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Blue Largo

Blue Largo - What a Day! - 2000 - Coffee Grind

Blue Largo play mostly 1940's/ '50's swinging jump blues & jazz, in the style of Billie Holiday, Dinah Washington, Johnny Otis, and T-Bone Walker. This is Blue Largo's first release, and if you would like to be reminded of how good this type of music was, then give "What A Day!" a listen. Great, authentic, boogie-woogie jump blues and jazz, played with passion and panache. Check out their "Still In Love With You" album for more of this stylish music. For music in the same vein, listen to The Manhattan Transfer's "Mecca for Moderns" album.


1. Ain't Gonna Quit You Baby - Helen Humes
2. You Came A Long Way From St. Louis - Bob Russell, John Benson Brooks
3. Fine and Mellow - Billie Holiday
4. What A Day - O'Dell, Bud Johnson, Ella Johnson
5. Pitchin' Up A Boogie - Nat King Cole
6. Strollin' With Bone - Aaron Walker
7. Love Me or Leave Me - Walter Donaldson, Gus Kahn
8. Five, Ten, Fifteen Hours - Rudy Toombs, Ruth Brown
9. Honky Tonk - Billy Butler, Bill Doggett, Clifford Scott, Berisford "Shep" Shepherd
10. If It's Good - Julia Lee
11. One For My Baby (and One More For The Road) - Harold Arlen, Johnny Mercer
12. He Walks Right In - Brown, Clarence Gatemouth
13. Fat Daddy - Phil Medley, William Sanford
14. Swing Brother Swing - Benny Goodman
15. Sweet and Lovely - Gus Arnheim, Jules LeMare, Harry Tobias


Alicia Aragon - Vocals
Eric Lieberman - Guitar
Phil Rowley - Drums
Jonny Viau - Tenor Sax
Troy Jennings - Baritone Sax
Robbie Smith - Trumpet
Carl "Sonny" Leyland - Piano
Sue Palmer - Piano
Neal Wauchope - Piano/Organ
Christopher Michaels - Upright Acoustic Bass
Todd Hilton - Upright Acoustic Bass


Guitarist Eric Lieberman and vocalist Alicia Aragon formed Blue Largo in March 1999. During the previous ten years, Eric founded and led some of San Diego's hardest working and most respected blues bands, namely the Rhumboogies and the Juke Stompers. Today, when things seem tougher than ever for live music, Blue Largo continues to play regularly in San Diego, has played several dates at The Blue Cafe in Long Beach and has done two road trips to northern California, including San Francisco, Sacramento, Arcata, Lake Almanor and Redding. The band has a continually expanding mailing list, currently in excess of seven hundred names.... and on August 25, 2002, they drew over two hundred fans to the release party for their second CD "Still In Love With You"! Blue Largo mostly plays hard swinging 1940's / '50's jump blues in the vein of Louis Jordan, T-Bone Walker, Johnny Otis, Julia Lee, Ruth Brown, and Dinah Washington. However, they can also pay sincere tribute to the likes of Billie Holiday or The Nat King Cole Trio with equal conviction. Blue Largo released its first record "What A Day!" (produced by Rick Holmstom) in September 1999. This record has sold over one thousand copies and has garnered very favorable reviews. (See the review section on Blue Largo's website.) On their most recent record "Still In Love With You" (released August 25, 2002), for the first time Blue Largo presents three original compositions, all of which fit in seamlessly with the other eleven (cover) songs on the record. Along with Eric and Alicia, the following musicians record and may be found playing live with Blue Largo: Tenor saxophonist Jonny Viau, who has been a musical partner of Eric's since 1982. Jonny has two highly acclaimed CD's of his own, "Sideman" and "Live at Dizzy's", and he has recorded with William Clark, Rod Piazza and The Mighty Flyers, James Harman, Kid Ramos and Roy Gaines among others. Baritone saxophonist Troy Jennings, who has been Jonny's musical partner and right hand man on most of his recording sessions during the past fifteen years. Trumpeter Robbie Smith, who made a name for himself recording and touring the world with Candye Kane and her Swingin' Armadillos. Piano legend Carl "Sonny" Leyland ...... a piano player's piano player and a favorite of aficionados worldwide. Sonny has a wealth of recording credits under his own name, as well as with such renown artists as Anson Funderburgh and Big Sandy. Sonny is truly second to none, whether it be in the vain of traditional blues, boogie woogie, stride or early twentieth century jazz. Pianist Neal Wauchope, who is an extremely soulful and sensitive blues and jazz piano player, as well as a master of the Hammond B3 organ. His deep musical talents are in great demand, and when you hear what he brings to a band's sound..... its easy to understand why! Pianist Sue Palmer, who over the past twenty years has established herself as Southern California's "boogie woogie queen"! Sue recorded several records and was on the road with Candye Kane for eight years during most of the 1990's, when she "retired" to form her own band "Sue Palmer's Motel Swing Orchestra". Since retiring from her stint with Candye, Sue has recorded two records under her own name, has a third in the can and continues to work steadily in Southern California. Drummer Phil Rowley, who has played with Eric and Jonny in various situations over the years. Phil is an ultimate professional, who swings hard and has rock solid time......everything that you want and need from a drummer! Upright acoustic bassist Christopher Michaels, who has established himself as one of the very finest and most sought after bass players on the Southern California scene. Chris has toured the United States and Europe with various blues bands over the past fifteen years. Upright acoustic bassist Todd Hilton, who like Chris is a seasoned veteran of the music. Todd has recorded and toured with Buddy Blue and Romy Kaye throughout most of the 1990's. More than anything else, Blue Largo would like to believe that the unshakeable passion they have for the music its various members have been playing for the better part of 20 years will translate to its audiences, and that this will make their audiences feel good and respond. Eric Lieberman often says that your audience will come back and see you again, not necessarily because you played so great, but because you made them feel so great. He believes that when this most soulful music is presented with integrity, finesse and style by some of most dedicated musicians around, you can hardly help from achieving this result. We hope to see you real soon! © 2000-2002 Blue Largo, www.bluelargoblues.com/bio.asp


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This is a great record and now out of print, so this is the only place you can get it, to my knowledge. I downloaded it yesterday along with a couple of other things, and left a message of thanks on one of them. But it was not me who ruined your links. I would not do such a thing, nor would I know how to. I hope you get them fixed soon and are able to make them tamper proof. Thanks for the great site.

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Hi, once again thank you for this wonderful album. I don't know them and I'm grateful to know this album through your wonderful site.

Here's to you my friend!!!

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Thanks a million, evilagan. How are you? Glad you liked the album. Some of these obscure bands produce Grade A music, and need promoting. Spread the word, my friend! Cheers!