly dedicated. Fabrizio Leo’s debut is a strong offering just a pity the audience is so limited. Try a singer next time. (Online July 27, 2006) (5/10) © 2000-2013 The Metal Observer. All rights reserved http://www.metal-observer.com/articles.php?lid=1&sid=1&id=10625

Fabrizio Leo is a new breed of guitar hero who has been influenced by incredible players such as Greg Howe, Brett Garsed and Vinnie Moore, but who has also forged his own style, brimming with techniqua and fantastic melodies that should earn him a place among other great guitarists in the Tone Center / Shrapnel Records catalog. Interestingly, his song "Yeah Vinnie!", off "Cutaway", is especially dedicated to Vinnie Moore for his artistic inspiration. Leo did all the work on "Cutaway" himself, with just the drummer from Citriniti, Danilo Citriniti, assisting him with sound engineering. The fusion/shred style embodied by Greg Howe on his early releases will be sure to catch a lot of ears on Leo's debut album. © 1996-2013 Guitar Nine All Rights Reserved

Great album, HR by A.O.O.F.C, and again by one of the best guitarists you have never heard. Fabrizio Leo is an exceptionally talented guitarist and “Cutaway” is not just “total porn for shred heads”. There are many instrumental guitar albums out there with unbelievable shred work, but little compositional skill. This is not a criticism of these albums, as it is always great to hear a talented guitarist playing and even if the playing is sometimes self-indulgent, it is usually what their fans want and expect. Many of the tracks on “Cutaway” were composed, prepared, and recorded with great detail between 1998 and 2000 and finally mixed at Fabrizio Leo`s home studio in 2006. Fabrizio produced and mixed the album and provided most of the programming and instrumentation. Read a great interview with him @ http://www.guitar9.com/interview112.html Buy his “Mr Malusardi” and support genuine musical talent. [All tracks @ 192 Kbps: File size = 85 Mb]


1 Total Eclipse 5:07
2 Metal Bragalini 4:01
3 Yeah Vinnie! 3:28
4 Chat 4:30
5 Mai Dire Blues 4:28
6 Romilda 3:47
7 Lonely But Not Forever 4:55
8 AutoRegistrazioneCerebrale 3:59
9 The Sabrina's Black Glasses 5:28
10 Cyborg In Love 4:13
11 Cutaway 3:37
12 Black Man 4:07
13 Giorgi House 4:12
14 Illusion 3:34
15 Depression 3:38

All tracks composed by Fabrizio Leo


Fabrizio Leo - Guitars & all instrumentation except bass on Track 15
Rossano Eleuteri - Bass on Track 15


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