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Delaney Bramlett

Delaney Bramlett - A New Kind Of Blues - 2007 - Magnolia Gold

Legendary songwriter, singer, DELANEY BRAMLETT has released to the world his brand new album called "A NEW KIND OF BLUES", and that is just what it is! The timing is perfect to be introducing "A NEW KIND OF BLUES" to a musical audience that is seeking something much deeper and meaningful than "American Idol" pop or the repetitive "no music" boring, downbeat of today's "hip-hop". The gritty soul of this album and musical genius of DELANEY BRAMLETT should exist to inspire any young or old musician alike who knows and feels the BLUES. Perhaps it's time for the BLUES to re-emerge as a viable form of musical expression for today's young people who need a vehicle to vent their own ups and downs, which Delaney surely shows how to do with "A NEW KIND OF BLUES". This new album is hip, wild, and personal...so personal that it gives the audience a vivid picture of the details of the artist's own life. Delaney has shared the stage with “Friends” that included Eric Clapton, Leon Russell, George Harrison, Duane Allman, Dave Mason, Gram Parsons, Jim Hendrix, John Lennon…to name just a few. A complete list of collaborations both in songwriting & performance reads like a history of Rock & Roll. DELANEY BRAMLETT expresses himself like no other musician today, not only through his unpredictable writing,, but also through his unequaled, soulful vocals that will make you want to listen to this album for many years to come. © cdbaby.com

For an artist of his magnitude Delaney Bramlett has not been very prominent ovet the last twenty years or so, but he is a hugely influential figure in the history of blues and rock music. During the sixties and seventies he was a superstar of the rock scene. In the last few years, he has returned to his roots, recording some great blues rock albums, most of which have been largely ignored by the media. This is a great album by Delaney, which will probably not be played much on mainstream TV or radio, but deserves to be, as it is a reminder of just how good an artist Delaney Bramlett is. Buy his outstanding "Sweet Inspiration" album, and buy the 1970 masterpiece, " Delaney & Bonnie & Friends On Tour with Eric Clapton." Sorry about continually asking you to buy all these recommended albums, as you would need megabucks to do so, and God knows there is a worldwide economic slump hanging over everybody's heads at the moment. However there is no worldwide slump in great music, which is always out there, and the object of A.O.O.F.C is to promote this shamefully neglected music


1.What Do You Do About the Blues - Bramlett, Morgan
2.Cold and Hard Times - Bramlett
3.Mighty Mighty Mississippi - Bramlett
4.Ol' Moanin' Blues - Bramlett
5.A New Kind of Blues - Bramlett, Sharp
6.Pontotoc - Bramlett, Morgan
7.Ain't Got Nothin' to Lose - Bramlett, Gilmore, Sharp
8.P. O. Box 32789 - Bramlett, Sharp
9.Change Gonna Come - Cooke
10.I Got the Time - Bramlett
11.I'm Gonna Be Ready - Bramlett


Delaney Bramlett suffers a little from the "Chris Hillman" syndrome. Throughout his 40 year career he has worked with many of the top legends. They went on to make history. He has gone on to quietly become one of music`s important footnotes. This 2008 release showcases Bramlett`s blues chops. It is greasy, groovy, funky and steeped in the traditions of the form. His voice is soulful and rich as fills every track with raw emotion without overpowering the backing musicians. Bramett was there when the white boys discovered the blues and it changed the history of rock n roll. The album title suggests this is "A New Kind of Blues. It isn`t. It is a reaffirmation that Bramlett is one of the masters of the style. © 2008 Miles of Music. All Rights Reserved.

Delaney Bramlett is nothing less than a musical treasure. Now into his fifth decade as a musician, writer, producer and all around music mogul, Delaney sounds just as good as ever. A New Kind of Blues is his latest masterpiece, a collection of eleven smoking tracks, ten of which were written by Bramlett himself. Delaney’s smokey soul vocals never sounded better, kicking the set off with “What Do You Do About the Blues,” an amazingly soulful, horn backed track. The sound of a cool Southern rain leads us into a Dobro blues called “Mighty Mighty Mississippi.” Swampy? You bet. So very good. “Ol’ Moanin’ Blues” finds Delaney at his best, a modern day Robert Johnson, writing what he feels and feeling what he plays, and the title track, “A New Kind of Blues” gets so down and dirty, I felt like I was in a Mississippi juke joint. Great horns and keys only serve to enhance Delaney’s amazing guitar work. “P.O. Box 32789” is a great blues about a bar fight, featuring Stan “The Man” Ruffeo on harp, and in his sole cover tune (“soul cover tune”) Delaney blows the roof off the joint with Sam Cooke’s “Change Gonna Come.” Have mercy! Something about “I Got the Time” reminds me of Delaney’s old friend Leon Russell. What a killer track. But then again, I have nothing but good to say about every track on the record. It’s all good. It’s a star studded family affair of an album, with Delaney’s daughter Bekka Bramlett and his mother Iva “Mamo” Bramlett on backing vocals, and friends Greg Martin (Kentucky Headhunters), Jerry McGee, Mark Karan, Hank Barrio, and Chad Watson adding some guitar work. There’s a bushel of other great players featured on the album too, but us guitar players stick together. The CD ends with a rave up gospel number, “I’m Gonna Be Ready,” showcasing Delaney smack dab in the middle of his element. One of my favorite albums ever was Delaney & Bonnie’s Motel Shot, because to me, Delaney is one of the finest gospel singers on the planet. Amazing. Can I get a “hallelujah?” A New Kind of Blues is not to be missed. It is to be cherished. A new classic, from a living legend. © Michael Buffalo Smith [ Press Release ]


