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The Brew (UK)

The Brew (UK) - The Brew - 2006 - Blues Matters Records

Here’s what the Media and Radio have said about The Brew:-

Voted “Best Band 2006/7” – Its Only Rock n Roll Magazine

“it is impossible to give it justice through mere words alone, … they produced a sensational performance. William Shakespeare would struggle to descried the effect the freshness and power this band achieve and deliver to their audience, I can say no more, awesome” - Keep Music Live Magazine Leeds 10/07

We reckon a couple of years time, Jason will be in the UK’s top ten guitarists and Kurtis in the Top Ten Drummers” - Its only Rock n Roll magazine

"these are possibly the youngest artists ever to be given a headline spot at Clarence Park Free Festival! They have an electrifying Jimmy Page - style performance with Hendrix-inspired stunts an awe-inspiring mixture! Already tipped for the big time this is a great chance to see a couple of musicians that have a very promising future"! - BBC Radio 1

"The power of this Trio has to be seen to be believed" - BBC Radio 2

The Applause was so great they were asked to return the next day and play again. My personal opinion is that they out shone any other band at Rock N Blues and that includes main stage… Rock n Blues Show, Derby July 2006 … Its only Rock N Roll Magazine

"Roof Raising finale" - BBC Radio Aire

“One of their own numbers played in the Style of Jimi Hendrix and Stevie Ray Vaughan, was nothing short of Brilliant!” - Its only Rock n Roll magazine

"Catch this Band as soon as you can" - Lincolnshire Today Magazine

"The musical skills of someone three times their age" - BBC Bradford & West Yorkshire

I'll stick my neck out and say within 3 or 4 years time they will be the best 3 piece to come out of the UK in the last 20 or so years... Rock n Roll Magazine

A Grade A album from the highly regarded English blues rock/psychedelic rock trio, The Brew, from Grimsby, England. These guys have received some great reviews and are playing mostly self-penned songs in the 60's and 70's style of artists like Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix, and also in the blues rock style of the late SRV. This young band play like seasoned veterans, and are light years ahead of many of the "blues rock posers" around today. Jason Barwick is a hugely talented guitarist, and is going to be a major force in rock music. Buy The Brew's acclaimed "A Million Dead Stars" album, and support real music


01 - For You Pt.1 01:57
02 - Better Man 03:37
03 - New Day 02:59
04 - Newlands 03:45
05 - Chased To Ground 04:35
06 - The Prowler 03:39
07 - Maybe Next Time 03:48
08 - Talking To You 03:37
09 - Mermekes 06:10
10 - For You Part 2 02:42
11 - Dear Boy 04:35 [Bonus]

All songs composed by The Brew


Jason Barwick - Lead guitar, vocals
Tim Smith - Bass guitar, vocals
Kurtis Smith - Drums, vocals


