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John Ussery

John Ussery - Cryin’ and Screamin’ - 2000 - Full Tilt Records

This disc presents a strong case that John Ussery is among the very best of today's crop of Texas bluesmen. © Bob Cianci, Blues Access Magazine, Spring, 2000

Ussery's decision to pick up the guitar in 1990 after putting it down 15 years began one of the blues world's remarkable modern comebacks. © Michael Cote, Blues Revue Magazine, April, 2000

Ussery's in fine form, playing some excellent guitar in arrangements that are not as guitar-heavy as might be expected. © Rooster Pick's, Blues Access, Spring, 2000

Right up front I give this CD a (6) Harp Salute. These fellows get down and dig in the dirt. If you like your bluz and boogie raunchy, done with feeling and from fellas that are the real thing, then you have a full course menu with this band. This is the first time I have ever changed my rating on a CD in the review itself. I now give John Ussery's new CD "Cryin' and Screamin'" a (6 1/2) Harp Salute. My Highest rating. This is a must have effort, full of grit and very infectious music that moves ya mentally and physically. © Steve "Big Daddy Bluzharp" Harvell

John Ussery has become one of my favorite Texas blues guitarists, and this is his second CD released in the space of a year. Cryin' and Screamin' contains healthy doses of Ussery's blazing blues guitar and soulful vocals, both untouched by rock influences. His originals tunes brim with enthusiasm and the true spirit of the blues and the effective horn arrangements push the music to greater heights. John Ussery deserves a much wider audience, and with this superlative offering, he just might get it. Five stars! © Bob Cianci, Blues Access

This has become one of my favorite CDs - after repeated listenings I still enjoy listening to it regularly -- all the time! (was released in 1999). There is no wasted space here, every song is good - good music, good words, and excellent instrumental tracks that have one of the best mixes I have ever heard, ever. If you listen closely you can observe how well the vocal and instrumental tracks blend superbly -- one of the most professionally crafted mixes I've heard. John is a seasoned professional (I didn't know this until I read his bio) and it really shows here. This is a quality recording. John's songs will appeal to a larger audience than just "the Blues" or even "Texas Blues". The same goes for his other recent CD, "Gettin' Lucky". You can't go wrong buying this CD. You'll be humming the tunes in your head the next day. This is good music, good Blues. Well done. - Posted by & © Anonymous, on 2001-03-25, © http://www.music-city.org/John-Ussery/Cryin&039;-and-Screamin&039;-360172/

In 1998, after a 15 year lay off, Ussery made a comeback with his stand out release "Gettin' Lucky". His follow up "Cryin' and Screamin'" is every bit as good, if not better. This is texas blues with a soulful feel added by an air tight rhythm band complete with tenor sax. Check out the James Brown flavored "I've Been Pickin' Em' Up" or the foot tapping "I'm Your Man". It is apparent from his guitar playing that he has learned alot from the three Kings (Freddie, Albert and BB) over the years. A CD this good makes you ask, what if he had continued to make music over the last 15 years? Hopefully, he's back for a long time. Highly recommended! Posted by & © Anonymous, on 2001-04-11, © http://www.music-city.org/John-Ussery/Cryin&039;-and-Screamin&039;-360172/

Great, unpretentitious, laid back, guitar based, contemporary Texas blues. Mark Goodwin plays terrific Hammond, and the great horn section is often reminiscent of the horn arrangements used by artists like T- Bone Walker, and even Blood Sweat & Tears. John's career started at the age of 14 playing in honkytonks, juke joints, and and blues bars. He played with many of the blues greats, including Delaney Bramlett, B.B. King, Albert Collins, Eric Burdon and the Animals, Jimmy Witherspoon, and John Lee Hooker. There are many great musicians who have played in the shadow of the artists mentioned and many other artists. This can lead to some terrific musicians remaining in relative obscurity. Not everybody reads the credits on albums! Guys like John Ussery have been playing the blues for many years, keeping the great blues tradition alive, and deserve much greater credit for their work. Buy John's "Ussery" album, and support real blues music. "Cryin’ and Screamin’" is HR by A.O.O.F.C


1 Ain’t You Too Cruel
2 Cryin’ and Screamin’
3 Did You Ever Love a Woman
4 I Been Pickin’ Em Up
5 I’m Your Man
6 Life Is a Bitch
7 My, My Baby, Bye, Bye
8 One More Shot of Tears
9 Somebody’s Lovin’ My Woman
10 You Lose

All songs composed by John Ussery


John Ussery - Guitar, Electric Guitar, Vocals
Kelly Donnelly - Bass
Mark Goodwin - Hammond Organ, Keyboards
Arthur "Bam-Bam" Latin - Drums, Snare Drums
John Mills - Tenor Sax, Horn Arrangements
Keith Winking - Trumpet
Stan Ruffo - Harmonica


