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Spike Drivers Blues Band

Spike Drivers Blues Band - Spike Drivers Blues Band - 1984 - SDB 2581

A very obscure, privately pressed album recorded in April 1984, the same year that Stevie Ray Vaughan released “Couldn’t Stand The Weather”, and Albert Collins released his brilliant “Live In Japan" album. Even in the Netherlands, where the album originates from, it's a very rare and obscure album. Info on the band is very hard to come by, and if you are aware of any music connections with this band or band members, please send your comments in. (The band have no connections with Detroit "The Spike Drivers" band}. The album is no classic blues album. It hasnn't got a modern blues feel, and it can't be described as blues rock, but the music is just great! There’s a couple of covers here, that show how great Bluesmen like Muddy Waters influenced the band. “County Jail”, “My Little Cabin” and Junior Parker’s “Next Time You See Me” are pretty good covers. Six tunes are originals, written by the band members. “My Little Cabin”, with a pretty original interpretation, “Twelve Fingers”, a high flying, hard thumping instrumental, and “I’m A Lover”, a fast paced boasting blues song are very interesting tracks There are no bad tracks on this very good album. Persevere with this album. Give it a few listens, and it might just get to become one of your favourites. Incidentally, the covers on this album may hold a few surprises! Listen, and see do you notice anything! A.O.O.F.C would be interested in comments about this unusual "blues" album. It's a 320 vinyl rip and sound quality could be better but these type of albums are not always of high-tech sound quality.


1. She’s Precious - R. Abma
2. Application Blues - R. Abma & R. ter Meulen
3. County Jail - M.Morganfield
4. Boogie A Bit - G.Venderbosch & R. ter Meulen
5. Next Time You See Me - H.Parker
6. My Little Cabin - R.Miller
7. The Blues Ain’t Wrong - R. ter Meulen
8. Twelve Fingers - R. ter Meulen
9. I’m A Lover - R. ter Meulen


Ruud Abma – Vocals & Guitars
Guus Venderbosch – Lead Guitars & Backing Vocals
Ruud ter Meulen – Piano & Harp
Hammie Van Hall – Harp-solo on “County Jail”
Geert van Hall – Bass
Jan Ensink – Drums


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Anonymous said...

Intrigued by your description, and being Dutch and a Blues fan, I "had" to find something about this band.

Indeed, rather hard to find any info about. The only 'real' piece of information I found was about Hammie van Hall (http://www.geocities.com/artdaane/hammie.htm). The rest (so-far) has been some festivals they used to play in the Netherlands. Last reference: 1992 on the "Oosterhoutse blues festival".

Thanx for all the good tips, by-the-way. Keep it up.


A.O.O.F.C said...

Thanks, Marc. That is useful info. They are one of the most obscure bands that I have ever come across, and any snippet of news helps. TVM for your comments, and please keep in contact with A.O.O.F.C

Guus said...

SDBB started 1974, Nijmegen, Netherlands.
Performed until 1992, 15 gigs per year, no more. We played for fun, never tried to make a living.
Still play together ones a year.
I'm the guitarist.

A.O.O.F.C said...

Hi,Guus! Thanks a million for your comment. It's great to hear from somebody directly connected these posts. Your album was posted, because A.O.O.F.C is continually trying to promote obscure but good albums/bands with musical merit. Great to hear you're still playing. I would love more info on SDBB. Please revisit blog...All the best!

Jan said...

And here's Jan, the drummer :-)
I'm updating my website today and thought it would be nice to add a link to Spike Drivers-info.
So I googled and found this lovely review (thanks!) which Guus spotted also some days before.
He Guus, let's do a session with the boys soon!
I will put some material on my site now I see people are really interested!

A.O.O.F.C said...

Hi, Jan. This is turning into a party. Everybody's invited. Great to hear from you guys, and I'd love to hear some more music from the band. Keep in touch with me!..A.O.O.F.C

Ruud Abma said...

Here is Ruud, the singer:
The Spike Drivers Blues Band played a reunion gig on October 23d 2010. See http://members.casema.nl/jensink/spike_drivers_bluesband.html