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V.A - Dub Plates from the Lamp

Various Artists - Dub Plates from the Lamp - 2000 - Pork

Great compilation of downbeat electronica from the legendary Pork Recordings' founder and DJ David "Porky" Brennan. A Dub Plate is a short run vinyl "proof", and The Lamp is Hull's happening joint, where these cuts are tried and tested. These tracks are some of the most popular demos and one-offs that have been spun at the Lamp club. Search this blog for more Pork artists, especially Heights Of Abraham, Moss, Baby Mammoth, Leggo Beast, Fila Brazillia, and Bullitnuts.


01 Kennedy-Women And Money
02 Free Drinks-Sound Of The Camel
03 Unforscene-Sunbear And The Orange Light
04 Anthorne Project-Pie Oh Pie
05 Xploding Plastix-Lets Pretend Desperate
06 ZKA4T-Quaterhead
07 Unforscene-Z
08 City-Your Life
09 Kennedy-Belize
10 Free Drinks-Box Sound
11 Jeremy Beecher-Passtime (World Remix)
12 Banabila-Mono/Metro


Living by its name, the notoriously publicity shy Pork look to future hopefuls to extend their admirable innings of some 70-plus releases. Revolving around the simple theme of road testing unsolicited demos at one of Hull's finer Leftfield emporiums (hence the Lamp title) the album takes in nine contenders who collectively cross mid-tempo orchestrated breaks (Jeremy Beecher's "Passtime") with human beatboxing (Free Drinks' "Sound Of The Camel") and chintz sampling (Banabila's "Mono/Metro"). Declared a touch rough due to its demo beginnings, what may be lost in production (which in reality is little) is compensated for in variety and construction. Xploding Plastic's "Let's Pretend Desperate" reflects this. A sprightly break and percussion stance accompanies muted horn and sax before dropping to an effective half-time mid-section. The formula is unpredictable; among the array of beats Kennedy's haunting stringscape "Women & Money" prevails, although the small doses of retro drum & bass could definitely go missing. Other than that, a fine collection of emerging talent. ---Found Sounds, © Amazon.co.uk