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Jake Jewell

Jake Jewell - Lonely Nights - 1998 - Tri-Tron

Great album with searing guitar, powerful vocals, and really strong horn blowing. Jake Jewell and his band does a terrific job in covering many blues classics using a blend of hometown blues and jump boogie.This brilliantly constructed album gives a new interpretation to some of the great blues standards, and demonstrates how great the blues can be, when played from a new angle. A superb album which really gets down to the nitty gritty of what the blues is all about. Check out more albums in this genre and KEEP THE BLUES ALIVE !!


1 Lonely Nights - Jake Jewell
2 A New Way to Sing the Blues - Jake Jewell
3 Every Day I Have the Blues - Peter Chatman
4 To Know You Is to Love You - Stevie Wonder/Syreeta Wright
5 Woke up This Morning - King/Ryley
6 Got My Mojo Working - McKinley Morganfield
7 You Don't Have to Go - J.Reed
8 (I'm Your) Hoochie Coochie Man - Willie Dixon
9 Sweet Home Chicago - Trad.
10 Long Distance Call - McKinley Morganfield
11 Dust My Blues - Robert Johnson
12 Talk in Your Sleep - Arr. by Jake Jewell


MO JO BUFORD -HARP [ Was once harmonica player for Muddy Waters]
ROB STUPKA-DRUMS [Has played with Chuck Rainey, Luther Allison, Bo Diddley, John Lee Hooker, & Long John Baldry]
JOHN LINDBERG-BASS [ Has played with Bo Diddley, Earl King, John Lee Hooker, & Otis Clay]
WALLY WALLSTEAD-GUITAR [ An exceptional guitarist, Wally has played with everybody, including Jack McDuff, Eddie Lovejoy, Tom Jones, & Mojo Buford]
STEVEHAGMAN -PIANO [ Has played with the great Isaac Hayes, & Ricki Hendricks]
RANDY GRIST-TRUMPET [Has played with The Temptations, & The Lettermen]
RICK ODELL-SAX [ Has worked with Bonnie Raitt, & toured with The Rolling Stones]


Lonely Nights - Written by Jake. Memphis sound with exceptional trumpet and sax. Truly a lonely feel, especially in Jake's voice - from the heart. A New Way To Sing The Blues- another original from Jake. Memphis style again. Exceptional trumpet and saxophone again, but a very different feel this time - a joyous feel, a joyous blues - a new way indeed! Every Day I have The Blues- written by Memphis Slim, covered by so many.... but this "cover" is distinctive in its treatment, especially the inflection in the vocal, a distinctive guitar solo by Jake and the drums drive harder than any other version I've heard before To Know You Is To Love You- fine guitar by Jake again.... super piano - tasty horns Woke Up This Morning (My Baby Was Gone) - SOLID horns, Memphis sound again, but maybe a touch of Delta in Jake's voice this time. A plaintive "don't you want a man like me" echoed in a fine piano ending. (I Got My) Mojo Working - how about some Chicago now? That's Mojo Buford playing harp on the song that gave him his name. Buford has changed it a little since he played it behind the Muddy one. (Hey Baby) You Don't Have to Go - Chicago again. Jake proves that he has done his homework and Buford proves again he can still blow Chicago harp Hoochie Coochie Man - In case you thought Jake and Mojo could only do it twice Sweet Home Chicago - you've heard this one featuring the harp enough, so this version features sax, piano, and Jake on guitar, Fun! Long Distance Call - Did you think that Jake and Mojo would shrink from doing Muddy's best known tune? Buford has again changed his harp line enough to keep it fresh. Love the piano! Dust My Broom- from Robert Johnson to Elmore James to Jake Buford.... as strong as ever (If You) Talk In Your Sleep - hesitation rhythm, haunting, compelling.... a sparse sound give this drummer a raise! My favorite cut! [ Review © Lester Galt (Upper Mississippi Blues Society) www.geocities.com/bloonmpls/home.html]


California veteran bluesman, Jake Jewell, who now hails from Minneapolis , Mn, combines a unique blend of jump, boogie, and down-home country blues that captures the pure essence of the true originators of the blues. Jewell honed and carved his blues guitar sound and Delta edged vocals by refusing to compromise his music, playing for 10 bucks a night in the handful of Twin Cities blues clubs which existed in the sixties and seventies. Demoralized by the local music scene, Jewell decided to relocate to San Francisco, which seemed to be a better option than playing in clubs where there seemed to be no future. The relocated bluesman earned his way through college by working in the studio, and gigging with various R&B groups like Joe Tex, Sly Stone, the Imperials, B.B.King, James Brown and Muddy Waters. Jewell then decided to move on to L.A where he attended UC-Northridge. There he met and studied under such greats as Joe Pass, Howard Roberts, Kenny Burrell and Phil Upchurch. These great jazz players were a major influence on Jewell, adding to his blues bag. Having served his apprenticeship on stage and in the studio as a sideman, Jake has finally chosen to step into the spotlight, self-producing his own blues CD. He returned to the Minneapolis area, where the blues has enjoyed a great resurgence of popularity in recent years, and assembled some of the best blues musicians for a memorable session. The results speak for themselves. Listen up, folks! [ From CD notes ]


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