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Jill Jones (Prince Related)

Jill Jones - Jill Jones - 1987 - Paisley Park

Jill Jones is the self-titled debut solo album from the artist of the same name; Jill Jones. The album was released in 1987 on Paisley Park / Warner Bros. Records. It was produced by Jones and Prince. Her debut was warmly received in Europe, but failed to chart in the U.S. on the Billboard Top 100 Pop, Black, or Dance charts. None of the three released singles managed to enter any of the Top 100 charts. Warner Bros. Entertainment never pushed the album. In 1983, Jones moved to Minneapolis to begin work on her solo album. Prince spent three years working with his "protégé". Prince wrote and performed much of the music on the album, while Jones supplied the lyrics. David Z. did a large portion of the audio engineering and music production (without Prince) at Electric Lady Studios in New York. In addition, Billy Idol guitarist Steven Stevens (a close friend of Jones'), contributed to three tracks for the album. However, only the cover of Prince’s "With You" made the album. His other two contributions "77 Bleeker St." and "Baby Cries (Ay Yah)" were issued as B-sides. The album is out of print. - WIKI

A really good album from Jill Jones, best known as a great backing vocalist for Teena Marie and Prince back in the 1980s. The album was so under-promoted that it barely got a chance to be reviewed, but it’s got pop, funk, R&B, Soul, light jazz and more. Prince himself played on seven of the tracks, so you will have a good idea of what to expect on this neglected album. Other musicians who played on the album include Jim Pugh, Randy Brecker, Hugh McCracken, Steve Stevens, Rob Mounsey, and Steve Gadd [All tracks @ 320 Kbps: File size = 90.9 Mb]


1 Intro (Baby, You're A Trip) - Mia Bocca (7:21)
2 G-Spot 4:30
3 Violet Blue 4:24
4 With You 4:00
5 All Day, All Night 5:41
6 For Love 4:27
7 My Man 3:15
8 Baby, You're A Trip 5:23

All of the eight tracks were written by Prince (although he was listed as co-writer only on five, with Jill Jones taking credit for seven of the tracks)

MAIN MUSICIANS [See album notes for detailed credits]

Jill Jones - vocals
Prince - all instruments, except where noted, on Tracks 1,2,3,5,6,7,8
Hugh McCracken, Steve Stevens - guitar on Track 4
Wendy Melvoin - guitar on Track
Brown Mark - bass guitar on Track 5
St. Paul Peterson - bass guitar on Track 6
Rob Mounsey - piano on Track 4
Mike Chase - keyboards on Track 4
Lisa Coleman, Dr. Fink - keyboards on Track 5
Steve Gadd - drums on Track 4
Bobby Z. - drums on Track 5
Jellybean Johnson - drums on Track 6
Bob Minzer, Chris Hunter, Roger Rosenberg - saxophone on Track 2
Eric Leeds - saxophone on Tracks 3,6
Jim Pugh - trombone on Track 2
Randy Brecker, Jon Faddis - trumpet on Track 2
Atlanta Bliss - trumpet on Track 3


Jill Jones is the first album by Jill Jones, and her only album to feature Prince input. All of the eight tracks were written by Prince (although he was listed as co-writer only on five, with Jill Jones taking credit for seven of the tracks), and seven of the tracks feature his input musically. The album produced three singles, Mia Bocca, G-Spot and For Love, but the album failed to chart. The tracks were recorded between July, 1982 and October, 1986. Prince had first met Jill Jones on the Dirty Mind Tour, where she sang background vocals for the opening act Teena Marie. She sand background vocals on many studio tracks for Prince beginning with the 1999 album (also joining the live band on the 1999 Tour), and a solo album was planned for many years before its eventual completion and release. Many of the tracks were initially recorded by Prince before lead vocal overdubs by Jill Jones were added later. Mia Bocca was initially recorded by Prince in May, 1982. Baby, You're A Trip followed in July, 1982. G-Spot was recorded in August, 1983 (and was considered for use in the Purple Rain movie). All Day, All Night was recorded live at Prince's birthday concert on 7 June, 1984. In May, 1985, Prince and Jill Jones recorded My Man together, as work on her album began in earnest. Later in May, Prince and Jill Jones recorded several more tracks for the album: Come Elektra Tuesday, Married Man, Killin' At The Soda Shop, Living Doll and For Love, of which For Love is the only track included on the album. In August, 1985, Prince and Jill Jones recorded My Sex for the album, which was at one point considered as a title track for the album, but later rejected, and revised Mia Bocca, G-Spot and Baby, You're A Trip. Prince worked further on many of the album's tracks in January, 1986. In February, 1986, Euphoria Highway was recorded for the album, but was later rejected. In late February, the first configuration of the album was compiled, but the tracklist of this configuration is unknown. Violet Blue was later recorded, in October, 1986. Prince then worked on overdubs and mixing in November, 1986, with an album sequence compiled on 12 November, 1986, and no further work is known to have been done on the album, indicating that this configuration may have been the final, released, version of the album.


