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Emergency - Get Out Of The Country - 1973 - Brain

Hanus Berka (sax) from Prague came to Germany in the mid-sixties. He settled in Munich and formed Emergency in late 1970. In 1973, Emergency recorded "Get Out Of The Country." The band was composed of Berka, Peter Bischof (vocals), Richard Palmer-James (guitar, ex-Supertramp and lyricist for the early King Crimson), Jerzy Ziembrowski (bass), Veit Marvos (keyboards, ex-2066 & Then), Martin Harrison (percussion) and Bernd Knaak (drums). This line-up is open to correction. Bischof was a "soul-ish" vocalist, and this album is a mixture of soul, funk rock, and jazz, and is quite good. It is very reminiscent of the great jazz rock band, Blood Sweat & Tears. The band had previously recorded two albums with CBS, "Emergency" in 1971, and "Entrance" in 1972. They recorded two more albums for Brain in 1974, and 1975, "No Compromise," and "Gold Rock." I would love to have more information on this band, and a more detailed description of "Get Out Of The Country," especially the exact line-up. Please send your info to A.O.O.F.C


A1.I Know What's Wrong - Marvos/Palmer-James (5:40)
A2.Jeremiah - Berka/Palmer-James (6:00)
A3.Take My Hand - Schnetzer/Bischof (5:30)
A4.Confessions - Palmer-James (4:00)

B1.Early In The Morning - Bischof (3:20)
B2.The Flag - Berka/Palmer-James (3:58)
B3.Little Marie - Marvos/Palmer-James (3:40)
B4.Get Out To The Country - Berka/Dennison,Berka (12:00)


Bass, Double Bass - Yerzy Ziembrowski
Drums, Percussion - Bernd Knaak
Guitar, Vocals - Richard Palmer-James [ ex-Supertramp, ]
Lead Vocals, Timbales, Percussion - Peter Bischof
Organ, Synthesizer, Electric Piano [Fender], Piano, Keyboards [Mellotron], Piano [Grand] - Veit Marvos [ex-2066 & Then ]
Saxophone [Soprano, Tenor, Baritone], Flute, Fender Piano, Mellotron - Hanus Berka

Does anybody know if the following musicians played on this album ? - Guitar, Bass - Frank Diez, Piano - Ralf Toursel, Bass - Hans Stoer, & Percussion - Martin Harrison
(Comments appreciated)