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Air Jazz Quartet (Deep Purple related)


Air Jazz Quartet - Jazz Tribute to Deep Purple - 1995 - Transe Music

This is something very different. A four man French band remake nine classic Deep Purple songs with jazz style. Some of the tracks are so intricately arranged, that you would hardly recognise that they were Deep Purple songs. But the album is very well done, especially Black Night.This is a very good, and unusual album. Try and free your mind from the heavy Deep Purple riffs, and try and focus on the expertly executed jazz arrangements. It's modern tuneful acoustic jazz, and you may well get to like it, whether or not you like Deep Purple, or jazz! VHR by A.O.O.F.C


Philippe Ballot : drums
François Barisaux: piano
Alain Gaillet: bass
Philippe Miraille: tenor & soprano sax


01] Hush
02] Highway Star
03] Black Night
04] Smoke On The Water
05] Woman From Tokyo
06] Strange Kind Of Woman
07] Burn
08] Fireball
09] Child In Time