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Friggin' Harveys

Friggin' Harveys - Phantom Ranch - 1995 - El Mirage

Can't tell you very much about this album. Friggin' Harveys are a blues rock band from Arizona. They have two other albums released, "Whippersnapper", and "Skyclad". Band members have played with another Arizona rock group, "The Rhythm Dragons". Cduniverse.com had this to say, "Anthony Vincent's famous first band. This album is featured at the bottom of the Grand Canyon Daily. Phantom Ranch! A must have! The best recorded album to come out of Arizona in 1995. Period! It was ignored locally, it was ignored nationally. Luckily the album received significant airplay in Europe. This recognition fueled the band for five years and three albums. Phantom Ranch has sold "used" for about $40.00 in record stores. There is a very limited number of albums to be sold at a discount. Anthony Vincent - Guitar & vocals Sean Kerlin - Bass & Vocals Dave Martinez - Drums Full color discmakers packaging"

Quite a good album, reminiscent of ZZ Top, early Lynyrd Skynyrd, and even the raw blues of the British Groundhogs. The music is well played, and all the songs were composed by band members.


1 Social Storm
2 Small Town Cats
3 Standing On Your Shoulders
4 Stoney Hill
5 Marianna
6 Highway
7 You've Gone
8 Lion's Den


Anthony Krainik - Vocals, Lead Guitar, Rhythm Guitar
Sean Kerlin - Vocals, Bass
Dave Martinez - Drums


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