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Dogman And The Shepherds (Neal Black)

Dogman And The Shepherds - Lonesome Man - 1986 - Kevin Kat Records

Referred to by one critic as " the master of high voltage Texas Boogie ", the great blues rock guitarist Neal Black's c.v include performances on stage or in the studio with Blues /Rock legends like Jimmy Dawkins , Lucky Peterson , Johnnie Johnson , The Chambers Brothers , Papa John Creach , Chuck Berry , John Sebastian (Lovin Spoonful) , Dan Baird ( ex-Georgia Sattelites), Julian Vaughan ( ex-BB King , Albert King , Rudy Ray Moore ) Gerardo Velez (ex-Jimi Hendrix), Harvey Brooks (ex- Bob Dylan ), Jon Paris ( ex-Johnny Winter), Tim Tindall ( ex-Bill Perry, Richie Havens), Jose Fors & Forseps ( Legendary Mexican Artist/Musician), Alabama Slim and others . "Lonesome Man" is an early album from Neal Black. He recorded a few albums for small labels during the mid eighties, and was a popular touring musician who received extensive airplay on many U.S blues based radio stations. "Lonesome Man" was recorded for a minor record label in 1986. It is a bit rough around the edges, and the track selection is a bit "hotch-potch". Also, the sound quality is not great. However, the album shows the potential of Neal Black, and later releases proved him to be one of the great blues guitarists. This album was also released on CD on Blue Sting records with six bonus tracks, Rawhide, I Knew I Was In Texas , Theme From Peter Gunn, Secret Agent Man, Nighttime (Live), and How Blue Can You Get (live). The extra tracks are included on this post. Check out Neal Black and The Healers great "Handful Of Rain" album @ NBLCK&HLRS/HOR


A1 Jail In San Antone - Neal Walden (Neal Black)
A2 I Don't Get The Blues (When I'm Stoned) - Neal Walden (Neal Black)
A3 Worried About It Baby - Tucker, Tulbert
A4 Treat Me Like A Dog - D.Kosub
A5 Steppin Out - W.Bracken

B1 Lonesome Man - Neal Walden (Neal Black)
B2 It's My Own Fault - King, Taub
B3 It Wasn't Me - Berry
B4 Little Red Rooster - Dixon
Rawhide - (Bonus CD Track)
I Knew I Was In Texas - (Bonus CD Track)
Theme From Peter Gunn - (Bonus CD Track)
Secret Agent Man - (Bonus CD Track)
Nighttime (Live) - (Bonus CD Track)
How Blue Can You Get - (Bonus CD Track)


