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Tetragon - Nature - 1971 - Soma

The group from Northern Germany was previously known as the Trikolon, who had once released an album of organ led garage rock. For the Tetragon album they also added a guitar player. The album is an extreme mix of instrumental progressive rock, (only title song has vocals), with elements of blues, Miles Davis type jazz, and even classical music. (First track is a fugue by BACH). It is very reminiscent of the early ELP, and The Nice sound. The album is very good, and is quite listenable. The tracks are well played by very talented musicians. An unusual album from the seventies, but full of quality, and very accessable. A.O.O.F.C would appreciate more info on this group and album.


01. Fugue 15:59
02. Jokus 0:19
03. Irgendetwas 5:58
04. A Short Story 13:38
05. Nature 7:41
06. Doors In Between 14:16 [ Bonus track on 2001 CD release on Musea label ]


Hendrik Schaper – Organ,clavinet,Cembalet,piano,vocals
Jürgen Jaehner – Electric and acoustic guitar
Rolf Rettberg – Bass
Joachim Luhrmann – Drums.


Cevn said...

Aloha from Hawaii! I've been looking for this one, as the vinyl I have got warped and is unplayable. Thanks to you, I can go 'reeling in the years' and enjoy this rarity again! Great blog, keep up the sharing and remember that debils/deleters cause pain to others only because they living in self-inflicted pain themselves...they're more miserable on the inside than any of us would ever want to be. Much love!

A.O.O.F.C said...

Aloha to you to cevn! Thanks for comment. Enjoy the album. It's a good one. I don't bother with those zombie deleters any more. As you say, they must have a sad existence and need to get a life. A.O.O.F.C will go on regardless. Please keep in touch with me and much love to you too!

bulfrog said...

hi a.o.o.f.c., here i'm again with a dead link, will you please re-post, thanks

A.O.O.F.C said...

Cheers,bulfrog! Try


& Thanks