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Gallagher & Lyle

Gallagher & Lyle - The Last Cowboy - 1974 - A&M

‘The Last Cowboy’ was another commercial flop for Benny Gallagher , & Graham Lyle. It's a very much underrated album from the great Scottish folk rock duo. There are ten good songs on this sadly, forgotten album. "King Of The Silents" is just one of the great tracks on the album. Benny Gallagher, & Graham Lyle never truly got the credit they so richly deserved for their musicianship and brilliant songwriting. Try and listen to the duo's "Seeds" album, which is another neglected album from two of the greatest somgwriters ever to emerge from Britain. Search this blog for more Gallagher & Lyle releases.


A1 Keep The Candle Burning (3:03)
A2 Song And Dance Man (3:40)
A3 Acne Blues (2:40)
A4 I'm Amazed (3:45)
A5 King Of The Silents (3:08)

B1 Rain (3:02)
B2 We (3:22)
B3 Mhairu (2:47)
B4 Villain Of The Peace (4:16)
B5 The Last Cowboy (3:10)

All songs composed by Benny Gallagher , & Graham Lyle


Benny Gallagher - Guitar, Vocals
Graham Lyle - Guitar, Vocals
Billy Livsey - Piano on A1
Bruce Rowland - Percussion, Drums
Jimmy Jewell - Saxophone


The pop duo phenomenon that spawned such acts as Simon & Garfunkel, Brewer & Shipley and Seals & Crofts was pre-dated by the duo formed by songwriters, guitarists and vocalists Benny Gallagher and Graham Lyle. Initially attracting attention as songwriters of Dean Ford & the Gaylords' single, "Mr. Heartbreak's Here Instead," Gallagher & Lyle went on to record as a duo and members of McGuinness Flint and Ronnie Lane's group, the Last Chance Band. Gallagher and Lyle continued to balance their performances and recordings as staff songwriters for the Beatles' Apple label, writing "Sparrow" and "International" for Mary Hopkin. The title track of their sixth duo album, Breakaway, was later covered by Art Garfunkel. Gallagher & Lyle first played together in Largos, a small town in Argyle, Scotland., near Glasgow. Relocating to London in 1967, the duo became full-time writers at Apple. Three years later, they joined with Tom McGuinness and Hughie Flint to form McGuinness Flint. Although they recorded two successful singles, "When I'm Dead and Gone" and "Malt and Barley Blues," the group disbanded in 1971. Recording their self-titled debut duo album for Capitol, Gallagher & Lyle switched to the A&M label by their second effort. Their first release on A&M, however, was a reissue of their debut album. In the spring of 1974, Gallagher and Lyle joined Ronnie Lane's Last Chance Band, remaining with the group until May 1974. The duo balanced their work with the band with additional duo albums, How Come and The Last Cowboy. They continued to record on their own following the breakup of the group. Breakaway was released in 1975, Love on the Airwaves in 1977 and Show Down in 1978. Switching to the Phonogram label, they recorded their final album, Lonesome No More in 1979. Following a tour to support the album, the duo went their seperate ways. Lyle continued to write, in collaboration with Terry Britten, reaching his peak with "What's Love Got to Do With It," covered by Tina Turner, and "Just Good Friends," recorded by Michael Jackson. © Craig Harris, All Music Guide


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