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The Lost


The Lost - The Lost - 1991 - Epic

A very obscure album from The Lost, an Manhattan, NY based hard/blues rock band. The band were signed to Epic and toured the US extensively during the early nineties opening for bands like The Black Crowes and Foreigner. The band's core was comprised of Lucas Janklow on vocals and guitar, Nate Schrock on guitar and backing vocals, Gerry Stanek on bass, and Frank Araneo on drums. This album was produced by Richard Robinson in The Hit Factory, New York. "It's 12 songs of hard-edged rock that spark with talent, raw energy and tight cohesion" - Spin (06/01/1991). It is very difficult trying to find information on this band. The following article was printed back in 1992 in Spin magazine :-

LOST IN AMERICA: Boston: The Axis Club. "Ladies and Gentlemen,the world's tallest band"! A mass of lanky limbs and long hair bounds on stage: six-feet-six-inch guitarist and vocalist Lucas Janklow, six-feet-four inch rhythm guitarist Nate Schrock, six-feet-three-inch bassist Gerry Stanek, and five-feet-ten-inch drummer (shorter, but seated anyway) Frank Araneo. This is The Lost - a spicy, bluesy, George Thorogood-ish, no frills rock band. The audience's front line is a tightly packed frenzy of young women, cameras clicking, mouths slavishly lip-synching lyrics. Most are totally in awe. Janklow is comfortable with the hype, emitting a down-to-earth smiling purity. After years of studying the likes of Jimmy Page and Jimi Hendrix, seasoned with blues and hardcore, he assembled this band with serious intent. "It took a long time to find people who really wanted to play music rather than just ride in limos," he quips. The Lost has been touring for over a year, playing with everyone from the Ramones to Mr.Big. After this set, the band packs for the trek to home base Manhattan. A guy grabs Janklow: "Man, my girlfriend always drags me to shows I don't wanna see, but you guys turned me on! You play some kick-ass rock'n'roll!" Janklow's thrilled. The Lost is being found. © Anita Sarko from The February 1992 issue of Spin magazine

A.O.O.F.C would love to hear more information about this talented band


A1 Mindblower - L. Janklow
A2 Bijou Dreams - L. Robinson, L. Janklow
A3 For What It's Worth - S. Stills
A4 Dance With Me - L. Robinson, L. Janklow
A5 Laughing Boy - L. Janklow
A6 Touch My Bones - L. Janklow

B1 Cat Got Your Tongue - J. Escovedo, L. Janklow
B2 Pretty Girl - L. Janklow
B3 All Fall Down - L. Janklow
B4 Liar - J. Escovedo, L. Janklow
B5 Solid Body - L. Janklow
B6 I Want Some Fun - L. Janklow
13 Untitled Bonus Track (Are You Experienced) - Jimi Hendrix


Guitar, Vocals - Lucas Janklow
Rhythm Guitar, Backing Vocals - Nate Schrock
Guitar - Dan Zanes on "For What It's Worth" & "Pretty Girl"
Guitar - Joan Jett on "Touch My Bones"
Bass - Gerry Stanek
Piano, Organ - Michael Ramos
Drums - Bobby Chouinard , Frank Araneo
Harmonica - John Popper
Backing Vocals - Dan Zanes, Elyse Steinman, Greg Strzempka, Michael Imperiale