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Jimmy Copley & Friends


Jimmy Copley & Friends - Slap My Hand - 2008 - Eyes Wide Shut Recordings

Jimmy Copley has been around for many years and has managed to build friendships with a stellar cast of musicians, most of whom are happy to give their talents to this album. Mustering the likes of Jeff Beck, Pino Palladino, Paul Jackson, Bernie Marsden, Mickey Moody - the list goes on and on - certainly proves that a lot of different players think a lot of you and you might even hope that the result is going to be a monster album. Much of this is simply irresistible and individually the tracks are pretty damn good, with some fabulous playing, but the problem is that there isn't a particular style to the album that you can hang your hat on. Jeff Beck's playing on 'J Blues' is stunning, as is Dino Baptiste's organ on 'Red Beans & Rice' and Bernie Marsden's throughout. 'East West Mardi Gras' has a super New Orleans groove to it, and 'Skank It' with Char on guitar and Yoshinobu Kojima on keys has a real Bob James meets Chic funk feel to it - all good stuff. Mr Copley's drumming throughout shows why he is so popular as a session drummer, as he turns his hand to every style in the book. It is all fine stuff and it feels churlish to carp - as a testament to a long and successful career it speaks volumes but it is still too varied in style for perfection. Mind you, I'll be playing it in the car for yonks. © Andy Snipper myspace.com/bluesmatterspublication © 2008 ABP. All rights reserved http://www.jimmycopley.com/presspage.html

Rating: B (B = BUY IT): Journeyman drummer Jimmy Copley has had an amazing career and played with some of the biggest names in rock, including Jeff Beck, Pino Palladino, Bernie Marsden, Neil Murrey and Micky Moody. Now, he has all of friends together, making music on a more than respectable CD release. Copley is an amazing drummer who is versatile, stylish, and from the sounds of the song "The Toucan" well versed in drum soling. The best tracks are the ones that feature Jeff Beck. The two go way back and Beck shines on the tracks "Everyday I Have the Blues" and "All Shook Up." Ex-Whitesnake axe-slinger, Bernie Marsden whips out some rocking, blues licks during the remake of the Cream classic "Strange Brew" and "You Make It Easy." This album is for anyone looking outside the box for some talented musicians making groove oriented music that can be called bluesy, jazzy and, of course, rock "n" roll. © Jeb Wright http://www.jimmycopley.com/presspage.html

Although Jimmy started his drumming career in a band named ‘Spread Eagle’ who had supported bands such as Genesis and Lindisfarne he did not really make his mark in the music world until he teamed up with Andy Clarke and Stephen Amazing to form UPP. It has now gone into legend that whilst the band were rehearsing for their debut album Jeff Beck wandered into the studio and was so impressed with that which he was hearing that he promptly took them under his wing and not only produced their debut album but he also played on it as well. Their second and last album also featured Jeff Beck, it was released in nineteen seventy-six, also during that time UPP toured England and Europe with Beck Bogart & Appice. Shortly afterwards the band members went their separate ways and throughout the following two decades Jimmy focused his attention mainly on session work and touring. During that time he has played with such diverse artists as Tina Turner and Tears for Fears. Over the last ten or so years Jimmy has been a vital member of many bands and musical partnerships, but now devotes his time between the Manfred Mann Earthband and his solo career. Throughout Jimmy’s career he has had the good fortune to work with a number of extremely talented guitarists, from Jeff Beck through to his current collaborator the Japanese guitarist Char. Usually any album with the phrase ‘and friends’ in the title should invariably be avoided as they are normally an excuse for a glorified karaoke session which in turn becomes a contract filler. Happily I can without a shadow of a doubt state that this album is light years away from my initial fears. The fifteen numbers found on this album are all bursting with a surging vitality which translates into lightning strikes of sound that explode out of the speakers with spine tightening crispness, coupled with a clarity of freshness and originality that shakes the senses and focuses the mind. The guitarists featured on the album are, in no particular order; Jeff Beck, Char, Micky Moody, Bernie Marsden and Steve Evans together they raise the tone of the album to a higher level. Peter Cox’s soft, relaxed voice is certainly attuned to the almost whimsical goodtime approach to the numbers. Obviously, with the lead instrument being the drums one could be expecting an ear-bashing, but no, Jimmy has infused his playing with a jaunty, roaming spirit, whether it be a happy go lucky second line strut or a loose played blues standard. The whole emphasis is on fun, fizzing guitars and delectable drumming. Not only is this album funtime but it also absorbing and richly rewarding, especially the cutting-torch guitar solo accompaniments which jostle for elbow room in an overflowing musical feast. Well! I think it’s essential! © Brian Harman http://www.bluesartstudio.com

