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Valerie Wellington

Valerie Wellington - Million Dollar $ecret - 1984 - Rooster Blues

"Valerie Wellington came onto the blues scene relatively late," said harmonicist Billy Branch, a longtime friend of Ms. Wellington's. "But she accomplished a lot in a short period of time. She developed not just a love for it {blues}, but a general resp0ect for it." Ms. Wellington performed regularly in such local clubs as Kingston Mines, Rosa's, Artis' and Blues Chicago. She recorded three albums on the Chicago B.L.U.E.S. and Alligator labels. She also appeared in several films and documentaries, including "Survivors," a 1984 tribute to the late blues guitarist Mike Bloomfield with Bob Dylan, Dr. John and other artists, and "Great Balls of Fire," a 1989 movie on Jerry Lee Lewis' life starring Dennis Quaid, in which she portrayed 1950s blues singer Big Mabell. "Million Dollar $ecret! is a great rockin' "straight-from-the-heart" blues album fron the late Valerie Wellington. This great blues singer was influenced by blues greats like Bessie Smith, Ray Charles, Ma Rainey, and Koko Taylor. She released an album in 1991, "Life in the Big City," but it was nowhere near the standard of "Million Dollar $ecret." Had she lived, there is no doubt that she would have become one of the great blues singers. Read the LP sleeve notes for more detailed info on Valerie Wellington, and for music in a similar vein, check out Koko Taylor's brilliant "Deluxe Edition" album @ KOKOT/DEE


Down in the Dumps - Lana Wilson, Wesley Wilson
Million Dollar Secret - Helen Humes, Jules Taub
Independent Blues - Valerie Wellington
Cold, Cold Feeling - Jessie Mae Robinson
Smokestack Lightning - Howlin' Wolf
Dirty No-Gooder's Blues - Bessie Smith
My Baby Treats Me Like a Stepchild - Valerie Wellington
You Can't Have My Monkey - Valerie Wellington
Bad Avenue - Walter Williams
Love Don't Love Nobody - Roy Brown
Wild About You - Elmore James, Joe Josea [Bonus Track on 1995 CD Re-Issue]
Voodoo Blues - Valerie Wellington [Bonus Track on 1995 CD Re-Issue]


Valerie Wellington (Piano), (Vocals)
Nate Applewhite (Drums)
Casey Jones (Drums), (Vocals)
John Littlejohn (Slide Guitar)
Magic Slim (Guitar), (Vocals)
John Primer (Guitar), (Vocals)
Aron Burton (Bass), (Vocals)
Nick Holt (Bass)
Billy Branch (Harmonica)
Sunnyland Slim (Piano)


Wellington is a powerful yet subtle vocalist, backed by some of the best Chicago blues players, including Sunnyland Slim, Billy Branch, Casey Jones, and Magic Slim & the Teardrops. The CD reissue contains two bonus tracks. © Niles J. Frantz, All Music Guide


Valerie Wellington took the Chicago blues scene by surprise in 1982, perhaps not forgoing her classical training as an opera singer as much as using it to enhance her work in the blues. As a blueswoman she fit right in, not only becoming a regular in the blues clubs but also compiling an impressive theatrical resume for her portrayals of Ma Rainey and Bessie Smith -- women who, like opera singers, learned to project their voices without microphones. The influence of Koko Taylor was also evident in Wellington's blues approach, which combined classic vaudeville-era blues with hard-driving Chicago sounds. Her power-packed voice was heard on only a few record releases but was featured frequently in TV and radio commercials. Valerie Wellington was only 33 years old when she died of a brain aneurysm. © Jim O'Neal, All Music Guide


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