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Fabulous Thunderbirds & Stevie Ray Vaughan & Double Trouble

Fabulous Thunderbirds & Stevie Ray Vaughan & Double Trouble -Two (Vaughan) Hearts Are Better Than One - 1992 - Red Line Records (Italy)

Great album from many master bluesmen, recorded live during the annual T-Birds Festival at the State Fair Coliseum, Dallas, Texas on 31/3/86 (160 Kbps). Please make allowances for sound quality, and the fade-out on some tracks.


1) TEAR IT UP - 3:53 - K.Wilson/J.Vaughan
2) WHY GET UP - 4:15 - B.Carter/R.Ellsworth
3) MY BABE - 3:23 - R. Holden
4) TUFF ENUFF - 3:32 - T-Birds
5) PRETTY BABY - 4:33 - K.Wilson
6) HOW DO SPELL LOVE - 3:19 - M.Boxley/J.Strickland
7) ONE'S TOO MANY - 4:20 - K.Wilson/N.Lowe
8) I BELIEVE I'M IN LOVE - 4:38 - K.Wilson
9) POWERFULL STUFF - 4:44 - J.Vaughan
10)SHE'S TUFF - 7:44 - Jerry McCain
11)RUNNIN' SHOES - 4:04 - Weldon Bonner
12)LOOK AT THAT - 6:13 - T-Birds
13)LOOKING OUT THE WINDOW - 2:07 - D.Bramhall
14)LOOK AT LITTLE SISTER - 4:11 - H.Ballard
15)PRIDE AND JOY - 4:29 - S.R.Vaughan
16)CHANGE IT - 4:22 - D.Bramhall
17)COME ON - 4:27 - E.King
18)LOVE STRUCK BABY - 3:15 - S.R.Vaughan


Tracks 1/12 by Fabulous Thunderbirds who are -
Jimmie Vaughan - Guitar
Kim Wilson - Vocals & Harmonica
Keith Ferguson - Bass
Mike Buck - Drums
Chuck Leavell - Acoustic Piano
with Stevie Ray Vaughan - Guitar & Vocals on Track 12

Tracks 13/18 by Stevie Ray Vaughan & Double Trouble who are -
Stevie Ray Vaughan - Guitar & Vocals
Chris Layton - Drums
Tommy Shannon - Bass


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xpto4545 said...

I am a true lover of the Vaughan family. I have all the DVD's that I have found of SRV's shows (my favorite is "Live at the Mokambo"). And I think that Jimmie is a true, genuine bluesman that deserved more credit, but the aura created by the myth of Stevie has overshadowed all the works of Jimmie.
Thanks a lot for letting me have this album, let's hope that the links stay alive for a long time now.
Regards, Mario.

A.O.O.F.C said...

Hi, Mario. Stevie Ray was a stupendous guitarist, and he released a lot of stuff in his short life. I love his music, and he does overshadow other artists including his brother Jimmie. I will do my best to promote other Vaughan members' works. Thanks for great comment. TTU soon