The often underrated London Drummer Jimmy Copley has played with many of the world's most renowned musicians including the great Japanese guitarist Char, Jeff Beck, Paul Rodgers, Magnum, Tears for Fears and Go West. Since 2008 he has played with Manfred Mann's Earth Band. This album includes 15 tracks recorded by Jimmy and many of his friends including Jeff Beck, Pino Palladino, Peter Cox, Micky Moody, Char, Paul Jackson, Bernie Marsden, Dino Baptiste, Neil Murray, Koji, Steve Evans, Paul Sponge, Mo Birch, Chris White, Mark Stanway & many, many more. As is to be expected on an album with such a diverse array of musicians, "Slap My Hand" covers many different music styles including boogie-woogie, rock’n’roll, deep blues, R&B, soul-jazz grooves and some New Orleans grooves. Some of the covers are from composers as diverse as Eric Clapton, Felix Pappalardi, James Taylor, The Isley Brothers, Otis Blackwell, and Elvis Presley. The musicianship is superb and includes the guitarists Steve Evans, Bernie Marsden, Jeff Beck, Micky Moody and Char Hisato Takenaka. And of course throughout the album, Jimmy Copley demonstrates his superb drumming skills. Listen to Jimmy on Paul Rodger's "Now", Paul Jackon's "Funk On A Stick" and Char's great "When I Wake Up In The Morning" albums


1 Everyday I Have The Blues - Jimmy Rushing 2:37
2 Red Beans And Rice - Cropper, Dunn, Jackson, Jones 2:47
3 Strange Brew - Eric Clapton, Gail Collins, Felix Pappalardi 3:33
4 Everything I've Got - Char, J. Copley, P. Jackson 5:49
5 You Make It Easy - James Taylor 4:36
6 It's Your Thing - O'Kelley Jr. Isley, Ronald Isley, Rudolph Isley 4:14
7 Holdin' On With Both Hands - S. Cropper, E. Floyd 3:10
8 J Blues - J. Beck, J. Copley, P. Palladino 5:27
9 East West Mardi Gras - J. Copley, S. Loeser, P. Spong, C. White 6:34
10 All Shook Up - Otis Blackwell, Elvis Presley 3:54
11 Quick Lucky And Plucky - D. Baptiste, J. Copley, I. Jennings 3:46
12 Down Home Boy - M. Moody 3:46
13 The Toucan - J. Copley 1:50
14 Skank It - Michael Jeffrey Clark, Paul Jackson, Bennie Maupin, Bill Summers, Leonard William Summers 9:52
15 Forget It (Jam for Japan) - Char, J. Copley, P. Jackson, Koji 6:05 [Bonus Track on 2009 Japanese CD]


Char Hisato Takenaka, Steve Evans, Bernie Marsden, Jeff Beck - Guitar
Micky Moody - Guitar, Slide Guitar
Pino Palladino, Neil Murray - Bass
Ian Jennings - Bass, Bass Upright
Paul Jackson - Bass, Vocals
Dino Baptiste - Organ, Piano, Keyboards
Yoshinobu Kojima, Mark Stanway - Keyboards
Jim Copley - Percussion, Drums, Snare Drums
Susanne Loeser - Bass Drums, Percussion
Chris White - Saxophone
Paul Spong - Trumpet
Peter Cox, Mo Birch - Vocals


Jim Copley - percussion, drums
Jeff Beck - guitar on 1,8,10
Bernie Marsden - guitar on 2,3,5
Micky Moody - guitar, slide guitar on 6,7,12
Char Hisato Takenaka - guitar on 4,9,14,15
Steve Evans - guitar
Pino Palladino - bass on 1,8
Neil Murray - bass on 2,3,5
Paul Jackson - bass on 4,9,14,15
Ian Jennings - bass on 6,7,10,11,12
Dino Baptiste - organ, piano, keyboards on 2,5,6,10,11
Yoshinobu Kojima - keyboards on 4,9,14,15
Mark Stanway - keyboards on 7
Peter Cox - vocals on 1,3,5,6,7
Mo Birch - vocals on 7
Paul Spong, Chris White - horns on 6,7
Susanne Loeser - bass drums, percussion on 9


