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Chris Farlowe, Spencer Davis, Pete York, Zoot Money, Colin Hodgkinson, Miller Anderson


Chris Farlowe, Spencer Davis, Pete York, Zoot Money, Colin Hodgkinson, Miller Anderson - Extremely Live At Birmingham Town Hall - 1988 - In-Akustik

Some releases credit this album as "Chris Farlowe featuring Spencer Davis, Pete York, Colin Hodgkinson, Zoot Money, Miller Anderson". On most releases there is a track called "Intro 2" which lasts for 24 secs. It is not included here. This album has been released on various labels with different tracks/track listings. The concert was recorded in July 1988 at Birmingham Town Hall, Birmingham, England, and is a great example of British blues, R&B, and soul


1 - Intro 1
2 - Let The Good Times Roll - Shirley Goodman, Leonard Lee
3 - Key To The Highway - Big Bill Broonzy
4 - Feets Too Big - Fats Waller
5 - Tamp 'Em Up Solid - Trad.
6 - Ain't Nothing Shakin' But The Bacon - Zoot Money
7 - I Think It's Gonna Rain Today - Randy Newman
8 - The Thrill Is Gone - Rick Darnell, Roy Hawkins
9 - Watching The River Flow - Bob Dylan
10 - Stormy Monday - T-Bone Walker


Spencer Davis - (guitar)
Miller Anderson - (guitar, vocals 3, 5)
Colin Hodgkinson - (bass)
Zoot Money - (keyboards, vocals 2, 4, 6)
Pete York - (drums)
Chris Farlowe - (vocals 8, 9, 10 11)


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Is this guy Spencer DAVIS same person with SDgoup?

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Worth a listen just for Miller Andersons guitar playing,thanks for shareing

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You may like this,
Miller Anderson From Lizard Rock, seen the guy a few times this is his best album




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