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Trampled Under Foot

Trampled Under Foot - May I Be Excused - 2008 - Blue Edge Records

Nick, Kris, and Danielle's parents are Lisa Swedlund and the late Robert Schnebelen, who were members of a highly respected blues band called “Little Eva & TheWorks” in Kansas City, Mo., in the early 1990s. Originally from Kansas City, “TUF” has been touring the Mid-West and the East Coast for several years, playing well known clubs likeThe Stone Pony in New Jersey; The Bitter End in New York, and The Grape Street Pub in Philadelphia, as well as many important national blues summer concert events. Nick started by playing guitar at jams with his father, and playing with well known front players in Kansas City. He quickly created a name for himself and formed a band called Killin’ Floor. They played throughout the Kansas City area for a year, before moving to Philadelphia, where he recorded two albums, "Non-Filtered" and "Alphabet City", as well as a live album, "Rats Live On No Evil Star". Nick has earned a respected name for himself throughout the East Coast, receiving very positive write-ups in newspapers like the New York Post and the Washington Post. Before forming TUF, Nick toured and recorded with a band called Buddahead. With Buddahead, Nick toured nationally with Everlast and Jon Popper of Blues Traveller. His musical influences include Johnny Winter, Muddy Waters, and Jimmy Page. Danielle started her music career shortly after Nick, singing with her father at jams and in coffee houses throughout the Kansas City area. Shortly before her father’s passing in 1999, they played together in the final configuration of Little Eva &The Works. Kris has been playing drums for nearly ten years, studying under Sam Johnson for several years and in the field at jams. Some of his influences include Buddy Miles, Danny Kerry, and John Bonham.

This is a great album from a Kansas City blues band with killer vocals, and musicianship.They cover many blues music styles, and for a trio, the output on this album is amazing. The song material could be stronger, but this will improve. The band has what it takes to really make an impact in the future. They are the future of the blues. Buy their "The Philadelphia Sessions" album, and promote this great band.


1. Fog
2. Jonny Cheat
3. Love My Baby
4. You're Too Big To Carry
5. May I Be Excused
6. Waiting On The Line
7. My Fault To Stay
8. Have I Ever Told You
9. Hot Headed Woman
10. You Call That Love
11. Mississippi River
12. Comin' Home To You

All songs composed by TUF

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Nick Schnebelen - Guitar, Vocals
Kris Schnebelen - Drums, Vocals
Danielle Schnebelen - Lead Vocals, Bass


When was the last time you saw a three-piece family blues band with two left-handed guitarists? Let alone a blues band with three strong vocals, both female and male? Trampled Under Foot, winners of the 2008 International Blues Challenge, is like no other band you will ever see or hear. Danielle is an amazing blues singer and an excellent bassist. Kris fires right in the pocket on the drums and sings as well. Nick is a strong singer and an accomplished guitarist, winning the 2008 Albert King Award from the IBC. TUF books venues and festivals world wide, having performed at numerous national and international blues festivals. © 2004 - 2009, Trampled Under Foot & SoundGate Productions - All rights reserved

A translation from the CD Review by www.rootsville.be The people of Blue Edge Records have a reason to be proud, one of the record labels’ bands won the prestigious INTERNATIONAL BLUES CHALLENGE 2008 and they want the world to know that. ‘Trampled Under Foot’ were the winners of a three day Blues contest held this year in Memphis Tennessee. 99 bands from 6 continents participated, 10 different countries and 36 states! All 99 bands competed for the title of ‘Best Blues Band in The World’. Before participating they had to go through local pre-selections. ‘TUF’ was already enchanted to win the latter in their home base Kansas City. ‘Trampled Under Foot’ are Nick Schnebelen (vocals & guitar), Danielle Schnebelen (vocals & bass) and Kris Schnebelen (vocals & drums). As you can read, it’s one musical family but with an extra particularity, both guitar players are left handed. Danielle is the female member of this family band and is cherished as a ‘treasure’ in their hometown of Kansas City. Early on she played with ‘Fresh Brew’ and ‘The Nortons” before forming a band with her brothers Nick and Kris. Listening to this album, it’s easy to understand why they won the contest. ‘May I Be Excused’ contains 12 tracks and they are all very different. The complete specter of Blues styles gets covered. Danielle is well known on the Blues scene and their friends on MySpace comprise, just to name a few, Tommy Castro, Janiva Magness, Tad Robinson, Sean Carney, and Kenny Wayne Sheppard. Influences of for instance Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd are never far away and can be noticed in the opening number ‘Fog’. As the title suggests ‘Johnny Cheat’ clearly contains a Canned Heat beat and rocks all the way. The third number ‘Love My Baby’ is West Coast and swings firmly. In ‘You’re Too Big To Carry’, we get Delta slide, and in the title track ‘May I Be Excused’, they change completely into a pure tearjerker. No lack of variation on this album with ‘Hot Headed Woman’ being a true boogie. Next to last title ‘Mississippi River’, is a Texas slow blues in which Danielle allows her vocal chords free play. Every track brings us different Blues segments and on the crossroads ‘Coming Home To You’ we hear Country blues with at the end, Gospel influences.A great variety and alternating vocals by brothers and sister is a great receipt to collect awards. Keep ‘bluesin’ that road… © Rootsville.Be, www.bluesundergroundnetwork.com/Trampled_Under_Foot_CD.html