Jill Jones (born July 11, 1962) is an American singer and songwriter, who performed as a backing vocalist for Teena Marie and Prince in the 1980s. Jones was born in Ohio on July 11, 1962. Her mother, a fashion model, is of African American and Native American heritage, and her father, a jazz drummer, is Italian. Jones was raised mostly by her grandparents, until relocating to Los Angeles when her mother remarried. She began a singing career at age fifteen as a backup vocalist for her cousin Teena Marie, whom her mother managed. Today, Jones is a passionate supporter of liberal causes. She maintains her own fan pages on Myspace and Facebook. Highlights from her early career include various collaborative works with Prince in the 1980s-1990s, including a collaborative debut released under her own name. Jones' solo career since 2001 has witnessed the release of three acoustic and dance albums, with 2009's "Living for the Weekend" being her most recent album. Jones met Prince in 1980 at age 18, when Teena Marie was the opening act during his Dirty Mind tour. Prince loved her voice, encouraged her to sing, and stayed in touch with Jones. She became a backup vocalist for Prince when he invited her to the Sunset Sound recording studios in 1982, to sing backing vocals for several tracks on the album 1999. She was credited under just her initials J.J. She also was featured in music videos for the songs "1999" and "Little Red Corvette", as well as in an unreleased video for "Automatic", and then joined the tour for 1999 to sing backing vocals with the Prince side-project Vanity 6. After the tour, she moved to Minneapolis and became Prince's on-and-off again girlfriend. She had a bit part as a waitress in the film Purple Rain (1984), and had a more-than-cameo appearance in the sequel Graffiti Bridge (1990), where she takes off an undergarment to end a conflicting scene with Prince. Her debut album was the self-titled Jill Jones (1987), released on Prince's Paisley Park Records. Prince was credited as a co-writer with Jones, but wrote all of the songs himself. Upon its release, the album received positive reviews from critics, but was not a commercial success. As of 2007, the album has been out of print for many years. Several demos were recorded for a second album on Paisley Park, and a video was filmed for the track "Boom Boom", but an album never surfaced. In 1993, she released the dance single "Bald" on Flying Records. Jones also did backing vocals for Apollonia 6 and recorded the Prince-written single "G-Spot". She also sang lead vocals on Japanese artist Ryuichi Sakamoto's single "You Do Me" from his 1990 album Beauty, and contributed a version of Blondie's "Call Me" to a Giorgio Moroder tribute album. In addition, Jones wrote and co-produced the song "The Great Pretender" for Lisa Lisa. She was also lead vocalist for the band Baby Mother, who recorded an album in 1995 for London Records, which remains unreleased. In 1996, she toured performing co-lead vocals as part of Chic with Nile Rodgers and Bernard Edwards before his death, and can be heard on the 1999 Chic release "Live At The Budokan". The Prince song "She's Always In My Hair", a B-side to the single "Raspberry Beret" (1985), was written about Jones. Though Prince aided in the production of her first album, there was no input from Prince on the second one, which was more pop-rock oriented. From 2001 to the present, Jones has proven to be just as comfortable with performing acoustic rock as she is with producing edgy and modern dance tracks. She is also featured in the unreleased Vanity 6 song "Vibrator". In this song, she does a skit in a department store where Vanity goes to get batteries for her vibrator. Prince is also in the skit. With the help of former Paisley Park photographer and close friend David Honl, Jones released a second album entitled Two in 2001, with instrumentalist Chris Bruce. Jones performed lead vocals in 2004's album "The Grand Royals Ft. Jill Jones - Wasted". In 2008, Jill Jones surprised audience members during a performance in New York by Jeremy Gloff, by coming up on stage to sing along with Jeremy's cover of her song "So Much in Love". On April 28, 2009, Jones released "Living for the Weekend" on the "Peace Bisquit" label. Although "Wasted" and "Two" are out of print, both albums can be found on the iTunes Store, along with "Living for the Weekend".

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