The-Brew is a British blues and rock band consisting of a father, his son and another child. They were voted "best band" 2006/7 by "its only Rock & Roll" magazine (the magazine of the rolling stones fanclub. The band was described by rock critic Michael Arens as "earthy, fertile, and sometimes wonderfully grainy" and creating "flawless rock" with a "touch of Psychedelic,"and described by RockTimes critic Joachim 'Joe' Brookes as a "bridge between the sixties and seventies". Though often named a modern blues band, The Brew have evolved far beyond the restrictions of blues to become one of Europe's most prominent rock bands. Hailing from Grimsby (UK) the band draws inspiration from a wide range of influences, from the experimental psychedelic tunes of the '60s, to more contemporary artists on the rock scene. The band's extensive European tours have resulted in a massive underground following, which is just beginning to break into the mainstream as their fan-base rapidly increases. Appearances across national television and radio stations in Belgium, France, Germany, Poland, Spain and Holland have confirmed the band as one of Britain’s better known musical exports. In early July 2007, The Brew headlined the Maasboulevard Festival in Holland and were invited back to perform in 2008. They were described there at the end of the gig by their Dutch hosts as ‘The father, the son and holy spirit!’ for their sensational performance. In 2006, The Brew were such a success at The Rock ‘n’ Blues Custom Show at Pentrich, Derbyshire, they were asked not only to do a second gig by the organisers on the following day on the Centre Stage, something not heard of in this events 25 year history, they were then booked to return in 2007. Pentrich, Rock ’n’ Blues regularly attracts some 45,000 people every year and Saturday, July 28 2007, The Brew headlined on the Cross Piston Stage and were an outstanding success, taking a double encore from the audience. The Brew, in August 2007, performed on The British Stage at the UK’s biggest R’n’B festival in Colne, and once again on the day were the only band to receive double encores. In 2008 they headlined the festival on the Sunday, on the British stage. They have played alongside some of the Worlds leading Rock bands past and present and continue to tour extensively across the world. Recently The Brew completed a 2hour Live Set for the national Belgium Radio Station, Classic 21 and were filmed by National France TV 2, for their performance at this years Festival in France, Le Blues Autour Du Zinc. They have performed at the National Classic 21 Radio Station, RTBF Showcase Festival in Brussels,one Belgium’s Premier festivals. Reaching number two in the USA iTunes Blues Download Chart in August 2007 provided even more evidence that the world is ready for the band. Recently, the latest album, "The Joker" reached number 16 in the Popular Album Charts in Poland and number 15 in The blues Album Charts in the same country. In 2009 The Brew received national recognition throughout Germany when their performance at Rockpalast Festival was broadcast across the country and beyond, on WDR TV. A MILLION DEAD STARS: In 2009 The Brew returned to the recording studio and the result, A Million Dead Stars, was released January 2010. The album was produced by legendary British producer Chris West and released by Jazzhaus Records. Since its release the trio have toured the breadth of Europe extensively and headlined dozens of festivals across the continent.


The Brew are one of the most sensational bands the UK has seen since the heyday of 60’s Rock. They have played every major Rock/Blues and Rhythm and Blues festival in the UK and continue to clock up success after success everywhere they perform. Voted ‘Best Band 2006/07’ by ‘It’s Only Rock n’ Roll magazine and to be found regularly making the top thirty hits for bands on myspace. BBC Radio1 has said of them, “Already tipped for the big time this is a great chance to see a couple of musicians that have a very promising future” and BBC Radio 2, The power of this Trio has to be seen to be believed”. The Brew play their own self-penned material with a flavour of Hendrix, Zeppelin and Kula Shaker along with their own interpretations of some classics by the afore mentioned masters. The Brew are a trio, consisting of guitarist Jason Barwick (18), who shows all the makings of being a fusion of the talents of Hendrix, Page and Stevie Ray Vaughan and is tipped to be one of the UK top ten guitarists. His talent has to be seen to be believed, he plays with the maturity, fluidity and clarity of those three times his age. With Jason all you need to know is that when Hendrix first appeared his entire fellow guitarists had up their playing to compete, Jason does the same with another generation. Kurtis Smith (19), the band’s drummer, nicked-named already the ‘The Bruce Lee Of The Drum Kit’ and is a worthy successor to the thrones of Bonham and Moon and again tipped to be one of the UK’s top drummers. Not only the band’s power-house but his solo performance on Led Zeppelin’s ‘Moby Dick’, is a master class demonstration of drumming technique and is truly mesmerising! Last but not least is Tim Smith, vocalist and bass guitarist with the band. Tim not only provides top class vocals but through his bass playing and mentoring, bonds this sensational band into a very tight unit. In 2006, they headlined on the Friday on The Cross Piston Stage at The Rock ‘n’ Blues Custom Festival at Pentrich, Derbyshire. The Brew were such a success that organisers asked them to return on the next day to Centre Stage to perform for a second time, something unknown in the history of this 25 year old festival. The event regularly attracts some 45,000 people every year. They have been invited back again this year to headline on the Cross Piston Stage. Mid-July 2007 they will play and headline at the prestigious Maasboulevard Festival in Holland. In August 2007, they will perform at the UK’s biggest R’n’B festival in Colne and then start a UK tour in the autumn and European tour in November. The Brew are not to be missed, they are the bright future for the British music scene! The Brew are signed to International and Awarding winning magazine ‘Blue Matters’ record label. [© administrator Sunday, 31 October 2010 07:31 Last Updated on Monday, 15 November 2010 12:58] © youscene 2011 All rights reserved.© http://bluesfactory.pl/index.php/en/component/content/article/49-the-brew.html


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