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Charles 'Hog' Hayes

Charles 'Hog' Hayes - Raw Blues! - 2007 - St. George Records

Charles Hayes is a terrific guitar player, as well as a great singer. He plays some devastating electric blues songs. His guitar-playing is razor-sharp and his sound rather dark but always moody. He is backed by a terrific band, including Rick Kreher on guitar. Charles Hayes learned blues while his dad played guitar with neighbour Washboard Sam. From his first pro gig backing up Sonny Boy Williamson, Charles has been playing hard edged guitar blues from Mississippi to California to Illinois. This album was recorded cut live in the studio in Chicago.


1. Wild About You Baby - Elmore James
2. Eyesight To The Blind - Rice Miller
3. That’s Alright - Othum Brown
4. Crosscut Saw - T.McClennan
5. Black Cat Bone - Paulus/Grimaldi
6. Blus King Mambo - Paulus/Grimaldi
7. Rattlesnake - Paulus/Grimaldi
8. Mouthful Of Gold - Paulus/Grimaldi
9. Highway 49 - C.Burnett
10. Crazy Women - Paulus/Grimaldi
11. Same Thing - W.Dixon
12. Milk Chocolate - Paulus/Grimaldi
13. Real Fine Mama - Hayes/Paulus/Grimaldi


Charles Hayes - vocals, lead guitar
Studebaker John - guitar, harp
JR. Kreher - rhythm guitar
Felton Crews - bass guitar
Willie Hayes - drums

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