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Nazca Line

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Nazca Line - Outer Space Connection - 1979 - Nazca Productions

Nazca Line was a late '70's progressive hard rock band from Lima, Ohio who released only one album (posted here). The liner notes say the album was recorded at St. John, Ohio's Emersonhill Studios, Emersonhill. Allegedly these "studios" comprised a barn with some basic recording equipment crammed into it. "Outer Space Connection", "M.I.B. (Men In Black)" and "Stranger" are based on space and alien topics but this is not a space rock album. Vocals are often weak. There are no outstanding tracks and very few hooks but musicianship is quite good, especially Dave Emerson and Don Smithey's twin lead guitar work. It has been said that “Stranger" copies the main guitar riff from Greg Kihn’s “Breakup Song” and Television’s “Elevation”, but not having heard these tracks, it is hard to comment. This band definitely could have done a lot better with some decent financial backing. The album was self-produced, and given the reputed recording venue and studio equipment the album is an above average progressive/psychedelic hard rock album. The volume on this disc needs to be cranked up a bit. Has anybody any info on this band?



1. Outer Space Connection (Dennis Backus - Dave Emerson) - 5:03
2. M.I.B. (Men In Black) (Dennis Backus - Dave Emerson) - 4:32
3. Take Your Share (Settlage - Dave Emerson) - 4:20
4. Rock & Roll Machine (Dennis Backus - Dave Emerson) - 4:25


1. Running Thru the City (Dennis Backus - Dave Emerson) - 3:34
2. Bluesy Music (Gary Oswalt) - 3:01
3. Stranger (Peltier - Dennis Backus - Dave Emerson) - ) 9:21
4. Red Line 7000 (Dennis Backus - Dave Emerson) - 3:28


Don Smithey, Dave Emerson - lead guitar, vocals
Gary Oswalt - bass, vocals
Steve Detrick - drums,vocals
Dave Backus - vocals


spunkie said...

Hey Paul anyway to reupp this ? Use to have the lp but trade it for the rock on lp. Thanks Dave

A.O.O.F.C said...

Hi,spunkie. Really sorry. I don't have the album to re-up. It was on a 1 Tb hard drive nicked on me. I hope the album shows up for you somewhere else. Thanks...Paul

David Shanabarger said...

RE: Nazca line,... I saw Nazca Line live in concert at the Lima Ohio fairgrounds 1980, they had just recorded OUTER SPACE CONNECTION , and were giving the vinyl LPs out for free; I still have my copy of Nazca Line "Outer Space Connection"... I have the Cassette tape as well, but it no longer plays... I have been searching for anything from this band since I went online in 1998, this is the first Nazca Line I have encountered on line, WOOHOO!...

A.O.O.F.C said...

Hi,David. Sorry I don't have original album to re-up. Some bastard nicked a hard drive I had with thousands of precious albums. I hope you find a link somewhere. I'm still looking. TVM & keep in touch..Paul

44droman said...

I got original album that has all songs it was my dad's the lead singer,Dennis Backus I have cd that are real decent that are remastered.

44droman said...

I have original album and extras that were my dad's the lead singer Dennis Backus .

A.O.O.F.C said...

Hi,44droman. Thanks for comment. Have you a link to your CD. A lot of people would love to hear it, including Yours Truly! LOL TTU soon...Paul