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Stevie Ray Vaughan with Buddy Guy


Stevie Ray Vaughan with Buddy Guy - It's Still Called The Blues - 1989 - Swingin' Pig

The first tune is just Buddy and the band, he brings SRV out on the second tune. Rarely have I heard sound quality this good on a boot CD, great performance, killer duets with Buddy Guy... Nice change from the usual setlists found on most SRV boots...worth the outrageous price they charge for the so-called “imports.” A great record with a very good sound and a lot of wild and freaky guitar work. Way above average and that it is a must have if you are both an SRV and Buddy Guy fan...one of the top five to get. Sound quality is very good. Sound quality, tracklist etc. Same as “Birthday Jam” NEITHER of these are “audience recordings.” BOTH are “from the board” and have excellent sound quality. “ISCTB” is about one point better in the audio quality department. The last 3 tracks on “BJ” are not part of the birthday jam, they are SRV from a different venue and date. a doubt, these live “Birthday Jam” recordings capture some of Buddy's and Stevie's best moments. An excellent recording with some great songs. My humble opinion on this is that this is way above average and that it is a must have if you are both an SRV and Buddy Guy fan...one of the top five to get. Just listened to this thing for the first time and was blown AWAY!!! 'Champagne and Reefer' is absolutely awesome. That's one of my favorites, too. Great, great show! It was Buddy's birthday, and he said he had a lot of friends he could ask to come and celebrate his birthday with him onstage, and Stevie showed up, and he was really happy about that. He was praising Stevie on this too. I think this is a great recording, and their dueling guitars are super good, with great interchange in their talking and playing. (My copy has very good sound quality, too). © www.srvrocks.com/boot_review/entry.htm

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1.It's still called the blues - Tony Joe White

2.Champagne and reefer - Muddy Waters

3.Mary had a little lamb - Buddy Guy

4.Leave my girl alone - Buddy Guy (This track segues into "Worry, Worry" ), which is named as Track 5 on some releases of this albun.


Buddy Guy - Guitar and Vocals

Stevie Ray Vaughan - Guitar and Vocals

? - Sax?

This album was recorded at Buddy Guy's Legends Club on July 30, 1989. Buddy celibrated his 53th birthday that night and one of the guests was Stevie Ray Vaughan. There is obviously another musician on this recording. If you have any info, please post


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