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Corey Sterling & Chris Aaron Band

Corey Sterling & Chris Aaron Band - Get Off - 2000 - Expressly Records

Get Off, the awesome third studio disc and follow-up to the rather excellent "Freedom 5 Miles" disc, features the outstanding talents of blues/rock axeslinger Chris Aaron and the ever-amazing, soulful/bluesy vocals of Corey Sterling (best known for his work with Kenny Wayne Shepherd). Both excellent, seasoned players in their own right who "shine" throughout. Includes nine tracks of first-rate, top-shelf, dynamic blues/rock riffage at its finest. Superb, hi-quality, bluesy guitar/vocal grooves that rise way above the norm. Get Off is a supreme blues/rock guitar, soul-powered vocal disc that is hightly recommended to fans of Stevie Ray Vaughan, Kenny Wayne Shepherd, Robin Trower, Indigenous, Walter Trout, Chris Duarte, Joe Bonamassa, Buddaheads, Craig Erickson, Tony Spinner, Scarlet Runner, Philip Sayce and other premium, top-shelf, blues/rock guitarists. And fans of the three previous awesome Chris Aaron discs: "Freedom 5 Miles", "Born With The Blues" and "Better Than Fiction" will definitely "get off" hard on this essential dose of bluesy heavy guitar magic. © 1996-2008 Guitar Nine Records All Rights Reserved

Terrific album of heavy blues/soul-powered guitar grooves, featuring the outstanding talents of the amazing blues rock guitarist, Chris Aaron and the killer vocals of Corey Sterling, who sang with Kenny Wayne Shepherd. If you love dynamite blues guitar riffs, and are into SRV, Walter Trout, or Tommy Castro, you will like this album. Buy the Chris Aaron Band's classic "Freedom 5 Miles" album. Check out the mighty American Standard (aka Chris Aaron Band ) "Better Than Fiction" album @ AS/CAB/BTF


1. So Excited - Freddie King
2. Get Off - Sterling, Miller, Aaron
3. Grain of Salt - Chris Aaron
4. Help Me - Williamson, Bass, Dixon
5. BlackBalled - Sterling, Aaron
6. Franklin's Tower - Grateful Dead
7. Peace Frog - The Doors
8. Mississippi Man - Sterling, Aaron
9. Mo Money - Chris Aaron


Corey Sterling - Vocals
Chris Aaron - Guitar
Matt Miller - Bass
Adam Henry - Keyboards
Dave Schoepke - Drums


Growing up on 60s and 70s music, Chris Aaron was honored to play with many of his idols: people like Ray Charles, George Thorogood, BB King, Libba Cotton, Buddy Guy, Keb Mo, Koko Taylor, Jimmie Vaughan, Jonny Lang, W.C. Clark, Pat MacDonald, and Jackson Browne. His distinctive music follows in the tradition of those who influenced him: BB King, Muddy Waters, John Lee Hook, W.C. Clark, Stevie Ray Vaughan and his studio mentor Chris Shepard. Chris' musical lineage can be traced geographically and historically through his family like finely woven threads. As a child he listened to music daily from a mom who was a songwriter and performer. She was a product of church hymns, folk music, the 60's explosion and the British Invasion, and passed the flavor of all that music to her son. Acoustic performers gave live concerts right in the house where he grew up. Even his grandfather was a jazz musician playing saxophone and singing with a big band. Music was as natural as breathing for the young Chris Aaron.Exposed to the ideals of a rich musical era, Chris heard live music at folk festivals and concerts, marches and environmental gatherings--places where music held the "happenin" together. Immersed in Native American music while his mom taught on the Menominee Reservation, Chris heard the powerful music of native drummers and saw and felt the exquisite dancing, color, and energy of the powwow. Chris absorbed that power and melded it, along with other musical flavors, into his own music. From the start, he worked to create a world honoring music and the people who make it and those who listen. While his musical heritage shows a plentiful past, Chris's music is all about the future. Full of soul and feeling and longing, Chris' music moves listeners forward. His singular goal is to write, play and produce music that is timeless and touching, eternal and enduring. Catch a Chris Aaron performance and you will be changed. © 2006 Abrahm Scull