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BBM (Baker, Bruce, & Moore)

BBM (Baker, Bruce, & Moore) - Around The Next Dream - 1994 - Capitol/Virgin Records (USA)

Bassist Jack Bruce, amd drummer Ginger Baker, former Cream members, joined guitarist Gary Moore in 1994 for this album, which has great prog rock and hard-rocking blues elements. "Waiting in the Wings," is slightly reminiscent of "White Room," but this is no bad thing, and the album has some great tracks played by three modern day blues rock masters. Bruce's voice is good, and his and Baker's blues instrumental work, while not in the Cream class, is competent, and Clapton's stand in, Gary Moore is Grade A. A very good album that should be listened to on it's own merits, and not compared to Cream.


"Waiting in the Wings" (Gary Moore/Jack Bruce) -3:42
"City of Gold" (Gary Moore/Jack Bruce/Kip Hanrahan) -3:57
"Where in the World" (Gary Moore/Jack Bruce) -5:23
"Can't Fool the Blues" (Gary Moore/Jack Bruce/Kip Hanrahan) -5:15
"High Cost of Loving" (Alan Jones/Sherwin Hamlett) -5:14
"Glory Days" (Gary Moore/Ginger Baker/Jack Bruce) -4:23
"Why Does Love (Have to Go Wrong)" (Gary Moore/Ginger Baker/Jack Bruce) -8:47
"Naked Flame" (Gary Moore) -6:06
"I Wonder Why (Are You Mean to Me)" (Albert King) -5:00
"Wrong Side of Town" (Gary Moore) -4:00


Jack Bruce - vocals, cello, keyboards, bass
Ginger Baker - drums, percussion
Gary Moore - vocals, guitar
Morris Murphy - trumpet
Tommy Eyre - keyboards
Arran Ahmun - drums (played drums in place of Baker on "Where In The World". )
Morris Murphy - (trumpet on "Glory Days" )


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