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Average Blues Band (ABB)

Average Blues Band (ABB) - Hurt Too Much - 1993 - Blue Room

This is the second album from A.B.B. The band have been described as the UK's finest performers of original contemporary music with it's roots firmly in the blues. The album gained critical acclaim as a great modern blues album. You too can experience a new approach to the genre when you buy this album, which is currently at No3 in the World Wide Internet Blues Charts. © SPRINGBOARD Media Ltd 2002

A really good British blues rock album with well written songs, and some great classy playing. There is some great soul and rhythm 'n' blues here also, with some jazzy moods in the mix as well. All the tracks have something different to offer, with many different blues influences. A well above average album from this little known group. Even contemporary blues like this sometimes has shades of the early Fleetwood Mac/Peter Green or Chicken Shack. This album is HR by A.O.O.F.C. Check out their "Against The Tide" album


1.Hurt Too Much - Williams
2.Bank Of Love - Williams
3.Long, Long Night - Holmes
4.Who's Been Talking - Williams
5.Something You Do - Williams J.
6.Taste Of The Blues - Williams
7.Too Bad To Boogie - Williams/Holmes
8.Too Smooth For The Blues - Williams
9.Wrong Side Of The Road - Williams
10.Talk About Us - Williams
11.Nobody's Child - Williams J.
12.Dirty Weekend - Williams
13.Highway To The Blues - Williams/Williams


Chris Williams guitar & vocals.

John Holmes guitar & vocals.

Dave Christopher bass & vocals.

Mark Skerritt keyboards.

Geoff Jasper drums


Originality - This is always a sticky subject with the blues but in their own way ,this band have managed to carve a welcome niche for themselves . The songs are all penned by duelling guitarists Chris Williams, and John Holmes, and are of a superior quality to the fare usually dished out by your local blues band. The playing is also exemplary particularly the work of southpaw strat-strangler Holmes - a truly accomplished player gifted with a sound and a lovely style which is again streets away from what passes for blues from most guitarist at the local jam night. Presentation - Judging by this album alone I would suggest that The Average Blues Band are definitely one of the better acts currently on the British R&B circuit, both musically and in their professional approach. Quality - One of the pleasures of reviewing this CD was the sheer shift in moods between numbers - no mean feet for a blues band. Individual contributions from saxophone and trumpet players help a great deal , especially the latter whose trad. Jazz licks on Something You Do add an almost George Melly flavour to the track. Generally the whole album swings very easily back and forth between gutsy rock based material and some startlingly authentic down home blues numbers. There is plenty for fans of good quality rhythm and blues to enjoy here and I would put this lot up against any of the top flight bands currently flying, the flag for British blues. Conclusion - EXCEPTIONAL THE ALBERT HALL AWAITS. © Tim Slater, GUITARIST MAGAZINE

Titter ye not The Average Blues Band's accomplished CD Hurt Too Much takes the listener through the whole spectrum of the blues , from the Robert Cray inspired Taste Of The Blues and Wrong Side Of The Road to the Peter Green's Fleetwood Mac -styled instrumental Long Long Night {which also has a smattering of Floyd's Shine On You Crazy Diamond}. Diversity abounds as songs get textured by piping brass sections, finger picking acoustic filigrees and swirling Hammond organs. The production is superlative 9 out of 10. © Kevin Maidment, SOUTHERN NEWSPAPER GROUP

The Average Blues Band, the band i once notoriously pronounced well named ,have released their debut album for Blue Room Records and a very impressive set it is too! Hurt Too Much boasts 13 tracks of well prepared blues that do justice to the origins of the music as well as its place in today's rejuvenated market. Resisting the temptation to stray into the gritty Dr Feelgood pub - rock style, ABB opt for a lighter feel that showcases some neat slide playing augmented by the monster organ sound of Mark Skerritt. The boogie woogie feel of the title track gives way to the Hammond driven Too Bad To Boogie, the cool jazz of Long Long Night and the rockier excesses of Who's Been Talking . The playing is uniformly excellent with a dexterous subtlety that doesn't swamp the songs to often. Obvious comparisons include Robert Cray and Albert Collins, but ABB have their roots in the commercial blues crossover of recent BB King, Buddy Guy and Sherman Robertson. © Nick Churchill, THE ADVERTISER MUSIC CRITIC


ABB (formerly known as the Average Blues Band) have for the last 13 years been one of the UK's top blues acts. "endless journey" is their fourth album following on from Dirty Weekend, Hurt Too Much and Against The Tide. "endless journey" is a departure from what most people would consider to be blues, but the band are still true to their blues roots. The musicians in the band have all tasted success extending beyond the UK. ABB have albums due out in Holland and Germany in the exalted company of such greats as Muddy Waters and John Lee Hooker. The single "You Ran My Heart Away" received airplay across the UK both regionally and nationally. ABB will also feature on a documentary series to be broadcast on BBC Radio 2 by Bill Wyman. The series due to be broadcast later this year is called "Bright Lights & The Big City. © www.smltd.net/abb.html


CHRIS WILLIAMS - Chris was previously signed to Deram with his band “Room” and has had album releases in Japan under the “Legends of British Rock” label. Chris also appeared at the Royal Albert Hall alongside Pentangle. A supremely talented musician, songwriter and vocalist. Chris has played alongside Peter Green, Cream, Paul Jones and The Yardbirds to name but a few. Chris for many years was the main songwriter on the first two ABB albums when the band was still known as the Average Blues Band. His guitar playing has been compared in style to Robert Cray, Eric Clapton and Mark Knopfler nice complements but Chris says "I would like their Royalty cheques."

JOHN HOLMES - John has played in various bands with the likes of Paul Young, Victor Brox, Dick Heckstall-Smith and Peter Bardens. John has been described in “Guitarist magazine as being “gifted with a great sound and a lovely style which again is streets away from what passes for blues from most guitarists,” and was also nicknamed by Tim Slater as the “Southpaw Strat Strangler”!! John penned ABB's most successful song to date "You Ran My Heart Away". This was heavily featured on BBC Radio 2 by Johnnie Walker, Terry Wogan, Bob Harris and Paul Jones.

DAVE CHRISTOPHER - Dave has recently completed the production of an album for another Springboard Media artiste Jon Dean Foster, which features world-class musicians such as Robbie McIntosh (ex Paul McCartney band and The Pretenders), Jerry Donahue who has recorded for Chris Rea, George Harrison and Joan Armatrading. Also featured is Melvyn Duffy who has worked with Leo Sayer, Tina Turner and Robbie Williams. Dave is also finding himself increasingly in demand as a session musician for many artistes worldwide.

MARK SKERRITT - Mark has graced the same stage as Bill Wyman and Gary Brooker. Mark’s distinctive style ranges from the melancholy to the hard-hitting blues style boogie. In his earlier musical career Mark played with Chris in Shunter Smith's Boogie Train featuring the renowned Saxophonist Andy Shepperd and also in Custer's Last Blues Band alongside premier axe-man Robbie McIntosh.

GEOFF JASPER - Geoff has played alongside Paul Jones, The Yardbirds and Otis Grand. Geoff learnt his craft in and around the London club scene at the Marquee and Klooks Kleek during their heyday. Before becoming amusician Geoff had the chance to become a professional footballer with Cardiff City but he decided he was better suited to hitting things instead of kicking balls. Geoff puts his experience to good use as the bands rhythmic consultant.


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try www,the-abb.com/ for up to date website. the abb have just released their fourth studio album " the time has come" in may 2011.get a copy its worth it!

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try www.the-abb.com/ for up to date website. new album may 2011 "the time has come" well worth a try!

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