Born in London in 1953, Jimmy started playing drums at the age of 5 years old, accompanying his Mother's (Nina) Jazz piano at parties. Jimmy turned professional joining the band 'Spreadeagle' who had just signed to Charisma Records and performed live, opening for various headlining acts such as 'Genesis', 'Lindisfarne' and 'Audience'. Jim recorded the Spreadeagle album 'The Piece of Paper, produced by Kinks and Who producer: Shel Talmy. Later on, Jimmy formed the band 'UPP' with Andy Clarke and Stephen Amazing and whilst rehearsing with UPP at Leslie Copley's 'Underhill Studios' Jeff Beck heard them and immediately took them into 'Escape Studios' and recorded the debut album for CBS Records entitled 'UPP' which Jeff Beck not only played on but also produced. UPP toured Europe and the UK with Beck, Bogart & Appice and in 1976 went on to record a second album entitled 'This Way UPP' produced by Hall & Oates producer 'Chris Bond' which also featured Jeff Beck and Tom Scott on sax. During the summer of 1976 Jimmy toured the USA with Jeff Beck. Turning to session work for much of the 80's & 90's, Jimmy worked with many renown artists such as Graham Parker, Ian Gillan, Paul Young, Killing Joke and in 1987 Jimmy joined Go West and recorded and toured extensively with them including a USA tour as special guests for Tina Turner. In 1989 Jimmy was invited to join 'Tears for Fears' for their massive 'Seeds of Love' world tour. After this Jimmy teamed back up with close friend Jeff Beck to record for the Jimi Hendrix tribute album 'Manic Depression' which also featured 'Seal' and Pino Pallidino on bass, this work achieved a Gold album in the USA. Jimmy later worked with the 'Pretenders' and recorded the album: 'Last of the Independents' as well as recording two albums with Curt Smith (Tears for Fears), Jimmy then recorded an album for songwriter 'Martin Page'. During 1988 Jimmy teamed up with Japanese guitar legend 'Char' for recording and touring and in 1991 with Char formed the band 'Psychadelix' which also featured close friend and former Go West band member Jaz Lochrie on bass and recorded four albums. First album 'Psychadelix' ''Psychadelix two' 'Stand' and 'Smoky'. During 1995 Jimmy joined the 'Paul Rogers Band' also featuring Jaz Lochrie and Paul Whitehall, touring the world and recording three albums 'Now', Electric' and 'The Lorelley tapes live' In 1996 Jimmy performed live with Char for his 'twentieth anniversary' which also featured Herbie Hancock bassist 'Paul Jackson'. Jimmy then co-wrote and produced the 'Sacred Hills' album with Char in his hometown of Bath. During 2000 Jimmy worked with Black Sabbath legend Toni Iommi recording tracks for his solo album entitled 'Iommi' featuring Henry Rollins on vocals. Jimmy continued to work, write, record and perform with Char from 2001, 2002, and 2003. During 2003 former Whitesnake guitarist 'Bernie Marsden' invited Jimmy to join and form the band 'M3' also featuring former Whitesnake members Micky Moody and Neil Murray and Magnum's keyboard player Mark Stanway and Vocalist Stefan Berggren. Jimmy has toured with M3 extensively as well as recorded live albums and DVD's. In 2004 Jimmy recorded with Iommi again and bassist/vocalist Glen Hughes for the album 'The Dep Sessions'. During this period Jimmy also recorded Bernie Marsden's solo album 'Stacks'. During 2005 Jimmy was invited to join Magnum and continues to be with Magnum to date. Jimmy also recorded the Magnum DVD 'Livin the Dream' which was live at the Astoria in London recorded Magnum's latest album and DVD entitled 'Princess Alice and the Broken Arrow' due for release in March 2007 with a major tour which followed in April 2007. Jimmy's first Solo Album which features a number of artists including Jeff Beck, Pino Palladino, Peter Cox, Micky Moody, Bernie Marsden, Neil Murray, Dino Bapiste, Ian Jennings, Paul Spong, Chris White, Mark Stanway, Mo Birch, Char, Paul Jackson, Sussane Loeser, Steve Evans is scheduled forthis year. Called 'Slap My Hand' it is to be officially released initially in Japan on 21st May. Jimmy will be touring there to coincide with the release of the album in June. Jimmy joined Manfred Mann's EarthBand in late 2007. JIMMY HAS PERFORMED LIVE AND RECORDED WITH: Jeff Beck, Toni Iommi, Glen Hughes, Seal, Magnum, Manfred Man's Earthband, Tears For Fears, GO West, Paul Rogers, Graham Parker, The Pretenders, Ian Gillan, Roger Glover, M3 Classic Whitesnake, Paul Young, Upp, Roy Gaines (Texas Blues Legend), Char. © http://www.platform-end.co.uk/html/jimmy.htmlIn 2004 Jimmy recorded with Iommi again


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