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Texas Son

Texas Son - Bootleg Blues Guitar - 1996 - Red Lick Records

Welcome to the world of one serious Telecaster Blues Master.... Just when you think you've heard it all, out of the blue(s) comes a righteous blues guitar slinger named TEXAS SON. The SON has been slingin' his trademark TELECASTER in various blues bars and juke joints in Upstate New York over the past couple of decades, travelling to other cities up & down the east coast through Texas, and has opened for (or jammed with) Roomful of Blues, Savoy Brown, Mick Clarke, Elvin Bishop, Robert Gordon, Ronnie Earl, Duke Robillard, Anson Funderburgh, Robben Ford, Paul Delay Band, Joe Beard plus many others. There is no denying just how good the TEXAS SON can burn on the blues. He takes a mature, traditional approach with a relaxed air of authority, combining a very original style inspired by his many influences (although not a copycat) and a killer guitar tone to boot - and he does it all with only his fingers, hence the name of one of his discs - "BAREHAND BLUES". If you're into Roy Buchanan, Johnny Winter, Billy Gibbons, S.R.V., Clapton, Albert Collins, Duke Robillard, then you need to tune into the pure heavy blues guitar magic of Texas Son. © 2008 Texas Son - All Rights Reserved.

Here's one for you guitar freaks. Texas Son (Dave D`Angelico), is one of the hottest bluesmen in New York at the present time and this is his first album. Originally influenced by Johnny Winter and Billy Gibbons, he now gets his inspiration from the blues of Clarence Edwards. But don't expect to hear any pure downhome blues here, this boy likes to rock out! He puts me in mind of the Texas guitar legend Bugs Henderson in his approach. He leads a powerful trio who thunder along on the straight Texas boogies like "Leavin' you Baby" but provide the right smoky atmosphere on the slow, smoldering blues of "Ghost Blues" or "Chester's Blues". They are a perfect rhythm and they don't get in the way of Texas Son and his snappy, forceful style. And does he like to let loose! Just listen to the funky stabbing lead guitar on "Sugarsweet" (you get two chances to hear it on this disc, the studio version has it just over the live one i think) and he gets a nice fat Jimmie Vaughan tone on the rockin' instrumental "Rattlesnake". He may live in New York but his heart is in Texas. There's hints of Freddy King, and Stevie Ray Vaughan at times and he even has a bash at a Z.Z. TOP tune, but once he's got that outta the way, Texas Son does his own thang and does it in style. This is an impressive debut album. The packaging is pretty basic - well, it's called "Bootleg Blues Guitar" - but it's the music that counts and fans of heavy blues guitar will be knocked out with this one. © 2008 Texas Son - All Rights Reserved.

A great debut album from Texas Son ((Dave D`Angelico). Mostly original tracks with three great covers and a few killer instrumental tracks. If you like guitarists in the style of S.R.V.,Albert King, or Johnny Winter, you may like this power blues rock album. Check out Texas Son's "Gun Barrel Blues" album. A big thanks to Zivoin who sent A.O.O.F.C the band info.


1. Sugarsweet
2. I'm Leavin' You Babe
3. Rattlesnake
4. Wildcattin'
5. Ain't No Reason Why
6. She Loves My Automobile
7. Chester's Blues
8. Bradshaw Boogie
9. Sandy's Shuffle
10. Rattle & Roll
11. Shoot Too High
12. Ghost Blues
13. Sugarsweet

BAND [ Thanks Zivoin, for band info, and other links]

Texas Son - Bootleg Blues Guitar
Dave D'Angelico (guitar & vocals)
Dave Dimarzio (?), Mike Patric, Harry Ford (bass)
Dean Miller, Charlie Rau, John Chaffer, Carlos Grillo (drums)


Texas Son (aka Dave D'Angelico) is a hard hitting blues guitarist who fronts and sings in his own group. He was spotlighted in guitar player magazine a few years back and recently finished his first CD, Bootleg Blues Guitar, which is currently in the Top 10 in Europe and reached #3 in March. Blues Access Magazine and Blues Review both gave it very good reviews. So if Texas Son isn't actually performing everyplace, at least his name and music are certainly popping up all over. He is currently working on his next CD with special guest Ronnie Sterling lending a hand. Texas Son has performed at some noted blues clubs in New York City and around here plays from Syracuse to Buffalo and other zones in between. Texas Son has an interesting sound, always a three piece "Texas-styled" blues band with lately a second guitar or keyboard joining the jam on stage. © 1997 By FREETIME Magazine, All Rights Reserved


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