Guitar, Vocals - Neal Walden (Neal Black)
Bass - Gary Walden
Drums - Rene Lopez


NEAL BLACK has Spent the Last 25 years electrifying and mesmerising audiences with his unique blend of Rocking Texas Blues /Boogie & Hypnotic Acoustic compositions .As one Music Critic describes it,,,,,,“ on stage , one minute NEAL BLACK is the King of HIGH VOLTAGE TEXAS BOOGIE , then he sits down alone with a Dobro and sings in a beautiful sad voice that could make a lonesome vulture cry “. . . .
Neal Black was born 1959 in Washington (U.S.A) and lived his childhood in Fayetteville ,North Carolina . His Father was an American Soldier , half Choctaw American Indian & half Welsh , His Mother was from Germany .... Neal Black first became interested in Blues after hearing the music of HOWLING WOLF .. “ I never really cared about the BEATLES ,, but my friend in North Carolina had some Howling Wolf records and we would listen to it after school and say, man,, that guy is really from another Planet “,, “Then I went to see Johnny Winter in concert in 1971, and it was a life changing experience for me, I mean , I was 12 years old ,and there's this albino guy from Texas playing Black Blues through Marshall stacks ,, jumping around on stage, blasting Muddy Waters & Howling Wolf , a fusion of Blues & Rock on his Gibson Firebird Guitar at about 110 decibels , it was absolutely incredible ,, it made Disneyland look completely stupid “ ,,
1977,BOSTON, MASS. Neal Black started to get serious about the Guitar.. After studying in Boston as a Recording Studio Engineer , hanging out , recording & jamming with musicians from BERKLEE College of Music , it was time to go back to Texas to meet the masters ..
1979 , SAN ANTONIO , TEXAS ,, Neal Black returned to San Antonio ,Texas and studied Jazz all day at the Southwest Guitar Conservatory (with such legends as Barney Kessel ,Jackie King , Herb Ellis) and played the Blues all night in Honky -Tonks and Texas Roadhouses.This was also when he met his musical partner , Pedal Steel Guitar virtuoso, Gib Wharton .. And during this period in Texas (Austin /San Antonio ) he had the opportunity to play concerts with and meet musicians like Stevie Ray Vaughan , Johnny Copeland, The Fabulous Thunderbirds, George Thorogood , Omar & the Howlers ,,,
As Neal Black says “ it was a magical time in Texas then ,, you could see Billy Gibbons (ZZ TOP ) checking out a local band at a little shit Bar in San Antonio ,,or listen to Charlie Sexton (16 years old then) playing with Joe Ely ,, Or you could go up to Austin and see Albert Collins jamming with Jimmie Vaughan at Antones..
We were the opening band at gigs with Stevie Ray Vaughan and there was like, 30 people in the bar ...For me it was incredible to meet and talk with guys like Tommy Shannon (bassist for Johhny Winter /Stevie Ray ) because i had all the records he played on with Johnny back in the 60's- 70's,, Or, we would do a show with The Paul Butterfield Blues Band in a Gay Club ,and on the other side of town my buddy , Gib Wharton ( jazz fusion - pedal steel guitarist) was opening for somebody like Eric Johnson or Spyro -Gyra , man, what a great time it was in Texas,, back then ”
After thousands of gigs and 15 years in Texas , it was time for a change .....
1990 's NEW YORK CITY ,, at the request of Johnny Copeland's Management , Neal Black and his Texas sidekick /musical partner, Gib Wharton (pedal steel guitarist for Cassandra Wilson , The Holmes Brothers , Van Morrison , Johnny Bush ) move to New York City. Black and Wharton quickly gained a reputation as top sideman guitarists working for artists like ; Papa John Creach , Jimmy Dawkins , Johnnie Johnson ,,And at the same time Neal Black was performing as a guitarist/ songwriter fronting his own gigs with “the Healers “ at venues like ,Manny's Car Wash, Tramps, Lonestar Roadhouse , & Chicago B.L.U.E.S ,, It was during this period that Neal Black performed at Festivals like MONTREUX JAZZ as a Guitarist for the CHAMBERS BROTHERS and NOTTODEN BLUES with JOHNNIE JOHNSON ,,
Neal Black was also a regular at many late night New York City Jam Sessions with other Blues artists on the Manhattan music scene including Popa Chubby , Joan Osborne , The Holmes Brothers , Blues Traveler ,,,
1993, NEW YORK CITY ,Neal Black records his first album for relase on DIXIEFROG Records (Paris , France). The album was released in the U.S.A on FLYING FISH /DELUGE Records .. featuring special guests ,GERARDO VELEZ (formerly with Jimi Hendrix) , & HARVEY BROOKS ,( formerly with Miles Davis ) , GIB WHARTON ( formerly with Marianne Faithful , The Holmes Brothers )
1994, CANADA, Neal Black & The Healers , perform the Headline outdoor stage at the MONTREAL INTERNATIONAL JAZZ FESTIVAL (15,000 people in attendance ) & V.I.P private concert at the Spectrum .
1994, FRANCE, Neal Black & The Healers Perform the Grand Opening of “The Chesterfield Cafe” Paris , France .. Also during the 2 weeks of Concerts there they perform with “THE SPIN DOCTORS”