Delaney Bramlett is a rock singer/songwriter. He moved to Los Angeles in the '60s, where he became a member of the Shindogs, the resident group on the TV show Shindig. He met Bonnie Lynn O'Farrell, a member of Ike and Tina Turner's backup singing group, the Ikettes, in 1967; they married within five days and formed a musical act, Delaney and Bonnie. Delaney and Bonnie cut an album for Stax Records in Memphis, backed by Booker T. and the MG's, but it was not released at first. They then formed a group called Delaney and Bonnie and Friends, who featured Leon Russell among others, and cut Accept No Substitute (1969). After Delaney and Bonnie and Friends toured opening for Blind Faith, Eric Clapton left that group and joined them along with such notables as George Harrison and Dave Mason. This resulted in the On Tour album, after which members of the Friends' band worked with Clapton and Harrison, and on Joe Cocker's Mad Dogs and Englishmen. Delaney and Bonnie made several more albums before divorcing. Delaney Bramlett then released his debut solo album, Something's Coming (1972). This was followed by Mobius Strip (1973), Giving Birth to a Song (1975), and Delaney Bramlett and Friends — Class Reunion (1977). © William Ruhlmann, allmusic.com


DELANEY BRAMLETT’S musical history spans four decades making it impossible to pinpoint his contributions to the world of music. Known as a great songwriter, singer & musician, he has also mentored some of the very best: ERIC CLAPTON, DUANE ALLMAN, LEON RUSSELL, GEORGE HARRISON, and J. J. CALE... to just name a few. Over the years, some of his songs have reached "standard" status such as "SUPERSTAR" which he penned with LEON RUSSELL (recorded most recently in 2006 by USHER and in the past by LUTHER VANDROSS, THE CARPENTERS, SONIC YOUTH and many others); "LET IT RAIN" written with and recorded most notably by ERIC CLAPTON; and "NEVER ENDING SONG OF LOVE" (which was recently on the soundtrack of "RV", and in 2007, "A Good Year", as well as being recorded by over 100 artists including RAY CHARLES, and last year by PATTY LOVELESS & DWIGHT YOKUM). DELANEY also happens to be one of the world’s finest music producers. His ears hear things no one else can hear. After ERIC CLAPTON joined DELANEY AND BONNIE & FRIENDS on tour, he produced and co-wrote songs for CLAPTON’S first solo LP. CLAPTON still credits DELANEY for pushing him to sing and teaching him the art. He did the late great KING CURTIS’S last LP out of which two hits came... "TEASIN" and "LONESOME LONG WAY FROM HOME". He has produced an assortment of artists such as ETTA JAMES, ELVIN BISHOP, JOHN HAMMOND, DOROTHY MORRISON of "OH HAPPY DAY" fame, THE STAPLE SINGERS, etc. GEORGE HARRISON had his 1st slide bottle placed in his hand by DELANEY, who taught GEORGE how to play slide which led into a gospel jam that resulted in HARRISON’S hit, "MY SWEET LORD". BRAMLETT has either recorded with, written with, or been on stage with many of the world’s musical legends, such as: JOE COCKER, JIMI HENDRIX, JANIS JOPLIN, DAVE MASON, BILLY PRESTON, JOHN LENNON, THE EVERLY BROS., SPOONER OLDHAM, STEVE CROPPER, BILLY BURNETTE, MAC DAVIS, GARY NICHOLSON, DENNIS MORGAN, and his daughter, BEKKA BRAMLETT, the most talented singer in the world (according to him). Just last year, DELANEY was one of the duet artists on the hot selling JERRY LEE LEWIS’ album, "LAST MAN STANDING", singing and playing guitar on "LOST HIGHWAY". Legendary producer and founder of ATLANTIC RECORDS, JERRY WEXLER, says some of the best music he ever heard was played by DUANE ALLMAN and DELANEY BRAMLETT on the deck of his home in Long Island. The two musicians remained best friends until DUANE’S untimely passing in the 70’s. DELANEY'S world is MUSIC. He has sometimes elected to stay in the studio and at home rather than tour, but his magical gifts are never idle. HE’S ABOUT TO RELEASE three brand new albums, back to back, so get ready to rediscover the musical genius of DELANEY BRAMLETT. © http://indieezine.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=615&Itemid=69

Check out Delaney Bramlett's extensive bio @ DBRAMLETT/BIO/WIKI


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