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Beverley Skeete

Beverley Skeete - Unchained - 2008 - Vocaphone

You may not recognize the name, but UK singer Beverley Skeete has sung background vocals for ABC, Jamiroquai, Squeeze, Tina Turner, Chaka Khan, Sting, Elton John, The Chemical Brothers, Lisa Stansfield, Eurythmics, and many others. She was also the featured vocalist with Bill Wyman's Rhythm Kings. This is a good mixture of R&B, old school soul, swamp blues and even rock, where Beverley explores some of the great past classics. She re-invents great compositions like "Born Under a Bad Sign," and "Black Magic Woman." Her version of Bobby Womach's "I'm in love" is outstanding. Buy her "All My Dreams" album.


Run Through the Jungle - 4:12
On the Road Again - 4:27
Born Under a Bad Sign - 3:14
Unchain My Heart - 4:11
Crawling Up a Hill - 3:11
I'm in Love - 3:18
You Got Me Running - 4:14
Heart of Gold - 4:05
Black Magic Woman - 3:39
I Don't Need No Doctor - 3:08
Midnight Rider - 3:28
Helpless - 4:13
It A'int Easy - 4:30
Ain't No Love (In the Heart of the City) - 3:39


Beverley Skeete Has been The Lead Vocalist With Bill Wyman's Rhythm Kings For Ten Years. When Bill Left The Rolling Stones and decided To Form 'The Rhythm Kings' he auditioned vocalists for the band. Beverley Came HIGHLY recommended with a Cv that Included Chaka Khan,Elton John,Annie Lennox, George Micheal, Sting, Dela soul and many more. As soon as Bill heard Beverley he Knew he had found the Voice He Was looking For. Since then they have recorded five studio albums and numerous live albums..They Have toured worlwide and were recently the house band at The Ahmed Ertegan Concert at Which Led Zeppelin performed. 'Unchained' is Beverley's Third Solo Album and showcases Beverley's powerful vocal style on original interpretations of some of her favourite songs. There is Swamp style- (run through The jungle) ,Blues- (born Under A Bad sign), Soul -(I'm In Love), Boogie -(on The Road Again) and Classic(Heart Of Gold). © cdbaby.com


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Anonymous said...

Thanks for this. Love to hear more of Beverly Skeete. She does a great job with the Rhythm Kings. Take Care John

A.O.O.F.C said...

Hi John. Thanks. It's amazing how many great artists live in the shadow of other musicians for most of their careers. I'd like to hear more solo stuff from Beverley, abd singers like her.

xpto4545 said...

Beverley is truly a dear, with a genuine soul and a very strong style. Just listen to her singing "I put a spell on you" in the Rhythm Kings' DVD. Or her duet with "Sir" Georgie Fame, in the same.
It's a shame, I went to look into All Music Guide, and Beverley isn't even biographed there !!

Thanks a lot for this posting, A.O.O.F.C. !!! And of course, for all the other postings as well !!


A.O.O.F.C said...

Cheers, Mario. It's amazing that artists like Beverley are not better known. I'm glad you appreciate her music. Thanks for comment, and the main aim of A.O.O.F.C is to promote musicians like Beverley. TTU soon

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