1995 ,“BLACK POWER “is recorded in N.Y.C for release on DIXIEFROGRecords , with special guests , Johnnie Johnson (formerly with Chuck Berry , Keith Richards , Eric Clapton ), John Sebastian( leader of The LOVIN SPOONFUL) ,Gib Wharton (formerly with Van Morrison ) , Jon Paris (formerly with Bob Dylan) & Jimmy Vivino,
1995- “SOUL TO SOUL” Neal Black is credited for his contributions to the Biography of STEVIE RAY VAUGHAN.. The Book titled “ SOUL TO SOUL “ is authored by Keri Leigh , and features contributions from Buddy Guy , B.B King.
1996 –98 , Neal Black & The Healers tour constantly throughout the U.S.A & Canada ,,
1998 , SAN ANTONIO ,TEXAS , Neal Black returns to Texas . Tired of being on the road to pay the New York City rent, and desperate to return to his musical roots ,, The album ”GONE BACK TO TEXAS “ is recorded in San Antonio , it is the 3rd release on DIXIEFROG Records . Special guests include ; Buka Allen (formerly with Ian Moore) & Gary Primich (formerly with Omar & the Howlers ) with legendary producer Chet Himes (Stevie Ray Vaughan, Eric Johnson ) doing the final Mix .
1998 , POLYGRAM RECORDS - Neal Black is featured on 4 volumes of the POLYGRAM RECORDS compilation “BLUES STORY “ along with Blues legends like CHUCK BERRY ,FREDDY KING, MUDDY WATERS , BO DIDDLEY, JOHNNY WINTER ,,,
1998 ,“ROLLING STONE JAZZ & BLUES RECORD BUYING GUIDE “ The first 2 albums from NEAL BLACK received 4 star reviews from the “ROLLING STONE” music critics ..
2000, “GONE BACK TO TEXAS “ reaches Number 11 on the Freeform Americana Roots Radio airplay Charts ......
2001, MEXICO , Neal Black heads south to Mexico, where he tours throughout the country ,playing Blues Festivals and performing regularly at venues like the “HARD ROCK CAFE” .Also during his stay in Mexico, Neal Black is a Professor of music at the prestigious UNIVERSITY PAN AMERICANA, teaching an American music program. He spends his time in Mexico between the beaches of Puerto Vallarta & the metropolitan city of Guadalajara . In Guadalajara , Neal Black works with the legendary Mexican Heavy Metal Musician & world famous Painter/Artist , Jose Fors.. Neal Black appears with Jose Fors and his group “FORSEPS” as a guitarist on 2 albums and many concerts .. Inspired by the Mexican musicians he works with , the “South of the Border “ lifestyle , and the escape from the so–called “American Dream “ , Neal Black records his 4th album for DIXIEFROG Records “ DREAMS ARE FOR LOSERS “ in Mexico .
2004 ,FRANCE , After Touring Europe in support of the “DREAMS ARE FOR LOSERS “ CD, Neal Black decides to leave Mexico and moves to France . Along with his European tour dates, He goes into the studio as one of the Co- founders of a new project ; THE BLUES CONSPIRACY , featuring 3 Dixiefrog Artists (Leadfoot Rivet , Nico Wayne Toussaint & Neal Black ) the record is a mix of Texas & Chicago Blues & Memphis Soul ... Later that year he returns to Editpoint Studios in San Antonio,Texas to co-produce & collaborate with French Folk–Rock Artist ; RANDY H & Cathare Cadillac ,,this record features guest artists ; DAN BAIRD(Georgia Satellites) ,CLAY MEYERS( Drummer for Doug Sahm) and, NEAL BLACK (guitarist/songwriter/arranger/co- producer )
2004, U.S.A , “ DREAMS ARE FOR LOSERS” CD voted as one of The Top Ten Albums of the Year by “Third Coast Music Radio Network” one of the top Americana Format Radio stations in the U.S.A .....
2005, FRANCE , Neal Black is nominated as “Best Modern Blues Guitarist “ by The Trophee Annee de Blues.
2005, FRANCE , Neal Black performs concerts regularly in Europe , and goes into the studio again to work on another record with French Blues vocalist ; NINA VAN HORN. Neal Black is the co-producer /songwriter /arranger/guitarist for this project . The album is released on Cristal Productions and features artists like ; LUCKY PETERSON, FRED CHAPELLIER , LARRY CROCKETT(drummer for POPA CHUBBY ), KIM YARBROUGH(Bassist for BERNARD ALLISON).. The record “HUNTSVILLE TO JORDAN”reaches the number 1 spot on the French blues radio airplay charts (C.R.B/Collective Radio Blues) when released in September 2006 ..
2006, EUROPE & TEXAS , Neal Black performs in 11 countries in Europe and then returns to Texas to record a new album for Dixiefrog Records “HANDFUL OF RAIN ” , featuring Texas musicians ; Val Cronk( Bassist for Augie Meyers ), Gib Wharton (Pedal Steel Guitar for Van Morrison , Cassandra Wilson) , Lloyd Hermann ( Drummer for Gatemouth Brown) ,Lou Cabaza (pianist for Natalie Cole) ....
2007, EUROPE , The release of “HANDFUL OF RAIN “ is the 6th album by Neal Black for Dixiefrog Records , a major European tour is scheduled for April - May 2007 .... On this tour Neal Black will be working with Francis Campello (bassist for BILLY COBHAM,CHRIS SPEDDING ) and Vincent Daune (drummer for LUTHER ALLISON, POPA CHUBBY ) But first , Neal Black works as a guitarist on the road for MusicMakers label artist/New Orleans Blues Legend ; “Alabama Slim”.. Neal Black also goes into the studio with the great French Blues Guitarist ;Fred Chapellier, to collaborate and write songs for Fred's next album & a special“TRIBUTE TO ROY BUCHANAN “ album, both to be released in 2007 .. Neal Black also writes songs for artists like ; Leadfoot Rivet & Nico Wayne Toussaint to be featured on their new albums in 2007 ..
Neal Black is currently living in the south of France , sleeping mostly on Trains , Airplanes , Vans , and in strange Hotels... But always ready for the stage or the studio... © 2006 www.freewebs.com/nealblack/biography.htm


