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Ricky Garcia

Ricky Garcia - Let Sleeping Dogs Lie - 2008 - Doggy Luke

Ricardo Garcia is best known for playing guitar in the band LaFee, a platinum selling pop/rock band especially successful in Germany and Europe. Garcia graduated in 2002 from Berklee College of Music in Boston with a diploma in professional music and worked as a guitar instructor before his success with LaFee. He released his solo record, Let Sleeping Dogs Lie in 2008, with a guest appearance by Jordan Rudess from Dream Theater. He left LaFee in December 2009. He released an instructional DVD "Learn & Play your music" for Cort Guitars and is also a composer for film, computer game and TV commercials. Keyboard wizard Jordan Rudess (Dream Theater) has said that "Ricky Garcia is one of the real young guns of the guitar world. I have been following him since he was a student at the Berklee school of music. During those years he managed to keep me interested (not easy to do) and very up to date with his quickly advancing musical skills. I knew a long time ago that one day he would be making an appearance on one of my albums, and actually he appeared on my last solo album "The Road Home." Recently it was my turn (and pleasure) to return the favor and play on his new solo album, "Let Sleeping Dogs Lie." I joined him for some burning trades and a JR solo on the song Tank. You gotta check Ricky out. He totally rocks!!!” “Let Sleeping Dogs Lie” is not very original as regards composition, but the guitar work is inspirational. Read more @ http://www.canasteromusic.de/rickywebsite/bio.htm N.B: Does anybody know who the keyboard player is on track 10. The name is illegible on the album art, and who composed the tracks. Goran Vujic definitely composed one or more of the tracks. Info welcome [All tracks @ 256 Kbps: File size = 88.1 Mb]


1 Tank
2 Ultimate Seven
3 Testovoice
4 Breakdown
5 Minuteman
6 Forever Lonely
7 Total Access
8 Cross Chopper
9 Goofy Duck
10 Groovemachine
11 Doggy Luke


Ricky Garcia - Guitar
John Guth - Acoustic Guitar on Track 6
Goran Vujic - Bass
Jordan Rudess - Keyboards on Track 1
? - Keyboards on Track 10
Ulf Stricker - Drums

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