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Groundhogs - Extremely Live - 1988 - Spm Germany

This is a brilliant German-only 11-trk CD. The album was originally entitled "Hogs on the Road," and issued as a double 17 track CD in 1988 on the Demi Monde label. It had six more tracks than this CD reissue, (Garden , Split Part One, Light My Light, Me And The Devil, Split II, & Mistreated). It was also issued in 1993 with a Bonus DVD. Any info on these recordings would be very welcome. It is one of the best live recordings from the Groundhogs. The Groundhogs began in 1964, when Tony McPhee and Pete Cruikshank formed John Lee's Groundhogs to back John Lee Hooker on a British tour. They released the great blues album, Blues Obituary, in 1969. After that, they became more heavy prog rock orientated, and, starting with 1970's Thank Christ For The Bomb, they had three Top Ten albums during the early Seventies. The Groundhogs never achieved the status of many far less talented bands, but they are a very important part of psychedelic / blues / progressive rock. Check out Tony McPhee's 1973 "Two Sides of Tony McPhee " album, and The Groundhog's great 1972 album, "Who Will Save the World? The Mighty Groundhogs." There is more info on The Groundhogs, & Tony McPhee's "Foolish Pride" album @ MCP/FP/GH/INFO


01. Express Man.
02. Stange Town.
03. Eccentric Man.
04. 3744 James Road.
05. I Want You To Love Me.
06. Spilt Part Four.
07. Back Against The Wall.
08. Soldier.
09. Waiting In Shadows.
10. Groundhog Blues.
11. Cherry Red.


Dave Anderson - Bass
Mick Jones - Drums
Tony McPhee - Guitar, Vocals

This 1988 live album by the Hogs was recorded "somewhere" in Germany in December 1987


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