NEAL BLACK , Texas Blues Rock guitarist /vocalist has spent the last 25 years electrifying audiences around the world with his fusion of blues , rock , jazz and country . Referred to by one critic as " the master of high voltage Texas Boogie ", Neal Black's guitarist credits include performances on stage or in the studio with Blues /Rock legends like Jimmy Dawkins , Lucky Peterson , Johnnie Johnson , The Chambers Brothers , Papa John Creach , Chuck Berry , John Sebastian (Lovin Spoonful) , Dan Baird ( ex-Georgia Sattelites), Julian Vaughan ( ex-BB King , Albert King , Rudy Ray Moore ) Gerardo Velez (ex-Jimi Hendrix), Harvey Brooks (ex- Bob Dylan ), Jon Paris ( ex-Johnny Winter), Tim Tindall ( ex-Bill Perry, Richie Havens), Jose Fors & Forseps ( Legendary Mexican Artist/Musician), Alabama Slim and others . Neal Black has performed in 17 countries at major festivals and venues including the MONTREAL International Jazzfest (Canada), WOODSTOCK 20th anniversary (New York), GUADALAJARA Blues (Mexico), NEW MORNING(Paris,France), ANTONE'S (Texas) , MONTREUX Jazz (Switzerland), RIVER BLUES FEST (Philadelphia), BRAGDOYA Blues (Norway), LONESTAR ROADHOUSE (N.Y.C), PUISTOBLUES (Finland), CASTLEBAR Blues ( Ireland), NEW ORLEANS Music Fest (Germany) , and many more. In the 1980's Neal Black was a regular on the Texas blues scene opening shows for Stevie Ray Vaughan , Albert King, Fabulous Thunderbirds, Omar & The Howlers , Johnny Copeland, George Thorogood , Leon Russell, Paul Butterfield. During the same period , Neal Black studied music at The Southwest Guitar Conservatory under jazz greats like Barney Kessel ,Herb Ellis and Jacky King . In the 1990's Neal Black moved to New York City where he quickly gained a reputation as a top guitarist/ performer / songwriter .. Neal was a regular not only with his own project " THE HEALERS" but also was seen at many a late night jam session playing with Popa Chubby , Joan Osborne , The Holmes Brothers etc ROLLING STONE Magazine music critics gave 4 star reviews to Neal Black's first 2 releases and John Swenson ( music journalist for "THE NEW YORK FREE PRESS") called Neal Black" one of the most important Blues songwriters /performers on the scene today . the artist has recorded 6 cd's for DIXIEFROG Records (Europe) ; his most recent " HANDFUL OF RAIN " was released in March 2007. In the U.S.A his records are available on the Flying Fish/Deluge label, on Allegro and on Harmonia Mund Distribution. Neal Black is featured on Polygram Records compilation " BLUES STORY" where he appears with such legendary blues artists as Muddy Waters, Freddy King, Roy Buchanan, Chuck Berry and others . In 2000, the artist headed to Mexico, where he spent almost 3 years touring the "HARD ROCK CAFE "circuit and performing at blues festivals there.. During his time in Mexico, Neal recorded the critically acclaimed "DREAMS ARE FOR LOSERS" . He was also a professor of music at Pan American University and collaborated often on stageand in the studio with legendary Mexican artist /musician , JOSE FORS & FORSEPS . Neal Black is currently living in the south of France , touring regularly throughout Europe with his band "NEAL BLACK & THE HEALERS" and working as a producer / songwriter / guitarist for projects with other artists including the BLUES CONSPIRACY, FRED CHAPELLIER, LEADFOOT RIVET, NICO WAYNE TOUSSAINT , NINA VAN HORN and many more. © www.metisse-music.com/index.php


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