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Sir George Martin (Beatles related)

Sir George Martin - The Record Producers, a BBC Radio 6 Broadcast 5.9.2009 - 2009 - Naughty Dog

If the re-release of the Beatle's Beatles Remastered Stereo and Mono 2009, rekindled interest in The Beatles, then this album is also interesting. It is a fascinating insight into the way that genius record producer Sir George Martin, invented new recording techniques to create the sounds on many of the Beatle's greatest songs, especially those from Sgt. Pepper, Abbey Road, and White albums. In this BBC programme, Richard Allinson and Steve Levine examine George Martin's work as a producer, and arranger, and investigate his technical, and innovative sound experiments. The album includes excerpts from the restored master tapes. Some of the Beatles greatest songs are heard in a completely new way. There is an amazing acoustic version of George Harrison's "Something", using different lyrics. With the latest 21st Century recording techniques, some of the Beatles original tracks have been "split" into individual parts, and heard here for the first time. George Martin talks about many aspects of the studio and recording processes, the albums Sgt Pepper and Abbey Road, and there is some amazing dialogue where George Martin explains how John Lennon was a perfectionist, and was never happy with the band's finished songs. John once told George Martin that if he had the chance, he'd re-record all the Beatles' songs again ! This is a hugely important album, and a must listen ! Thanks to JTT who captured and transferred the show and to eddiethecat for sharing the album on the WWW.


CD 1

1 Dialogue - Early Days
2 Dialogue - Brian Epstein - Love Me Do
3 Dialogue - Please Please Me
4 Dialogue - It Won't Be Long - Taxman
5 Dialogue - Yesterday - Rain
6 Dialogue - Rain - Paperback Writer - Tomorrow Never Knows
7 Dialogue - Penny Lane - Strawberry Fields Forever
8 Dialogue - Strawberry Fields Forever
9 Dialogue - Strawberry Fields Forever - Sergeant Pepper LHCB Intro.
10 Dialogue - Bring For The Benefit Of Mr.Kite - She's Leaving Home
11 Dialogue - A Day In The Life - No.9 Dream Intro

CD 2

1 Dialogue - Cry Baby Cry
2 Dialogue - Untitled song - Hey Jude
3 Dialogue - Get Back
4 Dialogue - Come Together
5 Dialogue - Because - Golden Slumbers - Carry That Weight
6 Dialogue - Something
7 Dialogue - Excerpts From The Love Album - The End


Sir George Martin
Richard Allinson, & Steve Levine
The Beatles


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