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Al Kooper


Al Kooper - The Landlord - Original Movie Picture Soundtrack - 1970 - United Artists Records

The Landlord was a good 70's satirical movie about racial tensions in New York starring Beau Bridges and Lee Grant. Al Kooper composed the soundtrack. Also on the soundtrack were the Staple Singers and Lorraine Ellison. Al Kooper penned some good soulful and slightly funky tracks like the instrumental title track that begins with a drum break and has a kind of "It’s My Thing" riff with horns over the top. "Soul Hoedown" is in a similar vein with a drum break and good brass arrangement. "Doin Me Dirty" by Lorraine Ellison, the Gospel sounding "Brand New Day" and Jimmy Holiday's "God Bless The Children" sung by the Stable Singers are just three songs worth mentioning. As is usual with soundtrack albums the tracks vary in length. On this album track lengths range from "Walter G's Boogaloo" at 1:03 to "Brand New Day" at 5:19. Many soundtrack albums are discounted by music lovers and often for good reasons. Some soundtrack albums are worth hearing, eg Vangelis' "Blade Runner", Ry Cooder's "Paris Texas", "Zabriskie Point", "Me, Myself And Irene", and Yann Tiersen's "Amelie". It's peculiar how so many bad films have good soundtracks and vice versa. "The Landlord" is worth seeing, and it's also a great novel by Kristin Hunter. Read more about the movie and the music in Al Kooper's great autobio "Backstage Passes and Backstabbing Bastards". Check this blog for more Al Kooper releases. Read more about the great man @ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Al_Kooper

N.B: Album is from vinyl, but sound quality is fair to good


A1 Brand New Day 5:19
Bass - Harvey Brooks
Drums - Wells Kelly
Guitar - John Hall
Piano - Paul Harris
Vocals - Al Kooper &The Martha Stewart Singers
A2 The Landlord 1:43
Performed by The Landlords
A3 Car Commercial 1:41
A4 Walter G's Boogaloo 1:03
A5 Croquet Game 1:26
Strings under the direction of Manny Green
A6 Let Me Love You 2:32
Vocal by Lorraine Ellison
A7 Lainie's Theme 1:35
All instruments played by Al Kooper
A8 Rent Party 1:35
Tenor solo by Joe Farrell
A9 Elgars Fantasy 2:30
Strings under the direction of Manny Green;Electronic instruments and effect by Al Kooper

B1 Love Theme 3:13
Bass - John Miller
Guitar - Al Rogers, Joe Beck, Stuart Scharf
Vocal by Al Kooper &The Martha Stewart Singers
B2 Soul Hoedown 3:00
Performed by The Landlords
B3 Doin' Me Dirty 2:15
Vocal by Lorraine Ellison
B4 Brand New Day 4:01
Vocal by The Staple Singers
B5 The Axe 2:43
All instruments played by Al Kooper
B6 God Bless The Children 3:53
Vocal by The Staple Singers

All music composed by Al Kooper except "God Bless The Children" by Jimmy Holiday


Guitar, Keyboards - Al Kooper
Guitar - Eric Gale
Bass - Chuck Rainey
Keyboards - Frank Owens
Drums - Al Rogers
Saxophone [Reeds] - George Young, Joe Farrell, Phil Bodner
Trumpet - Bernie Glow, Marvin Stamm


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Al Kooper was interviewed in Wax Poetics last issue talking about how rare this is - THANKS!

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