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Cuby + Blizzards

Cuby + Blizzards - Travelling With The Blues - 1997 - Munich Records

This Dutch band have been around for over forty five years now, have recorded many albums, and undergone countless personnel changes, and are still rockin'. The band's nucleus is Harry Muskee (vocals) and Eelco Gelling (guitar) who originally formed the band back in 1964. The numbers on this CD give a good overview of Harry Muskee's blues career. Recorded Live during the Beaphar Blues Tour 1996-1997 at De Lantaarn, Hellendoorn, 31-1-1997 / 1-2-1997. Check out the band's comprehensive "Universal Masters Collection" album.


1 Another Day, Another Road
2 Just For Fun
3 Too Blind To See
4 Distant Smile
5 Appleknockers Flophouse
6 For Real
7 Somebody Will Know Someday
8 No News Is Good News
9 Brother Booze
10 Five Long Years
11 Travelling With The Blues
12 The Zoo
13 Hobo Blues


Bass - Herman Deinum
Drums - Hans La Faille
Guitar - Erwin Java
Harmonica - John Lagrand
Piano, Organ - Helmig van der Vegt
Saxophone [Guest] - Martien Stientstra
Trombone [Guest] - Arend Huisman
Trumpet [Guest] - Peter van Soest
Vocals - Cuby, aka Harry Muskee


Although unknown to the English-speaking market, Cuby & the Blizzards have been one of Holland's top blues bands since the mid-'60s. Some of their early singles had a beat/punk orientation, particularly "Stumble & Fall" and "Your Body Not Your Soul," both of which would be reissued on various Dutch beat compilations a few decades later. They quickly settled into a straighter blues groove, however. Their claims to fame in the larger rock/pop world are that they briefly backed Van Morrison in the gap between his departure from Them and the beginning of his solo career, although details of the association remain murky; also, at one point lead guitarist Eelco Gelling was asked to join John Mayall's Bluebreakers, although he declined. © Richie Unterberger, allmusic.com


This group from Grollo in Drente can be called a patriarch of the Dutch blues groups. The two frontmen, Harry "Cuby" Muskee (v, h, ex-Oldfashioned Jazzband) and Eelco Gelling (g), had already played together in the Rocking Strings (1962) and the Sharks (1963). Together with bassist Willy Middel and drummer Dick Beekman they played rock & roll in those early years. They changed their name into Cuby & Blizzards after adding guitarist Hans Kinds. Their first gig was set to take place at the Emmen zoological gardens, and soon the group became so popular, that they had to rush-produce their first recording, followed by a tour through Italy. The group's fame eventually spread throughout Europe and reached the shores of Albion. Also worth noting is that Eelco was asked to come and play with John Mayall's Bluesbreakers, and the group toured through the Netherlands with Van Morrison. They also recorded an LP together with the then-52-year old American bluesman Eddie Boyd, entitled, "Praise The Blues". Other memorable feats: the Edison that was presented to them by Wim Sonneveld for the LP "Desolation", a performance on the Grand Gala du Disque in 1968 and a visit by John Mayall to Cuby's little farm in Grollo. Apart from Harry and Eelco, who were present in the group continuously, the line-up was as follows: bassist Willy Middel was replaced in 1967 by Jaap van Eyck (ex-Blues Dimension, in 1969 to Focus). Drummer Dick Beekman left the group temporarily from 1966-67 to play in the Rodijs, and was replaced in that era by Hans Waterman (ex-René Five, later in Solution) and Peter de Leeuwe (ex-Bintangs, later in Ekseption), respectively. A keyboard player was added to Cuby in 1966, one Henk Hilbrandie, who then yielded that spot to Herman Brood (ex-Moans). Hans Kinds left the group in 1967, but was not replaced. In 1969, Harry, Eelco, Herman Deinum (b, ex-Blues Dimension), Helmig van der Vegt (o, p, ex-Blues Dimension) and Hans Lafaille (dr, ex-Blues Dimension). In 1972, after Hans and Herman departed to join Rob Hoeke's band, the group disbanded. Harry and Eelco remained musically active in the 70s, with their new project, the Red White & Blue Band, an outfit which re-billed itself as Cuby & Blizzards at the end of 1975. In 1975, when it turned out that the Red White & Blue Band wasn't quite working out, it was decided to reform Cuby & Blizzards, albeit in the new line-up: Harry, Eelco, Lou Leeuw (b, ex-Rocking Tigers), a succession of drummers: Herman van Boeyen (ex-Supersister, to Vitesse), Cesar Zuiderwijk (Golden Earring, temporary replacement) and Mels Bol (ex-Fontessa). On the LP, Frank Nuyens (g, ex-Q'65) and Robert-Jan Stips could be heard as well. Following the change of name, Frank and Piet de Leeuwe (o, p, ex-Child Of Nature and Toermalijn) completed the group. In 1976, the line-up was: Harry, Eelco, Charles van der Steeg (s, ex-Bintangs), Bernard Reinke (g, ex-Capital C), Jan Groenink (dr, ex-Shamrock) and Lou Leeuw (b). During the course of that year, Harry and Eelco parted ways: Eelco went on to tour with Golden Earring, and Harry continued on as the Harry Muskee Band with Bernard and Lou. Other members included: Martin van Dijk (o, p, ex-Parnassus, later in Werk In Uitvoering) and the aforementioned Jan Groenink (dr, to Shakey Sam). This band stayed together till 1979. But prior to its break-up, Bernard joined Phoney & Hardcore and was replaced by Ruud van As (g), Lou joined Nina Hagen Band and Phoney & Hardcore. In 1980, Harry re-emerged in the Muskee Gang with the following line-up: Hans Lafaille (dr, ex-Sweet d'Buster), Jan Holder (tr), Rudi van Dijk (s, ex-Flash & Dance Band and Farrago), Bas Munniksma (s, ex-Human Orchestra) and Cees v.d. Laarse (b, ex-Jan Akkerman, to Tao). Finally, the 1981 line-up : Hans Lafaille (dr), Herman Deinum (b), Paul Smeenk (g), all three ex-Sweet d'Buster members, Rudi van Dijk (s) and Jeff Reynolds (tr). © www.alexgitlin.com

CUBY + BLIZZARDS (Wikipedia)

Cuby & the Blizzards are a Dutch blues group that started in 1964. Right from the start they were a big hit in the Netherlands. This band is completely different from another Dutch band in the same time period, Peter & the Blizzards.In 1967 they toured with Van Morrison (in lieu of his band Them), played with Eddie Boyd, scored a hit with Window of my Eyes and received an Edison award. That year, John Mayall stayed at their farm and the next year they regularly played with the 'king of British blues' Alexis Korner. The line-up of the band changed regularly, but founders Harry Muskee (vocals) and Eelco Gelling (guitar) remained at the core of the band, despite regular unsuccessful attempts to form other bands. Herman Brood was the pianist shortly in 1967 (which kick-started his career) and again in 1976. The spelling of the name varies, with 'Cuby' also written as 'QB' and the ampersand (&) also written as 'and' or '+' and the 'and sometimes left out. The spelling 'Cuby + Blizzards' was used on the first albums. Late sixties line-up: - Harry Muskee, vocals, Eelco Gelling, guitar, Herman Deinum, bass guitar, Hans Lafaille, drums, Helmig van der Vegt, piano