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Moss - Corporation Pop - 2002 - Pork Recordings

Moss is Mancunian flute and sax player Bernard Moss. He worked with a lot of bands in the Manchester area like: Kalima, Swamp Children, Sub Sub, A Certain Ratio and Mark Brydon's Cloud Nine. He has been a contributor to the Pork sty for many years (Moss moved to the Hull area for a couple of years), working on albums by Fila Brazillia, Bullitnuts, Solid Doctor, Leggo Beast and Baby Mammoth. He released his first solo material in 1998, with the Bullitnuts-produced 'Fly Ball EP'. 3 solo albums have been released on Pork Recordings so far. It's incredible how obscure the Pork Recordings catalogue is. Pork Recordings has been releasing excellent downbeat electronica for years now and this album is no exception.This 10-track release features the understated, jazzy chill-out sounds created by Bernard Moss.. Check out Heights Of Abraham, Baby Mammoth or Fila Brazillia for more original downtempo chill out grooves. Try and listen to Moss's follow-up, Stone Soup which is every bit as good as this album. There is info on Moss' "East Coast Chip Shop" album @ MOSS/ECCS Heights Of Abraham's wonderful downtempo classic "Humidity" album can be found @ HOA/HMY Search this blog for other Pork releases, and information about this amazing record label


01 Long Way From Nowhere (7:21)
02 The Bonze (5:51)
03 Wintergreen (6:46)
04 New Augur (6:30)
05 Ching (5:20)
06 Simplicity (5:21)
07 My Chimera (5:48)
08 Illuminate (7:40)
09 Pot Pixie (6:22)
10 June As November (5:16)


Hull's greatest import, Mancunian Bernard Moss, returns with his 3rd LP Corporation Pop. Having received much critical acclaim for his previous releases 'East Coast Chip Shop' and 'Stone Soup' our Bern wasn't about to rest on his laurels. The new LP expresses a rich variety of styles and moods though taken as a whole, is perhaps his most accessible to date. And by that we don't mean shoe-horned a girly vocal onto every track. From the thundering opener 'Long Way From Nowhere' to the simple beauty of 'June as November' each track is a quality example of all we hold dear at Pork. You can catch Bernard performing live in AIM's horn section for the tour starting mid-Oct. The Moss group will return to action shortly after and shiver me sausages, you can also hear the flute of Moss on Mr. Scruff's new LP Trouser Jazz. Corporation Pop is actually an old Mancunian term for tap water but the f@#ker is fresher than a mountain spring !' © 2006 Kudos Records Ltd

""launched without frills and fanfares, is a sure shot? it slots nicley alongside the finer jas=zz-meets-latin-meets-R&B-meets guitar-meets-world-meets-downtempo ventures this autumn. Now 'Corporation Pop' is there I'm wondering how I managed without it. 4/5 © Kate Wildblood (DJ Magazine)


Mike said...

Solid effort, though a bit too repetitious. On I think Track #6, 'Simplicity', he samples Bernard "Pretty" Purdie from Classic Albums ~ The Making of Aja which is unusual to hear.

A.O.O.F.C said...

Hi, Mike. This kind of Downtempo music samples many different tunes. Other Pork artists have sampled songs. I don't know if the original artists are aware of this! The Purdie "shuffle" is used to good effect. The album is repetitious, but that is another trait of this music genre. Repetition is not always boring, depending on the groove. Moss' "East Coast Chip Shop" is arguably a better album. Thanks for comment, and please keep in touch

Mike said...

I agree that repetition isn't always boring, such as with a good jazz improv or a killer groove of some sort. There needs to be something to back-up the repetition, an incentive to keep the listener occupied, unless the idea is for the music to sit in the background, hence BGM. However, given the fact that this artist is a big fan of SD, I would've expected him to borrow more of their traits for expanded, unusual chord changes and such but just ends up sounding more or less like most other artists in the same pocket, i.e. not enough identity. These days you need to do a little more to stand out.

gonzo said...

mmm my friends : is the link broken? if so: would it be possible to repost?

A.O.O.F.C said...

Try http://myzuka.ru/Album/434062/Bernard-Moss-Corporation-Pop-2002

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