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American Standard - (aka Chris Aaron Band )

American Standard - (aka Chris Aaron Band ) - Better Than Fiction - 2002 - Grooveyard

Terrific album of heavy blues/soul-powered guitar grooves, featuring the outstanding talents of the amazing blues rock guitarist, Chris Aaron and the killer vocals of Corey Sterling. If you love dynamite blues guitar riffs, and are into SRV, Walter Trout, or Tommy Castro, you will like this album. Buy the Chris Aaron Band's classic "Freedom 5 Miles" album.


Mother Tongue
Warheads On Flatbeds
Shut Up And Love Me
Prelude To Freddy In B Flat Minor
The Joker
Stole The Boogie
Delta '88
Get Off
Mercy In Memphis


Chris Aaron Shoemaker - Guitar
Matt Miller - Bass
Adam Serzowski - Keyboards
Dave Schoepke - Drums, Percussion, Vocals
Corey Sterling - Vocals


Excellent bluesy hard rock outfit from the Mid-west featuring blues/rock stratmaster Chris Aaron on guitar and the awesome soulful vocal power of Corey Sterling on vox. The Better Than Fiction disc features 13 tracks (62 minutes) of first-rate, dynamic, soul-powered, organic, bluesy guitar rock with world-class vocals to match that will groove your blues away. Chris Aaron is an awesome, top-shelf, blues-rock axeripper who's tasteful bluesy heavy guitar riffage stands up there with the best of them. Those of you familiar with the rather excellent "Freedom 5 Miles" disc will agree with us on that one. Corey Sterling is a soulful rock vocal God. Best known for his vocal work with Kenny Wayne Shepherd and the aforementioned "Freedom 5 Miles" disc, he lays down the top-shelf, soul-powered, bluesy vox with unparalleled style and class on the American Standard disc. Brother Corey is a rock vocal force to be reckoned with and he shines on the "Better Than Fiction" disc. With an emphasis on REAL songs, the combination of Chris Aaron's guitar and Corey Sterling's vocals found on the American Standard disc are a perfect match made in soulful, blues/rock heaven. - Editorial Review, © 1996-2009, Amazon.com


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DSJ said...

First....Tank you, I downloaded a lot of music from your links, and I never said Tank you
I want to know if you have something else from this band, I really enjoy their disc
Greetings from Israel
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A.O.O.F.C said...

Hi, DSJ. Thank you very much for your interest. Yes, I have more material from Chris Aaron, and it will be posted soon. Keep in touch