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Kim Simmonds

Kim Simmonds - Struck By Lightning - 2004 - Panache

Kim Simmonds' outlet for his electric blues-rock remains the on-again off-again Savoy Brown. Therefore he uses his solo albums, of which this is the third, to elaborate on the acoustic Delta blues generally ignored by his full-time outfit. Unlike Eric Clapton, who has consistently returned to this unplugged music throughout his career, Simmonds seems driven to explore his acoustic blues roots only since 1997. Simmonds uses this outlet to play predominantly self-penned material, with a few obscure covers thrown in. Accompanied by subtle piano, bass, and drums, the guitarist/vocalist commands center stage with his dusky yet emotional, talk-sung vocals, somewhat like J.J. Cale. Simmonds' guitar work is consistently classy, substituting the flash and boogie impulses of his extensive work as leader of Savoy Brown with a more thoughtful, measured playing that perfectly fits these terrific folk-blues tunes. While the lyrics and subject matter aren't particularly revelatory, songs such as "My Home Is a Highway," "Like an Angel" (the requisite love song to his wife), and the title track (also repeated in its rawer demo version) sound like authentic Delta blues tracks from decades ago, even though they are newly written originals. Along with covers of Peetie Wheatstraw, Arthur Crudup, and most interestingly NRBQ's Terry Adams, the album is another successful, surprisingly low-key, and consistently earnest effort that should please those blues fans who feel Simmonds' tougher approach with Savoy Brown compromised his music with excess volume. © Hal Horowitz, allmusic.com

On "Struck By Lightning", Kim continues to create new and different music while keeping his blues roots imtact. He composed nine songs here, that showcase his guitar skills and lyrical expertise, creating a great album. Kim also covers "Ain't No Free" by Terry Adams, "Road Tramp Blues" by Pettie Wheatstraw, and "So Glad You're Mine" by Arthur "Big Boy" Crudup. Buy Kim's great "Blues Like Midnight" album. There is info on Savoy Brown's "Live At The Record Plant 1975" album @ http://overdoseoffingalcocoa.blogspot.com/2009/09/savoy-brown.html This link will also point you to other Savoy Brown albums, and if you get the time, listen to SB's great "Hellbound Train" album.


1 Struck by Lightning
2 Last Train Has Gone
3 The Truth Comes Out
4 Ain't No Free
5 Road Tramp Blues
6 So Glad You're Mine
7 My Home Is a Highway
8 Like an Angel
9 Don't Know Who to Talk to Anymore
10 Living in New York
11 Talking 'Bout New Orleans
12 Struck by Lightning Reprise

All songs composed by Kim Simmonds, except "Ain't No Free" by Terry Adams, "Road Tramp Blues" by Pettie Wheatstraw, and "So Glad You're Mine" by Arthur "Big Boy" Crudup


Kim Simmonds - Guitar, Vocals
Pat DeSalvo - Bass (Acoustic)
Mark Nanni - Piano
Dennis Cotton - Percussion, Drums


Kim Simmonds, born in Newbridge, Wales, in 1947, is considered a legendary blues guitarist by almost any musical standard. He has even been called one of the founding fathers of British blues by some. Besides his mastery with the guitar, he can hold his own with vocals, piano, harmonica, and even Dobro. The strength of his talent and his willingness to hang tough when weaker men would toss in the towel have carried him through more than three decades in the survive-if-you-can music business. Thanks to an older brother, Simmonds heard plenty of music when he was growing up. He favored everything from the Beatles to James Brown. In 1966, when Simmonds was still in his teens, he formed a rock and blues group called Savoy Brown. Other members were bassist Ray Chappell, keyboardist Bob Hall, singer Bruce Portius, drummer Leo Manning, and guitarist Martin Stone. The band got its start performing in small pubs throughout London. In a year's time there was a Savoy Brown debut album, Shake Down. The list of members changed often around Simmonds, but he persisted, and the group released album after album. In 1995 the PolyGram Records label put together a two-piece box set of many of the recordings, titled simply Savoy Brown. Taking a chance at a solo career, Simmonds recorded a debut solo offering, appropriately called Solitaire. It was released in 1997 by Blue Wave Records. Some of the acoustic blues numbers that fans can sample on this release are "I Keep Calling My Baby," "Bad Morning," "Depression Blues," and "Blues Vibration." Blues Like Midnight followed in spring 2001. © Charlotte Dillon, allmusic.com


For over 30 years Kim Simmonds has been synonymous with 'legendary British blues guitar', being mentioned in the same breath as Eric Clapton, Peter Green and Mick Taylor in the hierarchy of England's best guitar slingers from the 60s golden era of British blues. Kim started his career in London, England in 1966 by forming the group Savoy Brown and has since enjoyed international fame. He's been featured on the front cover of Guitar Magazine, made over 3 dozen records and performed around the world. He has an international fan club based in Wales and a web site at www.savoybrown.com. Kim's records with Savoy Brown (many produced by himself) have sold millions, with albums such as Looking In and Hellbound Train reaching the Billboard Top 40 charts. Many of his songs have been covered by such diverse artists as Rare Earth, Hugo Montenegro and Great White. In 1995, a two CD boxed set, The Savoy Brown Collection released by Polygram Records, chronicled his and the band's astonishing career. As a solo artist and in the acoustic field Kim has released three CDs - Savoy Brown's 1986 Slow Train, his own 1997 Solitaire, and the 2001 release Blues Like Midnight. Born in Wales in 1947 and playing the pubs of London with Savoy Brown at the very tender age of 18, Kim Simmonds recorded albums that helped start the 60s blues boom. While others have strayed from their roots, Simmonds has stayed the course .... a true journeyman and road warrior, who's comfortably settled into an elder statesman role at the same time as burning up the fretboard on the concert stage while remaining at the top of his game. © The British Blues All Stars 2004, www.thebritishbluesallstars.co.uk/kim_simmonds.htm