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Cee Cee James


Cee Cee James - Seriously Raw: Live At Sunbanks - 2010 - Blue Skunk

With her sophomore release, Seriously Raw: Live At Sunbanks, we hear that Cee Cee James' voice has picked up even greater experience and deeper feeling, as well as an even closer understanding and comfort with the blues form. She fires things up on 10 blues and roots classics, as well as four scorching originals - proving she's a force to be reckoned with in today's contemporary blues scene. Cee Cee does not disappoint, following up the enormous buzz created by her first release with an even stronger and more captivating performance. Comfortable and in her element, she gives us everything she's got as she shows respect and admiration for those who have inspired her along her journey with the blues. © 1996-2010, Amazon.com, Inc. or its affiliates

“Crowd response says it all when you’re talking music that touches the soul. In this regard, “Seriously Raw” is a five star record.” - Roy Brown, WA Blues Society

"It was a wonderfully raw performance... She put it all out on the stage that day!!!!" - Dave Nichols (Untapped Blues Festival Promoter)

“Seriously Raw” showcases one of the tightest rhythm sections in the blues....” and out front is Cee Cee “Growling, snarling, grinding, impatient and passionate, pertinent and impertinent, as she parades the stage like a caged cat.” - Don Wilcock, BluesWax.com

Al Lundy from KZUM 89.3 - Nebraska said that "Cee Cee James and her bands latest release was recorded live and is appropriately entitled "Seriously Raw." This CD delivers 13 tracks of raw emotion, with the raw power of a diesel engine rolling over the Snoqualme Pass!" It's a great live album from Cee Cee sung with an obvious passion and love for the blues. The bonus "untitled" track doesn't add anything to the disc; just Cee Cee having a bit of rapport with the audience - no music here. That's a minor quibble as there are 13 other great tracks including 3 self penned songs and 10 covers of songs by Robert Johnson, Willie Dixon, Hound Dog Taylor, Janis Joplin, Kris Kristofferson, B.B. King, Tina Turner, Luther Allison, and Don Nix. Cee Cee has said "It's a funny thing because I had forgotten that this show had been recorded. So when I finally received the rough mix I didn't give much thought to releasing it as a CD. But as I listened, I realized that the performance had a raw energy to it that could not be denied! I also knew that my fans had been begging for a CD like this for years. So this CD is for the absolutely stellar fans at every live show we've done and will be doing in the many many years to come! Yah!!!" Buy her great "Low Down Where the Snakes Crawl" album and promote genuine "down to earth" blues music


1 Crossroad Blues - Robert Johnson 5:02
2 I Ain't Superstitious - Willie Dixon 4:48
3 Make It To the Other Side - Cee Cee James 6:43
4 I Got a Right To Sing the Blues - Cee Cee James 5:39
5 Give Me Back My Wig - Hound Dog Taylor 4:34
6 Done Love Wrong - Cee Cee James 8:02
7 Mercedes Benz - Janis Joplin, Mike McClure, Bob Neuwirth 3:01
8 Me and Bobby McGee - F. Foster, Kris Kristofferson 5:13
9 I Just Want To Make Love To You - Willie Dixon 3:03
10 Rock Me Baby - B.B. King 5:13
11 Nutbush City Limits - Tina Turner 4:59
12 Living In the House of the Blues - Luther Allison 6:59
13 Going Down - Don Nix 6:21
14 Untitled Track (Cee Cee talks to audience) - Cee Cee James 7:05


Cee Cee James - Vocals
Jason Childs - Guitar
Rob “Slide Boy” Andrews - Slide & Rhythm Guitar
Dan Mohler - Bass
Chris Leighton - Drums


