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Jay LaBoy

Hurricane Jay LaBoy & In Step - Step Aside - 1999 - Orchard Records

Jay LaBoy has been nominated for two Abilene Awards for Best Guitarist in Philadelphia and was chosen as Artist of the Month by PhillyBlues.com. Jay has shared the stage and studio with players like Jeff Pitchell, Jimi Bell, the legendary Jimmy Dawkins, Jefre Washington, Doug LaChapelle, Buddy Cash, Burt Teague, Marc Iezzi and many more amazing artists. In his nearly 20 year career, Jay has toured the world and performed for thousands of fans. His CD releases, no matter what band he was with at the time, have received rave reviews from each and every music lover that has heard Jay's songs and his fiery guitar playing. © 1997-2009 SoundClick Inc. All rights reserved

"Step Aside" is a great album of emotional blues and fiery rock . A mix of slow and gentle tracks, upbeat cruisin' music, and powerful guitar driven rockers. Buy the band's great "Pure Soul" album.


1. My Baby
2. Borrowed Time
3. Eye Of The Hurricane
4. Goin' Home
5. Better Thangs
6. A Blues Prayer
7. If You Need Me
8. Step Aside
9. Time Don't Wait For No One
10. Old Man By The Sea
11. Long Time, No See
12. I Ain't Cryin' (I Kept My Money In My Shoe)
13. Blue Wind

All tracks composed or co-written by Jay LaBoy


"Hurricane" Jay LaBoy (voc, g)
Michael Quintero - Moore (b)
Glenn Webb (dr)
Jimmy Dawkins (voc on 12+13, g on 13) - Special Guest

About Hurricane Jay LaBoy & In Step

Ask musician "Hurricane" Jay LaBoy who his influences are, and he doesn't hesitate. "Stevie Ray Vaughan was probably the reason I'm playing guitar and the reason I'm alive right now," he says emphatically. LaBoy took his love of Vaughan's music and turned it into a career, performing in a tribute act that began last year. Since then, he has expanded his repertoire to include a variety of Texas-style blues and more. "It's kind of like a blues rock sound," he explains. "It's a Stevie Ray style with a little bit of funk thrown in. The good thing about my band is the three of us have different backgrounds, interests and tastes. When we write a song, we have a bunch of different chefs putting in a bunch of different ingredients. It comes out as blues rock funk, feel good music...We do the tribute stuff a lot, but we've since expanded. We do a bunch of other artists, too. Johnny Lang is a big influence on me. We also do Eric Clapton, Elvis, stuff like that." Joining LaBoy in his group In Step are Michael Quintero-Moore on bass and vocals and Glenn Webb on drums. While the Philadelphia-based band just gelled last June, the musicians all have extensive experience. Quintero-Moore, known as "The Rev." for his gospel-like way of singing, has an especially impressive resume, having performed with a diverse group of musicians, including Eddie Money, Sheena Easton and Johnny Mathis. Currently working on their debut CD, Step Aside, which they hope to release this month, the band performs throughout Pennsylvania and New Jersey. At each show, they strive to connect with the audience. Notes LaBoy, "We want to be accessible. A lot of bands you see, they come off stage and they don't talk to people or they don't want to be bothered. We try and go around to everybody and anybody that comes up to us, we don't turn them away. We thank them for coming. We try to be the most down-to-earth band we can." They also try to have fun at each performance, something that comes naturally, LaBoy states. "We love to play. We have a lot of energy and a good chemistry with each other. We understand each other and we're like a family. We've been in other bands and we've all come to realize, if you don't like the people you're playing with, the music's going to suffer. Our energy shows on stage. We have a good time and that comes across on stage. We have a blast playing." © Catherine Scharnberger, © 2009 Sapphire media, Inc. All Rights Reserved