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Ana Popovic

Ana Popovic - Blind For Love - 2009 - Eclecto Groove Records

Another great album from Belgrade's Ana Popovic. Ana sticks to the same formula with a great blend of blues rock, jazz, and funk. .Eleven of the twelve tracks here were written or co-written by Ana. She is a great guitarist and her beautiful accent does a lot to enhance blues rock music. Tony Braunagel , and Mike Finnigan from the great Phantom Blues Band make guest appearances on the album, and really lay it down with her already great back up band. Check out the Ana Popovic & Hush "Hometown" album @ ANAPOP&H/HTN There is info on Ana's "Hush" album @ ANAPOP/HUSH You will find her great "Comfort To The Soul" album @ ANAPOP/C2TS Buy her brilliant "Ana! Live in Amsterdam" album


1 Nothing Personal Popovic, VanMeurs 3:36
2 Wrong Woman Popovic 3:45
3 Steal Me Away Popovic 3:31
4 Blind for Love Popovic 3:14
5 More Real Popovic, VanMeurs 3:38
6 Putting out the Apb Popovic, VanMeurs 3:48
7 Get Back Home to You Popovic 3:34
8 The Only Reason Popovic 3:53
9 Part of Me (Lullaby for Luuk) Brant, Popovic 3:16
10 Lives That Don't Exist Popovic 3:55
11 Need Your Love Murdock 3:22
12 Blues for M Popovic 5:23


Ana Popovic Guitar, Vocals
Ronald Jonker Bass
Andrew "Blaze" Thomas Drums
Tony Braunagel Percussion, Drums, Vocals (bckgr) [from Phantom Blues Band]
Mike Finnigan Hammond B-3 [from Phantom Blues Band]
Lenny Castro Percussion
Joe Sublett Saxophone
Darrell Leonard Trumpet
Kennard Ramsey, Julie Delgado Vocals (bckgr)

BIO (Wikipedia)

Ana Popovic was born in Belgrade in 1976. Her father first introduced her to the blues, through an extensive record collection and sessions hosted at the family home. Ana took to the guitar and founded her first serious band at age nineteen. Within a year, she was playing outside of Yugoslavia and opening shows for American blues icons like Junior Wells. By 1998, her band was doing 100 shows annually and appearing regularly on Yugoslavian television. Her debut CD, Hometown, provided a first glimpse of her talents as a singer and guitarist. In 1999, Ana relocated to the Netherlands to study jazz guitar. She quickly became a fixture on the Dutch blues scene and soon ventured into neighboring Germany. With Comfort to the Soul (2003), Popovic took her burgeoning career to the next level, she delivered another diverse package of blues, rock, soul and jazz. The album makes one thing clear. Ana Popovic is not about recycling worn-out clichés. Her blues are fresh, positive and genre-expanding. Ana Popovic is a veritable anomaly in the blues scene, in professional circles she's also called the feminine Jimi Hendrix.


If you're not a blues purist, you'll love the fiery, passionate playing and singing of Yugoslavian blues-rock guitarist, vocalist, and songwriter Ana Popovic. Thanks to her father, the Belgrade-raised Popovic was introduced to the blues at an early age, through his wide-ranging record collection and jam sessions hosted at the Popovic home. Born on May 13, 1976, Popovic took up guitar when she was a teenager and formed her first band, Hush, in 1995. Within a year, with the collapse of Communism in Eastern Europe, she was playing blues festivals in Greece and Hungary and working as an opening act for American blues masters, including Junior Wells. Popovic recorded her debut album with Hush in 1999, when she also moved to the Netherlands to study jazz guitar and world and pop music at the Conservatory of Music. She had the chance to see blues guitarist Bernard Allison at a club in Germany. He asked her to come on-stage and jam at the end of the show. While Allison invited Popovic to join him on a tour, she had to get back to the Jazz Academy in Holland. Allison asked for a copy of Popovic's record with Hush, and he sent it on to executives at Ruf Records in Germany, who were impressed with Popovic's powerful guitar playing and singing. Ruf contacted her to be part of their Jimi Hendrix tribute compilation, and then signed her to a recording deal of her own. Several months after this, she was on her way to Memphis to record Hush! The album was well received by blues radio programmers and the non-blues purist segments of the American, European, and Canadian blues festival circuits. In the spring of 2001, she performed at the Memphis in May Festival alongside Bob Dylan, the Black Crowes, and Ike Turner. Within five years of leaving Yugoslavia, Popovic, now in her late twenties, had the chance to perform at many of the major European blues festivals, including Peer, Bishopstock, and Notodden. Along the way she's sat in with the likes of Allison, Michael Hill, and Kenny Neal. Popovic has two albums out on the New Jersey-based Ruf Records America label, Hush!, released in 2000, and Comfort to the Soul, her 2003 release. Jim Gaines and David Z., who have worked with other blues-rockers, including Stevie Ray Vaughan, Santana, and Jonny Lang, had roles in recording and mixing both albums. Five of Popovic's sparkling originals shine on Comfort to the Soul, including her homage to the tragic life of jazz bassist Jaco Pastorius, inspired by a book she read, as well as the album's opening track, "Don't Bear Down on Me (I'm Here to Steal the Show)." She also provides inspired, inventive covers of Howlin' Wolf's "Sitting on Top of the World" and Steely Dan's "Night by Night." Popovic guests on Hill's 2003 two-disc Electric Storyland live album. In 2003, Popovic was nominated for a W.C. Handy Blues Award for Best New Artist of the Year and was the first European artist to perform at the Handy Awards. Two years later, Popovic released her first live effort, Ana! Live in Amsterdam. © Richard J. Skelly, allmusic.com


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