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Davey Pattison

Davey Pattison - Pictures - 2003 - Rear Window Music

Another great musician from Scotland, Davey Pattison will be unfamiliar to many people, but he has fronted Ronnie Montrose's heavy rock band Gamma. He has also played with the great Robin Trower. Davey is a competent guitarist, but his vocals are superb. Truly, a Scottish singer equipped with a privileged voice. This may be classified as a "commercial" album, but Davey's voice, and all star back up band "carry it off", and make it a very enjoyable album, and it's way ahead of most mediocre, "sound the same", "radio friendly" rock albums. A very good album nfluenced by southern rock, country, and rhythm and blues. Listen to his beautiful version of the classic folk ballad, "Will You Go Lassie, Go", aka "Wild Mountain Thyme". Check out the late, great Tommy Makem's version of this song @ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WW7Rz6XxnvE Listen to Michael Schenker's "The Endless Jam" album, where Davey lays down some terrific vocals. The "The Endless Jam" also includes Leslie West, and Aynsley Dunbar. Buy Davey's "Mississippi Nights" album, and give the guy his dues.


1. Waiting As Fast As I Can - Davey Pattison, John Rewind
2. Married To The Blues - Joe New, John Rewind
3. Gypsy Woman's Got The Blues - Joe New
4. Judas - Davey Pattison
5. I'm The Only One - Valerie Lawrence
6. John Lee, Jimmy Reed And Mississippi Fred - Joe New, John Rewind
7. Pictures - Davey Pattison, Pam Torres
8. Born To The House Of Blues - Pam Torres, John Rewind
9. Wish - Davey Pattison, John Rewind
10. Just Who You Are - Davey Pattison
11. Mr. Henpecked - John Rewind
12. Blues At My Window - Jack Benedetto
13. Hollywood - Davey Pattison
14. Wild Mountain Thyme - William McPeake


Davey Pattison - guitar, vocals
John Rewind - guitar
Steve Canali - slide guitar
David Hayes - bass guitar
Pete Sears, Dale Ockerman - keyboards
Jimmy Sanchez - drums


In 1999, veteran vocalist Davey Pattison finally found the time to record and release a solo album. Accompanied in the studio by a clutch of old friends, Mississippi Nights explored the singer's bluesier side. Pattison, however, first came to international acclaim fronting Ronnie Montrose's heavy metal band Gamma, and his rock roots show on his sophomore set, Pictures' wittily titled opener "Waiting as Fast as I Can," the smoking "Married to the Blues," and the heavy hitting "Judas," the latter one of the album's standouts. But the real pleasure of this 2003 album is the diversity of music found within. From the thumping R&B tribute to "John Lee, Jimmy Reed and Mississippi Fred" to the smoky jazz of "Gypsy Woman's Got the Blues," Pictures presents a snap-shot of Pattison's many loves and influences. Invariably he returns to the blues in a variety of stylistic guises, from the porch-sitting, fingerpicking "Wish" to the church spired "Just Who You Are." Spilling into R&B, there's the pianoman perfection of "Blues at My Window," the Delta stew of "Born to the House of Blues," and the rollicking ride to "Hollywood." Add a power and traditional ballad, and a couple of genre benders, and Pictures is the perfect Pattison panorama. Once again, Steve Canali's slide guitar haunts the grooves, and John Rewind's axe adds the thrills and chills. Kay Bjord's keyboards are a wonder to behold, while the bassists, drummer, and percussionist lay down a solid foundation upon which the musicians build. Nights was a delight, Pictures pushes Pattison to even greater heights. © Jo-Ann Greene, All Music Guide

"Pictures”, latest release by Davey Pattison justifies his position of one of the best vocals to emerge from British isles. He is in the same league with the best, just check the opener “Waiting As Fast As I Can”, a dead ringer for Paul Rodgers of “Free” and “Bad Company” fame! Also he brings to mind people like Frankie Miller, David Coverdale and occasionally Joe Cocker! This is his most commercial recording to date and should bring him wider exposure on the mainstream blues-rock field with enough pop sensibility to ensure airplay anywhere where a good tune and delivery are required. This one should appeal to generations of lovers of fine music and will probably gain Pattison much needed and deserved exposure on both sides of Atlantic. Excellent support by his backing musicians, some original and clever arrangements within the genre frame make for fine listening throughout this collection of 14 songs, mostly penned by Pattison and his band members. Steve Canali play some fine slide guitar on mid tempo rockers “Married To the Blues” and “Mr.Henpecked”, while Mark “Fenny” Fenichel supplies some great harp on “John Lee, Jimmy Reed And Mississippi Fred”, while “Blues At My Window” evokes piano blues of the past masters courtesy of Pete Sears. Though there not much blues structure, unless in song titles (“Married To The Blues”, “John Lee, Jimmy Reed And Mississippi Fred”, “Gypsy Woman’s Got The Blues”, “Born To The House Of Blues” and “Blues At My Window”), there’s a fine overall blues feeling in these songs. “I’m The Only One” and “Just Who You Are” are fine rock ballads along with “Gypsy Woman’s Got The Blues” are too radio friendly to be ignored by the general public.”Hollywood” has some seventies Elton John feel to it and that cannot be bad a tall, while “Wild Mountain Thyme” is gospel flavored closer, perfect ending to a song collection to sooth your mind on rainy evenings. “Pictures” is an eloquent and intelligent reflection of present day experiences and his band extends rich musical textures to complement lyrics in unobtrusive way, giving Davey Pattison every opportunity to present his excellent vocal delivery. Fine production could probably win him a few rock radio staples soon, I could suggest Davey for his next effort to do some cover songs, for he can easily handle such stuff and make it his own and that would only help him to move forward and win more fans and critics alike. © Vasja Ivanovski. Review Date: May, 2005 "This review is © 2005 by Vasja Ivanovski, and Blues On Stage at: www.mnblues.com, all rights reserved.

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Davey Pattison (born in Scotland) is a San Francisco Bay Area based rock vocalist. Pattison recorded his first music in 1969, and his career took off after arrival in the United States on invitation from Bill Graham, in 1979, to front the band Gamma, formed by Bay Area guitarist Ronnie Montrose. "I'd given up all hope of finding a quality singer for Gamma until I heard Davey Pattison," according to Montrose. In 1986, Pattison began singing for the first time with guitarist Robin Trower. After several albums with Trower, Pattison rejoined Montrose in 1992. Since then, Pattison has performed as a solo artist and has also reunited with Trower for the Robin Trower Band's 2005 album, Another Days Blues. Pattison is currently taking a break after touring Europe with Trower. Davey currently lives in California, in a small town near San Francisco. He is toured in the summer of 2008 in Europe. He is engaged to Pamela Torres, who is a mother of three. Patrick, Siabhon, and Rayna.