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Various Pork Artists

Various Pork Artists - Sty Wars: A Collection Of Pork Medallions - 1998 - Pork Recordings

For years now, A.O.O.F.C has been extolling the virtues of artists on the Pork Recordings label. Britain’s Pork label gave us some wonderful original downbeat electronic recordings, exploring dubbed out mellow territories well outside of the normal music media spotlight. Often fusing electronics with live instruments, many of these releases are from Hull based artists, in England. Check out releases from Fila Brazilia, Moss, Baby Mammoth, The Solid Doctor, Heights Of Abraham, Leggo Beast, and more. There is info on Heights Of Abraham "Two Thousand And Six" album @ HOA/2006 HOA's stunning classic album, "Humidity" can be found @ HOA/HUMY Bullitnuts "A Different Ball Game" album is @ BULNTS/ADBG Baby Mammoth's "Swimming" album is @ BABMAM/SWMG These are all superb albums from Pork Recordings. You can also find Moss' wonderful "East Coast Chip Shop" album, a Pork classic, on this blog.
"Sty Wars: A Collection Of Pork Medallions" is an 11 track collection of some of Pork's best artists' works. Eleven tracks of the funkiest, grooviest, laid back, and original downtempo cuts you will ever hear. Check out PORK RECORDS Check for info on the Pork Recordings connections with this album @ Sty Wars/Tree You will find a very informative Pork "music tree" there.


1 Muzz - Bizarre Love Pentangle - Clarke
2 Bernard Moss - Tread Lightly - Moss
3 Bullitnuts - Drawing Straws - Clarke, Ellerby
4 Baby Mammoth - Cinquante Piquante - Burdall, Blissenden
5 Brazil Nuts - Poodle Calf - McSherry,Clarke, Ellerby, Cobby
6 Akotcha - Sound - Aldred, Jones
7 Fila Brazillia - Kingsblood Royale - McSherry, Cobby
8 The Solid Doctor - Punctus Contra Punctum - Cobby
9 Mammoth Nuts - Honey Melon - Burdall, Blissenden, Clarke, Ellerby
10 Sheik & Beige - Aim Low - Marrs, Ellerby
11 Third Face - Tone Poem - Young