What a long strange trip its been for vocalist/songwriter Cee Cee James whose recent release “LOW DOWN WHERE THE SNAKES CRAWL” is chock full of a total and complete life shifting journey she began in 2001 as her numb struggling existence got pulled into a vortex of change that lasted seven years. Born as Christina James in the great fertile Northwest of Portland Oregon among the tall fir trees, full rivers and beautiful moist green landscape, Cee Cee's Mother was forced to move the family to California when Cee Cee was five years old. At 12 years old she had put together her first band and performed at the local church with a blond wig and bright green eye shadow. Throughout the coming years she was in and out of rock/blues, cover/original bands and formed her first original blues band, Stone Blue in San Diego in the mid-90's. By the late 90's she honed her song writing skills even more and began recording song demo's in San Diego and Los Angeles and in late 1999 her first CD, "Spiritually Wet," was released. After a sad divorce in 2001, and the loss of her 2nd Partner to cancer in early 2004, she bid her long time Southern California musicians farewell, and by December had sold her house and was driving herself back to Portland, OR to metaphorically be born again, stepping into her true self as a woman and human being. Cee Cee’s production, arranging skills, and talents were honed and sharpened in the writing and recording of her highly touted late 1999 pop/funk release “SPIRITUALLY WET,” where she worked side by side with Los Angeles based producer Kaylene Peoples and mixing engineer Rich Mouser. "SPIRITUALLY WET" won the 2000 Los Angeles R&B Independent Artist of the Year Award and is full of contemplative lyrics set to "feel good," track heavy, "ear candy" music that dives lyrically into many of the subjects that Cee Cee will always feel passionate about. Freedom to be who you are and letting other people be who they are without judgments or condemnations; the benefits of positive and negative experiences in life; challenging the rules and restrictions we place upon our souls; the questions behind the hunger for love; natures reciprocation in love and in our creative paths; how change in ones personal life has a world wide affect; and how we really don't need to worry about where we are going, as we are always guided to where we need to be and go for our soul's growth. As a result of the invaluable studio experience with "SPIRITUALLY WET," Cee Cee had a heavy hand in the writing, production and arranging on “LOW DOWN WHERE THE SNAKES CRAWL," which has been described by Don Wilcock, Editor In-Chief of BluesWax.com as "an undiscovered classic with massive crossover potential." “LOW DOWN WHERE THE SNAKES CRAWL" expresses that seven year chapter of change and includes a huge shift away from the pop and funk she had been previously writing and recording on “SPIRITUALLY WET.” Hiking on Cowels Mountain in Santee, CA outside of San Diego in the late Spring of 2001, Cee Cee says "I heard Stevie Ray Vaughan whispering to me from the Heavens... "Go back to your roots girl.. go back to what you do best," which I intuitively knew was the blues, low-down roots and soul." Beginning with the sad angst of lost love in the first song and title track, to the final victorious tribute about the man she lost to cancer in “Spirit of the Shaman,” "LOW DOWN WHERE THE SNAKES CRAWL" weaves Cee Cee's stark, vulnerable, and revealing lyrics, around her Cherokee roots and her life changing relationship with the desert. Cee Cee’s soul and artistic influences are all over the map. “Raw and Real,” is her criteria. “Out of the box," as she calls it. “Performances, music and lyrics that push the envelope of the soul straight down into the gut of life.” Howling Wolf, Big Mamma Thornton, Janis Joplin, Joe Cocker, Stevie Ray Vaughan; then dippin’ into the soul of things - Mavis Staples, Ike and Tina Turner, Bill Withers, Ray LaMontagne, Chris Whitley; and of course the funk - James Brown, Prince and everything in-between; with a recent discovery which she finds 'amazingly stellar,' JJ Grey and Mofro. Cee Cee feels them all and it’s obvious in her ‘low down and gritty’ performances where as she says, “My thing is... in all my writing, singing and performance is to make the songs come alive for people. To open up the mind, heart and soul with the fire of an intense gut wrenching performance full of vulnerability, honesty and truth. What else am I up on that stage for?" Cee Cee does just that and more, inspiring strong CD sales with her intense ‘take no prisoner' performances where the audience climbs inside the deep ache and gut in every note she sings and evokes on stage. “LOW DOWN WHERE THE SNAKES CRAWL” is somewhat tame compared to the kind of energy Cee Cee and her band bring to the live stages they play, but the songs needed to be written after those seven years of intense change in order for her artistic soul to embrace and express the shift and move forward with the significance of those seven years defined by WikiAnswers as "7 signifies divinely determined completeness." Kyle Deibler, President of the Phoenix Blues Society, describes Cee Cee's process in this 'completion' perfectly: “Cee Cee James writes songs from a place of emotional honesty that few artists care to reveal. The result is an intimate, sometimes guttural view of a woman who isn’t afraid to face her demons and work out her life’s lessons. This is definitely an excellent record from a female artist who isn’t afraid to bare her soul. I applaud her for that.” Cee Cee is truly hitting her stride with “LOW DOWN WHERE THE SNAKES CRAWL” receiving more and more live performance requests, a continually increasing fan base, CD sales, and radio play around the world with two of the cuts from the CD, “Love Makes Change,” and “I’ll Ask the Questions You Tell the Lies,” currently being played on XM 74 - B.B. King's Bluesville which hit #10 and #7 on the XM 74 Charts. The CD held steady at #1 on the Washington Roots Charts for NINE WEEKS and peaked at #8 on the Overall Blues/Roots Charts and debuted at #15 on the March Living Blues Charts! As well she was just honored with a 2010 Nomination for Best Blues Vocalist by the Washington Blues Society and WON the 2010 Best Blues Songwriter Award! On May 8th, 2010, Cee Cee released "SERIOUSLY RAW - Cee Cee James - LIVE AT SUNBANKS," through FWG Records, specifically for her fans. "It was a wild and unbelievably hot and sweaty day, but my band was tight and the fans were off the hook! When I got the recording, I thought, 'this is it!' 'Cause my Fans had been hounding me for a CD like this for years! So I'm thrilled to release this CD for them." And as Al Lundy from KZUM 89.3 - Nebraska says... "Cee Cee James and her bands latest release was recorded live and is APPROPRIATELY entitled "SERIOUSLY RAW." This CD delivers 13 tracks of RAW EMOTION, with the RAW POWER of a diesel engine rolling over the Snoqualme Pass!" Along with her usual NW shows, in February 2011 she heads to France, The Netherlands, Holland and Germany! With her new agent T.C. Davis of Lonesome Road Agency at the helm of booking activities, she will also be headed into them Southwest and Southeastern parts of our beautiful United States So check back for updates or join the Email Fan List below to stay on top of the tour schedule! Your love of the blues and your support of all of your favorite blues artists is beyond appreciated. You have no idea how much. © http://www.ceeceejames.com/about.html


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