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9 Lazy 9


9 Lazy 9 - Electric Lazyland - 1996 - Ninja Tune USA

A very enjoyable, and better than average album of this genre. Electronic hip-hop with a touch of smooth jazz. Reissue of the 1994 record. "Electric Lazyland is without a doubt one of the best down-tempo records to ever emerge on Ninja, or on any label for that matter. Even if you're not a hip-hop fan, there are enough different musical elements here to keep you interested. Check out their albums, " Paradise Blown ," and " Sweet Jones. "


1 Life Goes On & On
2 Electric Lazyland
3 Skarakesh
4 B Hip & Shop
5 NO.2
6 Monk's Dream
7 Train
8 Very Gently
9 Swingpool
10 Checkin' On You
11 Special 8
12 NO.9
13 What's New
14 High Fashion
15 Meet The Voda
16 Roughport Invention
17 Golden Oldie

All tracks written, arranged and produced by Braddell & Fraser, except Track 8, written, arranged and produced by Braddell, and Track 6, written by Thelonius Monk, and arranged and produced by Braddell & Fraser

9 Lazy 9 includes: James Bradell.

Additional personnel: Julie Barton (vocals); Giuliana Pella (piano).

Recording information: Studio Joy 9, Rome, Italy.

BIO (Wikipedia)

9 Lazy 9 is an acid jazz/downtempo group on the Ninja Tune label. Operating out of Italy in 1992, they soon gained respect for their first album Paradise Blown. Their sound, distinctively more sun than North Sea, is a smoky Mediterranean mix of vines and good times. Keir Fraserello and James Bradell (also of Funki Porcini and performing here under the guise of Giacomo Braddellini) had been making music for many years in different guises before combining forces in Rome in the early nineties. They have been working with some of Italy's finest musicians on their latest album, Sweet Jones, recorded in the Umbrian Hills near Orvieto. Gianluca Petrella plays trombone, Mishael Levron guitar; Manù Bandettini plays flute with Adriano Tirelli on bassoon.


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