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James Harman

James Harman - Side Dishes - 2007 - Gulfcoast Records

A wonderful priceless James Harman’s mastery music compilation with thirteen excellent songs, previously included in some of his most emblematic records or singles. The tracks Harman has selected for this first series begin in 1981, like “(I Got) So Many Women” which was included on his album ‘This Band Just Won’t Behave’ to “Lonesome Moon Trance” belonging to the CD with the same title recorded in 2003. More than twenty two years of Harman’s musical career with songs that come from his single “Blue Vinyl” to albums like “Thank You Baby”, “Those Dangerous Gentlemen”, “Extra Napkins”, “Do Not Disturb”, “Two Sides Of Every Story”… and so on. You will also find some of his most outstanding colleagues of his long extensive career such as Buddy Clark, Paul Fasulo, Hollywood Fats, Stephen T. Hodges, Natham James, Fred Kaplan, Kid Ramos, Gene Taylor, Junior Watson…. Really impressing!! An unforgettable journey along the musical career of a singer, song writer and harmonica player with an enormous talent and personality but, overall, one of the most innovative musicians of the last thirty years. ESSENTIAL. © Dusty & Val Scott, © 2002-2008 DustyBlues© All Rights Reserved

An outstanding album of pure blues from the blues legend, James Harman. This album is a wonderful selection of his songs, collected from twelve of his albums, released between 1981 and 2003. Read about this great blues musician @ JHARMAN/BIO and buy his brilliant "Takin' Chances" album. It's a work of "Blues" art.


(I Got) So Many Womens
Jump My Baby
Won't Be Goin' Again
Just as Well to Kill Me
It's Alright Now
Swamp Night
My Little Girl
Three Way Party
Leavin' For Memphis
Too Much Family
Lonesome Moon Trance

All songs composed by James Harman, except "Jump My Baby" by J.Harman, M.Mann, D.Ramos, W.J Campbell, & S.T Hodges, and "My Little Girl" and "Wont Be Goin' Again" by J.Harman, & D.Ramos


James Harman: harmonica, vocals, percussion
David "Kid" Ramos: guitar (1-5, 12)
Hollywood Fats: guitar (3-5, 11)
Junior Watson: guitar (10)
Joel Foy: guitar (6)
Ted Morgan: guitar (7)
Robby Eason: guitar (8, 9)
Nathan James: guitar (13)
Gene Taylor: guitar (1), piano (2, 4, 5, 13)
Fred Kaplan: piano (9, 11)
Thom Mahon: piano (12)
Rare Norm Harris: organ (10)
Willie J. Campbell: Fender bass (1-3), acoustic bass (4, 5, 11)
Rick Reed: Fender bass (10), acoustic bass (12)
Buddy Clark: Fender bass (13)
Stephen T. Hodges: drums (1-6, 11, 12)
Lee Campbell: drums (9)
Mike Cherry: drums (8)
Paul Fasulo: drums (10)
Esten Cooke: drums and percussion (7)
Alan West: drums and percussion (13)
Steve Mugalian: drums and percussion (6)
Jeff Turmes: saxophone (2), Fender bass (6, 8), slide guitar (7)
Lawrence White: saxophone (2)


James Harman, (b.Jun 8, 1946 in Anniston, AL), is a California-based blues singer, harmonica player, songwriter, and bandleader with an agenda that definitely distances him from the rest of the pack. A veteran of the blues roadhouse circuit, he has led various combinations of the James Harman Band over the years, most featuring top-notch talent (like guitarists Hollywood Fats and Kid Ramos) to match his own. With roots in the deepest of blues harmonica sources (Little Walter, Walter Horton, Sonny Boy Williamson), Harman scores consistently both live and on record. His most recent recorded efforts show a genuine flair for writing original material (always more important to Harman than just regurgitating his record collection), all of it laced with a generous dollop of wisecracking good humor. Always willing to stretch the boundaries and conceptions of what a good bar band should be capable of, Harman combines rich traditons and beatnik craziness for a blend that's mighty hard to resist. © Cub Koda, All Music Guide


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