John Ussery began playing guitar in the mid-fifties. Between then and 1974 he played and/or recorded for John Lee Hooker, Jimmy Witherspoon, Eric Burdon and the Animals, Delaney and Bonnie, and numerous others. Ussery's been around awhile and his latest CD "Cryin' and Screamin'" shows a player comfortable with his playing (as well he should be), and who's comfortable with the blues. Ussery did some recordings with his band Locomotive back in '69 (MGM Records), and cut a solo LP, "USSERY" (Mercury Records) in '74. Shortly after, he left the music business before returning in 1991. John's been playing in and around the Austin, TX area while working on his own and others' projects. His return to playing and writing music "Blues" is marked with a vengence with the 1998 release of (Real Blues) Award-winning title "Gettin' Lucky" and the 2000 release of "Cryin' and Screamin'" (Living Blues) Top 25 two months running. Ussery is a wonderful and imaginative soloist. Listen to the double-stop string-bending heaven on a horn-driven "My, My Baby, Bye, Bye" to the very imaginative soloing on the slow blues of "Did You Ever Love A Woman". In fact, if you'd like to add some licks to your arsenal that aren't cliches heard from every other blues player, the last cut on the CD will help. - John Heidt, Vintage Guitar Magazine. Ussery is a no-nonsense blues player that has a great feel for pretty much any kind of blues as well as writing, arranging, and playing. John was glad to be invited to Heritage Guitars as an Artist and absolutely loves his H150-cm. Having played and owned many fine guitars in his life Ussery has this to say about his Heritage: John Ussery: My H150 has that sound you look for .. absolutely incredible! And the guys at Heritage really take pride in getting it right. I can't even begin to recall all the people that have picked up and played my 150 and they all say the same thing.."Is it for sale?" Or "listen to the tone and man what a feel!" You play this guitar un-plugged and just marvel at the sound and sustain. What a great guitar! I just love it. In the past few years, Ussery has been writing Blues and Christian songs while playing at his church in Georgetown, TX. He has just recently been asked to join a Bluegrass Christian band called Sealed and Armored and is looking forward to contributing all he can. In the new song department, John just recently co-wrote a song with Blind Pig recording artist "Hamilton Loomis" from Houston, TX. John is a Heritage artist and endorses Heritage Guitars © http://www.johnussery.com/index.php?pr=Biography


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Danneau said...

Bought both of the most current CD's years ago. Would love to hear more, but John seems reluctant to get back in the studio. Had a guestbook conversation with him a few years back: he's remarkably accessible and seems a great guy. I'll keep looking out for his next effort. Meanwhile, I'll maybe scratch around to see if I can locate some of the stuff mentioned in his bio. Thanks.

Danneau said...

Funny how Ussery has cropped up on a couple of sites about the same time. I bought this and "Screamin' and Cryin'" after hearing one of his tunes on an NPR station in the Northwest and was not at all disappointed. I went looking for other Ussery stuff without much success, and even had a bit of a guestbook conversation with John on his site (accessible guy, seemingly very kind and obliging) but no new stuff that I can see. Too bad. I love his playing, singing and ethos. Thanks for putting this in front of people's ears.

A.O.O.F.C said...

Thanks, gp, my friend. I hope you are well?...P.

A.O.O.F.C said...

Hi,Danneau. I hadn't noticed him appearing on other blogs. I suppose it depends on the blogs you visit. I was looking at a forum where John was answering questions with genuine interest. Obviously he's a very approachable guy. The only other album I've heard by John is his "Ussery" album, and I liked that one. I would like to hear more of his music, and I will dig a little deeper! Thanks, Danneau, & TTU later...P.

Anonymous said...

I can't download from that binverse.... ;(

A.O.O.F.C said...

Another crap file host sunk. I have not got this album to upload anymore. Can anybody please provide a working link?..Thanks

terry robbins said...

Hi Paul (A.O.O.F.C),

I saw your post about my good friend John Ussery. If you would like to know more about John, I am happy to give you an update.
Here's a huge reason why John disappeared in 2008 and has not been seen since!
Re: John's connection with Hamilton Loomis....... I do all of Hamilton Loomis International management activities. I was the one who introduced John to Hamilton. John was so impressed with Hamilton that John wrote 3 new songs (music) for Hamilton. Hamilton liked "Legendary" so much that Hamilton recorded it "twice". First in Hamilton's 2007 Blind Pig release "Ain't Just Temporary" and then on Hamilton's next "live" 2009 release "Live in England".

You can email me at Terry@RTEartists.com for additional information.

Best of the blues to Ya.....Terry

A.O.O.F.C said...

Hi Terry. Thanks for info! Cheers..Paul