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Amy Winehouse

Amy Winehouse - I Told You I Was Trouble: Live In London - 2007 - Universal

Recorded live @ 02 Shepherds Bush Empire, London, England on May 28th, 2007. On March, 19th, 2007 not long before this concert, she gave a wonderful concert at The Roxy, on Sunset Boulevard in Hollywood, and on Oct 15, 2007, at Tempodrom, Berlin, Germany, she also gave a great, no-holds-barred performance. Here, in London, she sang her usual eclectic mix of jazz, pop, funk and reggae, and when she got her wonderful bluesy soul jazz voice into gear, she sang like the star she really was. Amy was to sing better in later concerts. With her erratic and troubled personal problems, she never truly achieved her full potential. For most of Amy's short career, the media concentrated more on her erratic lifestyle than her music. "They tried to make me go to rehab I won't go go go, I'd rather be at home with Ray"- (Charles, that is)! Her "Frank" and "Back to Black" were good albums, and had she overcome her health and mental issues, she could have been one of the greats. Maybe, even another Elkie Brooks. Who knows? "There but for the grace of God go I". Condolences to everybody that loved her. RIP


1 Intro/Addicted - Amy Winehouse
2 Just Friends - Amy Winehouse
3 Cherry - Amy Winehouse, Salaam Remi
4 Back to Black - Amy Winehouse, Mark Ronson
5 Wake Up Alone - Amy Winehouse, Paul O'Duffy
6 Tears Dry on Their Own - Amy Winehouse, Nickolas Ashford, Valerie Simpson
7 He Can Only Hold Her/Doo Wop (That Thing) - Amy Winehouse, Laurence Hill, Richard Poindexter, Robert Poindexter
8 F**k Me Pumps - Amy Winehouse, Salaam Remi
9 Some Unholy War - Amy Winehouse
10 Love Is a Losing Game - Amy Winehouse
11 Valerie - Boyan Chowdhury, Abi Harding, Dave McCabe, Sean Payne, Russell Pritchard
12 Hey Little Rich Girl - Rod Byers, Terry Hall
13 Rehab - Amy Winehouse
14 You Know I'm No Good - Amy Winehouse
15 Me & Mr. Jones - Amy Winehouse
16 Monkey Man - Toots Hibbert
17 Outro - Amy Winehouse

N.B: Track 7 is broken into two separate songs, "He Can Only Hold Her", and "Doo Wop (That Thing)" making an 18 track album. Sound @ 160 Kbps is fair - good. Read more about Amy @ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Amy_Winehouse


Amy Winehouse - Vocals
Robin Banerjee - Guitar
Dale Davis - Bass
Xantone Blacq - Keyboards
James A. Hunt - Sax (Alto)
Frank Walden - Sax (Baritone)
Zalon & Ade - Vocals on "Hey Little Rich Girl"


A.O.O.F.C said...


p/w aoofc

flyra said...

what a waste!
i can't find anything more original to say!

guinea pig said...

Thanks AOOFC!
Its a pity but alcohlol and narcotics are awful things.
Rest in peace young woman!

A.O.O.F.C said...

Hi,gp (No.1). RIP. "Sex and drugs and rock and roll are all my body needs"...Without the drugs! Thanks, gp! TTU soon...P

A.O.O.F.C said...

Hi,flyra. It is a waste. The lady had talent. She was given a hard time by the trashy tabloids. Some of the comments I've read about her especially on internet music forums were obnoxious, but my general attitude is "if you can't say something good about someone, then don't say it at all". "To err is human. To forgive is divine". Thanks, flyra, & TTU soon...P

peskypesky said...

thank you. she was my favorite singer.

A.O.O.F.C said...

Hi,peskypesky! I liked her a lot. Pity she didn't leave a bigger musical legacy. Thanks. TTU soon...P